Can’t Get AOL Mail On My iPhone

Can't Get AOL Mail On My iPhone
Dec 06, 2021      admin      AOL

You have configured your AOL mail account with iPhone but not working. Never get frustrated because you are at the correct place where you will get possible troubleshooting solutions. AOL mail contacts are quite purposeful when you try to email. AOL email offers its users a lot of valuable and interesting features. Its most essential and advantageous feature is allowing access to third-party email services like Outlook, etc. Users can access their email accounts on Android, iPhone, or any other Mac device. So, configure your AOL email on iPhone or iPad to begin communication with your contacts.

However, users may encounter several errors while accessing AOL accounts for sending and receiving emails to their contacts. To resolve these errors quickly, you must call the AOL customer service number to get some accurate suggestions. Here, you will also get some significant troubleshooting steps to fix problems with the AOL app on iOS.

Troubleshooting Steps to Remove Can’t Get AOL Mail on My iPhone or iPad error

  1. Activate and Deactivate Airplane Mode

AOL won’t work if your internet is not working properly on iPhone or iPad and you can’t send or receive emails to your contacts. Fix this AOL problem by using Airplane Mode features that are

  • Move to the Settings of your iPhone and then click the Airplane Mode option
  • Switch on Airplane mode by touching the slider and then deactivate it
  • Now, access the AOL mail account and look if the problem got removed.
  1. Examine the Server

It may be a problem with AOL, and it’s not working properly. You can always utilize a website like the downdetector tool to examine if AOL has some errors. Wait till the errors get rectified on their own.

  1. Reconfigure the Network Settings

Try to reconfigure the network settings as it may assist in troubleshooting errors with AOL email. You can perform as it is given below.

  • Move to the Settings of your iPhone
  • Press General Settings
  • Choose the Reset option
  • Then, choose the Network Reset option, and it will reconfigure the network settings of your iPhone
  • Reconnect your iPhone to the network and look if the error AOL not working on iPhone get repaired.
  1. Uninstall and Reinstall AOL Mail Account

If the AOL issue is not rectified and available there, you can’t understand the reason behind it. Simply uninstall and reinstall the AOL email app on your iPhone to troubleshoot the issue.

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To Uninstall Your AOL Email Account

  • Move to Settings
  • Press Account and Password
  • Choose your AOL account that you wish to delete
  • Look at the AOL account on a new page
  • Tap on the Delete Account option
  • After performing this will delete the AOL account on iPhone.

To Reinstall Your AOL Email Account

  • Move to Settings
  • Press Account and Password
  • Press Go to Settings
  • Click the Add Account option and then choose AOL from the list
  • Type the AOL email address and password to sign in to your AOL email account at the login page.
  1. Examine if Fetch New Data Option Turned On

Suppose AOL is not upgraded on iPhone, examine if fetch new data option is switched on or off. Suppose it is switched off; you won’t receive any new email on your iPhone. Refer to the easy procedure to switch it on.

  • Move to Settings, then press Accounts and Passwords, and then click Fetch New Data
  • Switch on the New button, and performing this action will bring new data to your iPhone if it’s possible
  • Establish the time for fetching.

AOL mobile app email won’t load if your device is coupled to the internet or you haven’t configured your email account to iPhone. Try the above solutions if you get that AOL mail not working on iPhone error to resolve it quickly.

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