AOL Mobile App Not Working

AOL Mobile App is not working
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Facing problems while using AOL Mobile App? Well, sometimes user encounters some common problems for which they sometimes need assistance. Some of the common issues include mailing problems, version not being updated, and other varieties of issues which are technical issues for which you need to connect to AOL customer services or some issues arise due to the user’s own fault. The issues can also be troubleshot by the user themselves with little help in the form of information or any other assistance. Thus, here we have discussed some of the most common problems which are encountered by users while using the AOL Mobile App Not Working and how you can fix them.
AOL is one of the best internet suite applications available for users, which serves as an “All-in-one” platform. Through this, users can browse the internet, send emails, play games and perform various other tasks, all in one place. Common users include either students or working professionals. Thus any hindrance while using the app can be big trouble for the users while doing their daily chores. Read the article to learn how to fix common problems while using AOL mobile app.

Why is AOL Mobile App Not Working?

Some of the most common issues for the user while using AOL mobile app are listed below:

The AOL Mobile App is Constantly Crashing while Loading it on the Phone.

You might not have downloaded the AOL Mobile app properly or have any other problems while installing the app. Due to that, the AOL Mobile app is not opening properly or constantly crashing whenever it opens.

Unable to Send Mail Through AOL Mobile App.

Users sometimes are unable to send or receive mail through their AOL mobile app. A common reason for this trouble is that you have filled incorrect settings while synchronizing the AOL mail on your device.

Unable to Browse on AOL Mobile due to Corrupt Cache or Browsing History

Sometimes either due to browsing history or the presence of any corrupt cache files in the AOL mobile app, users are unable to browse the internet as some of the websites does not load either due to security issue or any other technical problems. Apart from that, you need to update your AOL mobile app to the latest version in order to avoid issues while using AOL Mobile App.

AOL Mobile App Login Problems

Users with AOL Mobile App sometimes are unable to log in due to the following reasons:

  • Forgotten Credentials
  • Incorrect Mail Settings
  • Unable to detect Spam mail
  • AOL Mobile App not showing Emails

Fix Problems with the AOL App

Based on the possible causes due to which you are unable to use AOL Mobile App, you can read and apply the following troubleshooting measure to fix the AOL Mobile App issue.

Check your Internet Connection

First, you need to check your internet connection whether is working properly or not. In case of a weak connection, the AOL app is unable to work properly. To fix your internet connection, you can take the following measures:

  1. Restart the WIFI Router
  2. Boost up your internet speed, for which you need to change the setting of the WIFI router.

Update your AOL Mobile App to the Latest Version

Many of the common issues which users face are due to pending updates in the application, due to which it is unable to work or is incompatible while other programs. Thus to fix various technical you can update the AOL Mobile app to the latest version. For that, follow the given steps.

Update AOL Mobile App on Android

  • Open Play Store on your Android mobile and type AOL in the search box.
  • Select the AOL Mobile app from the search result.
  • In case there are any pending updates, you can see the Update option. Click on it.
  • Wait till the updates are installed.
  • Now close all other apps in the background and launch AOL mobile app.

Update AOL Mobile App on Apple iPhone

  • Open the App Store and click on the profile icon at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, where you can find the pending update for your AOL Mobile app under the section “Available Updates.”
  • Navigate the AOL Mobile App and click on the option “Update.”

Also, you can set the option for auto-updates on your Apple Device.

For Quit and Restart and AOL Mobile App

  • Open the Settings on your Android Device, and there, navigate to the apps option.
  • Now search for the AOL app, tap on it, and then click “Force Stop.”
  • After that, close other programs on your device and start the AOL mobile app. Now check whether the issue is still persisting or not.

Reinstall the AOL Mobile App

The major cause of why the AOL App is not running properly is incomplete or improper installation. To fix this, first, uninstall the application and then reinstall it again from the app store. Make sure you are using a stable internet connection.

Synchronize your AOL Mail with the Correct Settings.

To fix the mailing issues, you need to remove the AOL mail account from your device. Now configure the AOL mailing app with the correct mail server settings. You can find the AOL mail server setting on the official website. In case the issue still persists, take the following measures:
Empty the trash and other mail which are not important from the inbox.
Do not send multiple emails at once, and also clear the outbox if it contains more than one pending mail.

Clear AOL Browser History and other Corrupt Cache Files

In case you are facing any issues while browsing the internet, you can clear the internet or delete the corrupt cache files from the AOL application.

Wrapping it Up

From the above discussion, we have provided basic troubleshooting measures through which you can fix common issues while using AOL mobile app. However, if you still need any assistance to resolve any issue with the AOL Mobile app, you can reach out to us at the number given below. Our customer support service is available 24/7 to help with an issue you are having with any application you are using. Also, you can use the live chat option, where you can submit your query, and our team will connect with you further with the possible solution to your problem.


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