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Lexmark Printer was developed by American Inc. Company. This printer has attracted millions of people from all around the world. They are so reliable that users are using them in for their personal use in homes and professional use in their workplace. Lexmark Printer is an electrical equipment & theses machines require timely services & maintenance. But at certain times due to the lapse of proper service and care, it may display some irregularities either in its performance or in terms of user interface. To rectify these technical glitches you can avail the help of customer service via Lexmark helpline number for best resolution of the problem.

Features of Lexmark Printer

This printer has achieved popularity because of its amazing features which make it unique and different from other printers:

  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Stylish design and user-friendly
  • High-resolution print quality
  • Wireless and wired both printers are available
  • Easy installation process

Problems involved with Lexmark Printer

The major complications which are witnessed by users while using this extra-ordinary Lexmark printer are listed below:

  • Setup Issue- The setup problem can arise when –
    1. When power is not turned on
    2. Not able to install the software
    3. Test page can’t be printed
  • Printing issue- This printing error can occur as the outcome or result of the print command.
    1. Poor printing which includes smudges, dark line, faded print, missing and unexpected characters
    2. Slow printing
    3. The page is printed with different fonts along with poor graphics quality
  • Problem while scanning and copying- While scanning or copying sometimes the resultant page is not up-to-mark.
    1. Scanner not responding or printer does not respond while copying
    2. You are not able to witness preview after giving print command
    3. The result of copying or the scan includes page or image with faded or dark print, incomplete or distorted images.
  • Paper Jams- Sometimes while giving a print command you can witness the error associated with printer tray:
    1. Paper jamming can occur because of wrinkled papers or an excessive number of papers are loaded in print tray
    2. Pending print jobs can lead to the jamming issue

Whatever may be the issue confronted by you be it a simple or a complex one you can find the solution of all the minor or major error by connecting with Lexmark printer helpline number available all day long round the clock. The certified professionals understand the problem confronted and will troubleshoot the error quickly by keeping in mind the user’s time.