How to Fix Skype Login Problems?

Skype Login Problems
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Skype is a well-known company that allows its user to make free voice and video calls online. It is a multimode communication tool that needs just a desktop, browser, and internet for video telephony, voice calls, and videoconferencing. It also gives you options like file transferring, messaging, debit-based calls, etc. But at times, its user gets stuck with login issues. Rectifying this issue is not a major problem if you know the exact procedure. Thus in case you are a non-techy and need help troubleshooting Skype login problems, follow this article.

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Why are you Facing an Error While Login into Your Skype Email?

There can be multiple reasons that can evoke Sign-in problems in Skype; a few of the most common ones are mentioned in this section:

  • Your device is facing some Internet issues. There might be no internet or a slow internet connection.
  • The Skype account might be temporarily suspended.
  • You might have provided incorrect login information, i.e., either your Username or the password is incorrect.
  • At times, Skype doesn’t recognize your provided sign-in details.
    Skype Server is Down.
  • Some technical glitches in the software can be another reason behind the Skype sign-in problem.

Any of the above reasons can provoke a Skype Email error, which can result in you facing problems while accessing your Skype email.

What are the Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Skype Login Problems?

Finally, after understanding the causes behind the Skype login problem, you can move forward and learn all the possible solutions to fix it.

Note: The possible time needed to rectify this problem is around 10 Minutes.

Solution Step 1: Review Your Network Connection

In case a user is facing a sign-in Error, the most common cause behind it can be the Internet Connection. Poor or slow internet can lead to Sign-in problems in Skype. Thus it is asked to check your device’s Internet Connection first and then go for any other troubleshoots.

In case your Internet Connection is unstable or slow, refresh it by rebooting your Wi-Fi devices. However, if you are using cellular data, then you have to switch on the Airplane mode of your device first, then turn it off. This will refresh your Internet connection properly.

Suppose the above solutions won’t work in your case, and you are still stuck with the internet problem; then you have to consult your Network Service providers and ask for help.

Solution Step 2: Look at the Skype Server Condition

If the problem is not arising due to an Internet connection, then an Error in Skype Service status can be another cause behind that. So check it by following the given instructions:

  • Go to the Skype Support Website.
  • Thereafter open the Skype status page.
  • Now, look for the Signing into Skype service option, and make sure its status is Normal.

Signing into Skype

Note: In case it is not normal, you have to wait for it to get normal

Solution Step 3: Reboot Your Mobile Device

In case your Skype login problem is due to some software glitches, then to resolve it, you have to restart your device. By rebooting your mobile, you will refresh all your apps and remove all the minor technical glitches.
Simply press and hold your power and volume down buttons for a few seconds, and then touch the restart option appearing on your screen.

restart option

Note: This process will not affect your already saved information; thus, before restarting your device, it is not necessary to back up your files.

Solution 4: Modify your Skype Password

At times, you might end up with Skype login problems due to providing incorrect login credentials or Skype being unable to recognize your login details. Thus to fix both these issues, you have to reset your Skype Password.

  • Open Microsoft’s Recover your Account page.
  • Thereafter, in the field available, write down your Email Address.
  • Now, follow the instructions available on your screen to reset the password.
  • Once you are done with resetting the password, log in to your Skype account again, and check if you are able to log in to your Skype account now.

Solution Step 5: Delete all the Cache & Data

The presence of Corrupted temporary files can also promote sign-in Errors in your Skype account. To fix this out, try to delete the cache and data present on your Skype app.

  1. Open Settings, and go to the Apps option.
  2. Thereon, from the list of all the Apps, click on Skype.
  3. Now, a Skype App Info screen will appear on your screen; there, you have to hit the Storage tab.
  4. Select the Clear Data button to delete all the unwanted data present in your system.
  5. Next, choose the Clear Cache tab as well.

Clear Cache tab

By following this, all the Cache and Data present in your device will be deleted, and now you can log in and use your Skype account easily.

Solution 6: Install the Latest Update of the Skype App

If you tried every other possible way, and it won’t work in your favor, then you might have to update the Skype software now. It might be possible that you are facing this issue because you are using an outdated app that has some bugs. Thus update the app immediately to eliminate all the issues you are facing, including login errors.

  • Start the process by launching Play Store on your Mobile device.
    From there, move toward My Apps & Games.
  • Now, go to the Updates option, and check if Skype is present there in the list.
  • If you find Skype there, then you have to update it by hitting the Update tab.
  • Now, the updated Skype App will be installed on your mobile device.
  • Restart your system now, and open Skype App to check if the problem is resolved now.

Ending Note!

We hope you have obtained the solution to fix the Skype login problem. In case you are still facing any errors, and don’t know whom to consult, then hit on the Help box mentioned below to get in touch with a professional expert. These experts are highly skilled with years of experience. So you can ask all your issues to them and get an apt answer for them.

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