Make Your Day Feel Your Day- TikTok

TikTok is a short video-sharing application. It allows people to create, share and watch videos of 15 seconds to a maximum of three minutes. TikTok became famous because the creators created high-level and engaging content on different topics. You can use the application both on webcams or mobile devices. They also give the feature of changing sound effects. Users can add background music to the videos, you can filter to edit the video, and users can make duet videos with other creators.

It shows the rapid growth after the Pandemic. Although we have many social media applications but their fascinating features of it make them different from other apps. All those who want to get famous virtually can use the application to share their work. Amateurs creators can use the application and share videos to become famous. Users can make a network with creators in the same industry. The app is not only for creators, but it is all beneficial for businesses. You can run paid ads to advertise the Brand. But if you are consistent and post authentic content, you also get organic growth.

How was TikTok Founded?

Zhang Yiming, a Chinese entrepreneur, founded the Tech Company ByteDance and developed TikTok in 2016, previously known as Musically. TikTok is expecting a 1 Billion user base by the end of 2022. The headquarter is in Beijing, China.

How is TikTok Rose Popularity?

Since the time TikTok was launched, it is tremendously gaining its Popularity. After 2018 it is the most installed application. In the US, there is the maximum number of TikTok users. Here are key reasons for TikTok’s Popularity.

  • Promote Localised Content-Even though the app has global recognition, it focuses on promoting localized content. From time to time, the app runs challenges and contests based on local traditions and culture. TikTok organizes local contests and captures local trends through localized hashtags. This trick of TikTok has given the localization trend global recognition.
  • Easy to create content and share-The simplicity of creating content has helped TikTok to reach the next level. The short duration of the video helps the creators to create the content quickly, and even users enjoy the short videos as it does not require much time. The videos keep displaying one by one, which helps the viewers get entertainment and fun content together in one place.
  • Endorsement by Celebrity-Many celebrities has paid to collaborate with TikTok, helping the app drive huge Popularity. All these celebs and influencers promote apps in different regions; with this help, it becomes easy to connect with the localities.
  • You can add Copyright Music-TikTok permits the use of Copyright Music in their videos, a unique app feature.
  • Make a Community-TikTok is a platform where you can find like-minded and create and watch content. You can find different lifestyles, fashion styles, and trends as it has users from various regions.

By using its countless amazing features, many users have gained Popularity.

TikTok Unique Features

  • You can upload videos directly to your account. After that, you can also edit and add the effects. It is a time-saving and unique feature.
  • You can make a duet with your friends and add common effects to the videos.
  • Several memories can be embedded in one video, and you can share it seamlessly as a slide show.
  • Use the timer for recording when creating lip sync.
  • Another distinctive option is doing video editing filters that make your video more attractive.
  • There is a feature for managing who can put a comment on your post or can send you direct messages.

Perks of Using TikTok

  • Keep following the Trend –If you want to get popular, follow the marketing game. If you master using trendsetters, challenges, and hashtags, you will always be the street ahead.
  • Promote Brand Awareness-Users can creatively showcase their Brand’s personality. If the Brand works with TikTok influencers, it can easily market its position among youngsters.
  • Engage with Audience-The community and social facet of the app offer users to communicate with their followers. It can be a basic comment, a trending challenge, or a duet property.
  • Publicizing about the goods/services-TikTok helps to bring the brand rapport to a higher level. You can easily publicize your Brand with the help of TikTok.
  • TikTok increases Human interaction-It helps to promote feelings with connections. You can resonate with the videos shared by the creators on experiences, views, or beliefs. Here you will get a community encouraging you to share the content.
  • You learn new things with TikTok-It provides entertainment and all educational content that can help you to enhance your knowledge. You will get content on various topics like cooking recipes, current events, cleaning hacks, general awareness, life hacks, nutrition, and politics.


TikTok is not just for entertainment or fun but can also be used for marketing, networking, and learning a new skill. It gives startups, and new businesses leverage to showcase their products to the audience. You can establish a triumphant presence virtually by using the TikTok features.