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GoDaddy is one of the largest services platforms for entrepreneurs all around the world. It is an online platform where people authenticate their ideas and create a compelling brand. By creating an aesthetically pleasing website, they attract a wide base of customers with the help of digital and social marketing. With the help of our one on one guidance, you are able to create an online presence which is helpful for your business to reach great heights.

Although GoDaddy comprises a community of more than 20 million customer base, it still gets a lot of technical glitches which need urgent attention. In order to grow online, we provide our customers with advanced tools that will help them grow their business’s online presence, but there can be some technical issues that need urgent assistance. GoDaddy Customer Service team is there to help you get over every possible technical issue related to your website. Our team of expert technicians is there to resolve all the issues and problems you might face related to your website.

Common Issues Related To GoDaddy

There are a lot of issues that you might face regarding the DNS of your website. The DNS of a domain name tells the internet which settings are appropriate for your website and email.

Here are some common issues faced by Godaddy Users:

  1. Unable to load the website properly and don’t know from where to start troubleshooting

This is one of the common issues faced by GoDaddy users. You can go and check out the A record in order to find where your website is hosted. There is a DNS file that is created of multiple records comprising of C.N.A.M.E., TXT, MX and A, etc. The I.P. address of your web host is vital, and it must be entered correctly so that your website can be loaded smoothly.

  1. DNS record changes not updating

In order to resolve this issue, it is vital that find where your name servers are managed, or you can also point the name servers to GoDaddy.

Name servers are crucial because they tell your domain name where the DNS is controlled. As and when you register a domain name with GoDaddy, it automatically gets assigned to the name servers.

  1. Unable to send or receive emails

Prior to starting the troubleshooting of the email, firstly, check the MX records in your domain’s zone file. The MX record is essential because it is the one that tells your domain name and suggests the proper settings to use for email. It is important to verify that you are using the correct MX records for your email provider.

If you are unable to resolve all these issues from the above-mentioned guide, then contact the GoDaddy email login Team for instant rectification for all the issues related to your website and email. With a team of expert guidance, we are there to guide you through the process of resolving your issues.