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The use of internet has increased so much that people can’t imagine their life without it. With the increasing demand of internet, the need of accessing it from anywhere is also increasing, that’s when the Wi-Fi router come into action. It has made it easy and possible for people to use the internet from anywhere irrespective of your presence either indoors or outdoors. Whether you are professional or laymen you will always come across some issues while using Tenda router then feel free to reach us at Tenda customer service number where the team of professionals is available 24×7 to resolve any queries.

It is not easy to decide which router is best for you. There are various points which must be considered while choosing the best router i.e. quality of service, frequency, and range provided by the router, easy setup process and proper handling. By covering all these features Tenda Router top the list of available routers.

Issues faced while using Tenda Router

People who are using internet through Tenda router can encounter some major issues which are as follows:

  • Router not setup correctly
  • No lights on Tenda Router
  • Blinking of Red lights on Tenda router
  • No or limited connection
  • Not able to sign in your Tenda Router
  • IP conflict

Solutions to the common router issues faced by the users

  • First, try to reboot and restart the router
  • Second check to see if all the cables are connected correctly and are not faulty
  • Recheck if the green light in the router is on or not
  • Check the if your computer is not in airplane mode

To troubleshoot the unstable or slow internet connection while using Tenda Router you must do the following:

  • Place your Tenda router in a stable and ideal location
  • Disconnect some of the devices connected to the router
  • Wireless channel must be changed
  • Change wireless security mode
  • Assign the IP address manually to your wireless device
  • Check antivirus program installed on your computer
  • Disable power saving features of the wireless adapter

It is not necessary that these solutions will work for you if they don’t then try connecting with Tenda router helpline number which is online round the clock to give on time and long lasting solution for your issue.