How to Recover the Disabled Facebook Account?

Recover the Disabled Facebook Account
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When any of your accounts become disabled, be it Social Media or an email, you automatically get frustrated. Many people go through this Situation, and it sometimes gets hard to tackle. If your Facebook account has been disabled and you want to recover it as soon as possible, then you should refer to this post.
Else you can get in touch with Facebook Experts as well for availing step-by-step guidance. There are two cases of a disabled account. First, you have disabled it voluntarily, or Facebook itself has disabled your Account. Both scenarios can be sorted very easily if you know the right way. So, let us first understand the first Situation.

What Causes Facebook to Disable your Account?

Before moving ahead with the procedure to get back, your Facebook account, you first need to understand some basic points, including why Facebook decided to disable your Account. Check the below section and find the list of reasons why Facebook deactivated your Account.

  1. You are using unacceptable words.
  2. You might be posting content that violates the Facebook Terms & Conditions.
  3. Another reason can be your engagement in some unexpected activity that violates the Community standard.
  4. In case you are harassing someone using your Facebook account.
    You might be using a fake name.
  5. In case you are presenting yourself as a celebrity.

How will you Understand if Facebook has Disabled your Account?

Suppose you are trying to log in to your Facebook account; you will receive an alert message stating that your Account is temporarily disabled or locked. All your login attempts will be unsuccessful. If the lock is temporary, you can get its access back by answering the security questions or providing your photo. But if your Account is permanently disabled, you might have to provide all the needed documents to complete your identity test.

How to Recover an Account Disabled by Facebook?

Now, let’s learn the process to Recover the Disabled Facebook Account effortlessly.

  • Initially., if you find that your Account is deactivated by mistake, then go to the Facebook official website, and ask to activate your Account again. For that, you have to fill out the given form so that Facebook can do its investigation.

Recover the Disabled Facebook Account

  • Provide your registered email address or mobile number.
  • Thereafter enter your Full name in the given box. It must match the name you have entered into your Facebook account.
  • Moving ahead, you have to upload a picture of any of your ID cards. It can be your birth certificate, driving license, official name change paperwork, your passport, or any other government-verified ID.
  1. Click a picture of your ID (Both Side)
  2. Thereafter transfer the image to your system.
  3. Select Choose Files.
  4. Now, you have to choose a photo to upload.
  5. End the process by, Selecting Open.

Note: If the document is not blank on one side, take photos of both the front and the back of your ID.

  • Now, in the Additional Information box, explain your Situation.

Note: Be polite, and explain your issue in detail.

  1. In case your legal name is different from the one on Facebook. Make sure you elaborate on the reason why.
  2. If someone else used your Account and violated Facebook policies, then explain your Situation in depth. You can also upload a screenshot for proof.
  3. In case you have violated Facebook standards yourself, simply ask for an apology.
  • Thereon, hit the Send option present at the bottom of the form, and your appeal will be sent to Facebook for review.
  • If Facebook asks for more information, upload it within 30 days, or your Account will be deactivated permanently.

How to Activate an Account Disabled by You?

If you have deactivated your Account and you want to activate it again, then you have to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Firstly go to the official website of Facebook.
  2. Now, in case you have temporarily disabled your account, you can get it back by signing in to your Account at any time.
  3. But if you have selected the option to delete the Account permanently, then you have 30 days to reactivate it; else, it will be deleted permanently from Facebook.
  4. Provide your Email address and password.
  5. In case you have forgotten your password, hit the Forget Password. Option.
  6. Thereafter follow the on-screen prompt to complete the process.
  7. Once you get the password, click on the Login button.
  8. Select Cancel deletion, and you are done.

Summing it Up!

Here we expect that this blog will help you in Recovering the Disabled Facebook Account. However, in case of any additional assistance, call on our toll-free number and email us your Query.

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