LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented platform where you will find professionals from different fields. You can operate it through the mobile application or on the website. It is mainly used for career development and for networking with professionals. Even Employers share about job openings, and job seekers can apply from here. It allows both employers and workers to connect. You can send connection requests to anyone and add them to your list. It is also used for job or internship posting, organizing offline events, and writing articles. You can also share your story over here.

It not only offers to strengthen your professional relations but also to learn and enhance the skills required in the professional world. You can also showcase your work and can get good clients. You will get so many opportunities once you start using LinkedIn. It is the best platform for people willing to develop a business or make professional networks. It gives you a chance to contact current co-workers and former workers.

Who Founded LinkedIn

LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002 but was launched in 2003. The founding members were from PayPal and Its headquarter is in San Francisco, California, and previously it was located in Mountview, California.

Who Should Join LinkedIn?

If you want to advance and enhance your career, this platform is for you. It includes people from different professional backgrounds, like job seekers, entrepreneurs, and students. LinkedIn allows networking with people from different companies, professions, and industries, and you can learn so much from these professionals.

How to Start your Journey on LinkedIn?

If you want to connect with a world of professionals online on LinkedIn, then follow these steps to start your journey:

  • Create Profile- First, sign up and then create your profile. In your LinkedIn profile, you must summarise your past and current professional experience. In short, you have to showcase your milestone, professional life, skills, hobbies, and interests in your profile.
  • Make Network- You have to be very careful while making a network, as it will unlock the great features of LinkedIn for you. If you are making a network with a person sharing the same industry, it will help you stay updated about what is going on in the professional circle and the industry. You can also follow people and companies to form a professional network.
  • Get a Job- If you are a fresher or experienced person and you are looking for a job or internship, then you will get countless opportunities here. You can directly connect with the hiring community of the companies by sending them a message request. There is also an option to save the job and apply later. Even you can divulge to the recruiters and your connection that you are looking for a job opportunity.
  • Take part in the conversation- You can take part in the conversation, which means you can share about the topics and relevant concerns. You can also like, comment, and share the post on LinkedIn. To grow your network, you can join various LinkedIn groups and share your aspirations, interests, and experiences there. You can educate and empower thousands of people by sharing professional content.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn

There are countless benefits to using LinkedIn. Here few of its benefits given:

  • Visibility of Recruiters

Almost 93% of the hiring community uses LinkedIn to recruit a candidate. LinkedIn gives you the option to get visible to recruiters and decision-makers. For example, if someone puts your name in search engines (such as Amazon), you will appear as if you have a personal brand online on LinkedIn. That’s why you should create your LinkedIn profile just like the CV.

  • Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge

With the help of a LinkedIn profile, you can make recruiters and employers see your connections and recommendations. It will also help you to share your experience where you have added value. 

  • Get your Skills endorse

Let your connection endorse and recommend your past work and skills. It will give people evidence that you are an expert in a particular field when they view your profile. It is a great way to make connections, and the endorsement will help you build credibility left by your connections on your LinkedIn profile.

  • Join Various Groups

Adding to the group is an amazing way to expand the network and meet professionals with similar interests. If there is any discussion going on in the group, then you can take part in it, and you can exhibit your knowledge and learn about the ongoing topics in the group.

  • Promote Goods and Services.

LinkedIn can be a game-changing place to promote your Goods and Services, even if you are a start-up. If you promote a business on LinkedIn, you will get an efficient audience.

  • Promote your Brand

Promoting your brand is the important part once your business is established. Branding is not just about making the audience recognize your business, it is all about making them know who you are. People will only believe and trust your brand when they find your brand’s social presence. So through LinkedIn, you can promote your brand.

From the job seeker’s point of view, LinkedIn is another platform to get a new job. That’s why you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Use this platform to search for opportunities effectively. Follow the company pages and get added to the groups to get access to viewing group members’ profiles, find industry news, and discover new connections.


LinkedIn is a professional networking and business-centric platform that brings professionals from different backgrounds to one place with Social media. After joining LinkedIn, you can make new connections and extend your network with like-minded people. If LinkedIn is used correctly, it will also help the company’s success, and you can also make a great career with this.