How to Fix Skype Call Problems with Apple Devices?

Skype Call Problems with Apple Devices
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Having trouble making a Skype Call through Apple Devices? Well, there might be plenty of issues that can occur while you make a Skype Call on Apple devices. You might face trouble with connectivity, or there might be a chance of low-quality audio or video, which can occur due to poor internet connection or any internal application error in Skype. However, you can resolve all these issues through various possible means. Here we will discuss how to fix Skype Call Problems on apple devices along with various details to troubleshoot Skype problems in Apple Device. Skype is one of the common platforms by Microsoft for video calls (long-distance calls) or professionally in the remote hiring process. Any issue with making the call can be big trouble. Read the article to learn how to fix Skype calling issues.

Why is Skype Not Working on my Apple Device?

Because of the following reasons, your Skype call get failed on your Apple device:

  • Poor Connectivity: One of the primary because for Skype Calls failed on iPhone is the poor internet connection, due to which you are unable to connect to the other end. There might be an issue with your internet connectivity, or there might be trouble on the other end. Thus you need to check your internet connection before you make a Skype call from your apple device.
  • Skype does not have access to your device Audio and Video Setting: Sometimes, while making a call, there can be a case where you are unable to listen, or the video of the other person is not showing. In that case, there might be a possibility that the Skype application does not have permission to access audio and video setting either on your device or on the apple device of other users.
  • Update the Skype or resolve any other internal software issue: Your need to update the Skype application on your Apple device as there might be a chance of connectivity issues with the older version of Skype. Apart from that, there might be some technical error, or there is not enough space to store data related to the Skype application. For that, you need to reinstall the Skype application on your Apple device.
  • Interference by Antivirus Program: Sometimes, due to security concerns, the antivirus/firewall does not allow any third-party application to run on your device. In that case, you need to temporarily disable the security application. After that, try to run Skype on an Apple device.
  • The issue with your device audio and video driver: It might be possible that Skype is running properly on your apple device, but the drivers of your sound card or webcam are not properly installed.

Problems with Notifications on my iPhone While Using Skype

In case the Skype App is not installed properly on your system, or you have not updated to the latest version, or any other error while running Skype. In all these cases, your Apple device might get crashed and not work properly. Because of that, you will not receive any notification on your Apple Device. A possible solution is that you delete and uninstall Skype.

How to Fix Skype Call Problems with Apple Devices?

There are plenty of measures that can be taken in case your Skype is not working on your Apple device properly, some of which are listed below:

1. Fix your internet Connection to fix Skype Call Issue

First, you need to look out for the primary reason why Skype Call Failed on your iPhone, which is the internet connection. Check your router and confirm whether the internet connection is stable or not. In case of any trouble with the internet, take the following measure:

  • Restart your Router.
  • Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi.
  • In case other websites are opening on the internet apart from Skype, then it is a bandwidth usage issue.

For that, close or stop other devices connected to the same wireless network and try to run Skype again.

2. Provide Audio and Video Permission to the Skype

Another common cause due to Skype Not Working On iPhone or other Apple devices properly is that Skype does not have permission for audio and video on your device. To resolve that, follow the given steps:

  • Click on the Apple Icon on your Mac device and then click system settings.
  • Select Privacy and Security in the sidebar and choose Microphone (for audio) and Camera (for video).
  • There will be a list of the app for which you can turn on the permission and select Skype for both audio and video.
  • Now make a test call through Skype.

In Case you are Using iPhone, Follow the Given Steps

  1. Open settings in your Apple Device
  2. Select the Skype application.
  3. Tap on the button next to the microphone and camera option.

3. Reinstall/Update the Skype App

In case you have not updated to the latest version of Skype on your Apple Device, that can create many issues like issues while making Skype calls and problems with notifications on iPhone. In that, follow the given steps:

Uninstall Skype on your Apple Device

  • For that, open settings, choose General and then select iPhone storage.
  • There will be a list of Apps from which to select Skype.
  • Click on the option “Delete App.”
  • From the above, you can also check which version of the Skype app you are using.

In case you want to reinstall, you need to go to the Apple Mac Store and search for the Skype option and download it.

4. Update/Install the Audio and Video Drivers

You need to install and update the audio and video driver to fix Skype Call Problems with Apple Devices. For that, you need to visit the official website of the device, provide system specifications and download the related drivers.

5. Close any VPN or Proxy Server while using Skype

Sometimes when you are using Skype through VPN, there might be a chance that your call has been blocked by the Skype server on the basis of security concerns. In that case, disable the VPN or any other proxy server while making a Skype call.


We hope that now you can easily fix Skype Call Problems with Apple Devices and make a video or call without any trouble. The primary reason why your Skype Call Failed on iPhone is the internet connectivity. Apart from that, in case of any technical issues, you need to install Skype again. The solution for Skype call issues is discussed above step-by-step. In case you are still having any trouble, you can contact our Skype helpline number team. Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you and provide a solution as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Question

Answer: You want to understand why you are not able to make a Skype call on your Apple device.

Then you must need to check the reasons mentioned below:

  • Unstable or Poor Internet Connection.
  • Skype not having permission to use your device’s Audio and Video features.
  • Presence of Antivirus program.
  • The problem in Apple device audio and video drives.
  • You are using an Outdated Skype app.

Answer: Enable Skype access to your Camera and Microphone.

  • Go to Settings, and look for the Privacy option.
  • Thereafter navigate to the Microphone option, and verify that the Switch next to Skype is enabled.
  • Now, go to Settings and click on the Privacy option.
  • Go to Camera and check the Switch near Skype is on here as well.
  • Here you are done with the process, and your iPhone camera and Microphone are now connected to Skype.

Answer: It might be possible that you are not able to make a Skype call because of insufficient Skype Credit. Thus you have to buy credits before going forward with any call.

Furthermore, this issue can also happen due to Glitch in your Cellular data.

Answer: To use Skype on iPhone or iPad, one must need to have iOS version 12.2 or higher. In any other version, you can’t be able to use the software properly.

Answer: Let’s look at various ways that can fix your Skype call problem with multiple devices:

  1. Giving Audio and Video Permission.
  2. Get an updated Skype app.
  3. Make sure your Apple device is up-to-date.
  4. Turn off all the Antivirus and Add-ons for some time.

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