Out of Balance Sheet Error in Sage 50

Out of Balance Sheet Error in Sage 50
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Sage 50 is a professional accounting software that simplifies all your business accounting tasks in a very short time. It makes your regular business operations efficient and hassle-free. However, like other software, Sage 50 also has some errors that can create major issues for you at the time of work. One of those errors is the Sage 50 Account Out of Balance sheet error. This error usually takes place when there is some difference in your Sage 50 account balance, and to resolve it, you may have to go with a manual process.

If you are someone who is facing Sage 50 Account Out of Balance Error, then you can read this article to get a brief guide to fix it, or if you want any other technical help, call on TFN 1-855-357-4404 and consult professional experts.

Causes Behind Sage 50 Balance Sheet Unbalance

There can be various reasons why a user can face an unbalance in their balance sheet. So before going further with the methods to fix the Sage 50 Account Out of Balance error, let’s understand its reasons first.

  • Damaged Transaction
  • Change in your Account type
  • The balance of your account must be Zero.
  • Problems in Custom Report
  • The subsidiary companies don’t have any balance.
  • When some modification is made in the account of the General trial Balance.
  • General Ledger Account is missing.

Problems Faced by Sage 50 Users in the Balance Sheet

Below we have mentioned a few of the issues that you may encounter while preparing a balance sheet on your Sage 50 software.

  • Income on the balance account’s income columns is different.
  • Retained earning account balance is wrong.
  • The receipt amount for the purchase was distributed into different accounts.
  • Accounts show a different balance on the last day of the tax period and the first day of the financial year.

Easy Steps to Fix Sage 50 Account Out of Balance Error

Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step instructions to resolve the Sage 50 Account Balance Error:

  • Open the File Maintenance Window, and hit on the Warning option.
  • There will be an error displaying on your screen; note down the amount from that 
  1. The amount of Sales Aged Balance disagrees with Debtor’s Control by
  2. And the amount of Purchase Aged Balance disagrees with Creditors Control
  • Now click on the cross button to close the File Maintenance Window.
  • Then go to the help section.
  • Now, hit on the About section.
  • After this, make a note of the number splits from the data information section.
  • Then Select File, and to proceed further, visit the Maintenance and Check data.
  • Now, hit on the recovery tool to back up your Data.
  • Thereafter, hit on the Reindex option and Compress All, then select ok.
  • Now Select the Recalculate Transaction History option, and hit Ok.
  • After that, close the window and press yes; when the instruction to check the data again appears on your screen.

Now let’s understand the steps to fix balance sheet issues with the Sage 50 Software.

Methods to Fix Sage 50 Balance Sheet Unbalance or Out of Balance Issues

You can learn how to fix the Sage 50 Sheet by following these steps:
“Make sure that your Sage 50 software is always up to date.”

Note: The total duration of time needed to fix the Sage 50 Account Balance Error is 35 minutes.

Look for a Damaged Transaction Error:

  1. Select  Report & Forms and then click on General Ledger.
  2. Now to go further, click on the Options and modify the Time Frame to All; after that, hit on the Ok tab.
  3. If an error message shows up on your screen, then close that message and the General Ledger report as well.
  4. Now Choose a Form or Report.
  5. After that, hit on the File and then select Data Verification.
  6. Choose both tests and hit on the Start option.
  7. Then, save your Backup.
  8. Now once the backup is done, the test will start on its own.
  9. Let the data verification process get finished, and after that, check the account balance.

At last, check General Ledger and make sure the balance showing now is correct.

Reliability Check:

If the issue is in the General ledger balance, then to fix your Sage 50 Account Out of Balance Error, you have to check its reliability.
To do so:

  1. Close Sage 50 from all your Workstation.
  2. Then open the Tasks; from there, go to the System and Choose the change accounting period option.
  3. Now, choose Period 1 and hit on Ok.
  4. From there, Go to Help, click on Customer Support and Service and click on Integrity Check.
  5. Then run Sync and Account testing.

Now, for more accuracy, ensure that your ledger balance matches.

But if it is still incorrect, then Open the Integrity Check and click:

  1. Choose the Journal Balance box and hit on Ok.
  2. Now go to Integrity check and select Continue.
  3. After that, Choose your General ledger box and hit on the Ok button.

Now check your account balance again, and make sure this time it is accurate.

Use the Standard General Trial Account Ledger Report:

  1. At times, the user wants to view the General Ledger standard without applying any filter; in such scenarios, Enter the “General Ledger Balance” standard.
  2. Now, at last, match your total debit and credit endings.

Final Words:

Here, we conclude this post and assure you that this descriptive guide will assist you in resolving the Sage 50 Account Balance Error. However, if you get stuck in any of the steps, you can even call our Sage accounting experts. You can get in touch with our professionals via live chat or email.

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