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Mojang was developed in 2009 by Marcus Person. It is a Swedish video game developer company that introduced games like Minecraft. Minecraft was one of the highest-selling games back then that made Mojang famous and let the company reach sustainable growth.

Microsoft acquired Mojang in 2014 and named it Xbox Game Studios. However, in 2020, Mojang was rebranded and named Mojang Studios. They have introduced hundreds of new games that can help them in growing in the market very easily. It is one of the best gaming companies that provide all the facilities to the customers to have a fun time with good memories.

However, there is still a Question that knocks into the customer’s mind, What if I get into trouble? How do I contact Mojang Customer Service Number? If you are also searching for the same answer, then this blog is for you; go through the post and learn more about Mojang and its Customer Service Number.

Going through a technical glitch and need instant help to sort your Mojang game issues? Contact experts at 1-855-357-4404 to Clear out your Query.

Consistent Growth of Mojang

Minecraft approached up to 1 million to 6 million registered accounts in January 2011. The consistent growth of Mojang has developed a few latest versions of mobile devices. Because of the Java-based framework with mobile devices, the current version was programmed in C++ language. Later on, Xbox 360 was also developed by 4J Studios and programmed in C++ language. Mojang was planning to publish from indie game studios.

Mojang studios name was involved in a dispute with ZeniMax media because it had observed similarities between the game’s name and ZeniMax media-developed game. After some time, it released the Cobalt video game, which Oxeye Game Studio developed. The early version of Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows games was developed by Mojang studios in November 2011. Oxeye Studio, later on, released the multiplayer version of Cobalt WASD. During the final and complete release of Minecraft, Mojang organized a dedicated event in Las Vegas in November 2011. After that, the Minecon event was organized every year by Mojang. Persson shifted his role from a lead designer to Bergesten in December 2011.

The former President of Facebook thought to invest in Mojang in 2011 but refused suddenly. After some time, the company has thought to sell its office to maintain its independence, leading to Minecraft’s success. Minecraft had sold almost 5 million copies amounting to increasing its revenue up to $ 80 million. Mojang had almost 25 employees and total revenue of $ 238 million in 2012. Later on, it released an education-focused version of Minecraft for Raspberry Pi devices and released Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4. Suppose you are using Mojang internet service and can’t access your authorized network, then you must call Mojang customer service number to fix it

What Can be the Reasons Customers are Calling Mojang?

Let’s take a short look at the list of complaints faced by the customers, which leads to them contacting Mojang technical support number:

  • I am not able to purchase a subscription.
  • I want to know the steps to recover a Minicraft Password.
  • How will I get my Minecraft account back?
  • I forget my password, and I am not even getting my recovery code.
  • Why am I not able to reset my Minicraft password?
  • I am not able to purchase Minicraft.
  • Why can’t I play Xbox along with my girlfriend?
  • Why is my Minicraft lagging?

The Easiest and Most Handy way to Contact Mojang Customer Service Number

To contact customer Support of Mojang, you have to hassle a lot, as one has to wait for hours on call to get in touch with a live person. It is a long and time taking process that can be complicated.

So if someone wants to contact a live person, the most convenient way is to use the DoNotPay option. This option helps you by cutting out your waiting time. You can access this option using a Web Browser.

Does Mojang have a Customer Support Contact Number?

Mojang doesn’t have a helpline number to assist the customer, but they have provided other ways to communicate. The major reason behind people trying to find the contact number of Mojang customer support is the Game issue they face, Account access, Account banned problem, etc. We can suggest the perfect way to contact Mojang according to your reason for contact, as there is nothing called the best way that anyone can suggest. However, it is observed from the customer’s review that contacting via the Help Desk available at is one of the prime and leading methods.

If you don’t have enough time to wait to get support, skip the long phone Queues by using our Live chat option. Ask the professional whatever problems you are having and clear out your Queries.

What is Mojang’s Contact Email Address?

Again, Mojang doesn’t have a particular official email address. To contact them you need to fill out a form, in which you have to provide a few details. After that, you will get a revert in the next 34 hours. Always remember that Mojang is a global firm, and they have a lot of customers to deal with. So don’t expect that you will get the answer quickly.

Note: The busiest time of the day is 10:45 am.

What is the Quickest way to Get Assistance from Mojang?

Once you send your concern, the Mojang team will go through the whole assessment process; then, you will get a revert. To send the concern, follow the given steps:

  1. Initiate the process by visiting the Mojang website.
  2. After that, Select the help option.
  3. Now, go through Mojang’s help center by topic. The topics include payment troubleshooting, current issues, Minecraft troubleshooting, Minecraft, Minecraft on a console, helpful links, etc.
    Every topic is divided into sub-topics of FAQs.
  4. Thereafter, to report a bug or update feedback, you must have to sign in to your Microsoft Account.
  5. However, if your answers are not available in the frequently asked questions or Mojang’s help corner, then contact the Mojang team via social media. Try to get in touch using Twitter, Discord, or Facebook. This can help you in attracting Mojang’s attention as well.

Moreover, at the bottom of the help page of Mojang, you can find a Contact option as well. There enter the following details:

  • Your Preferred language
  • You Official Name
  • Your Email Address.
  • Xbox Live Gamertag
  • Which edition of Minecraft do you want help with?
  • Description of your problem.

After this, you will get a response from the Mojang team to sort out your problem.

Ending Note!!

We hope this context has shed some light and provided you with all information needed to contact Mojang Customer Service Number. However, if you still have doubts about Mojang toll free number or need a Quick Solution, then contact our experts. Our experts are available round the clock to guide you in the best possible manner. Email us your Queries at to get the assistance earliest.