Fix Mail Server IMAP AOL.Com is Not Responding

Fix Mail Server IMAP AOL.Com is Not Responding
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For not responding error, users must report AOL customer support frequently. You will look excited once you get troubleshooting methods to resolve not responding issue. Users can know about this error through various possible causes. Share with multiple solutions to settle this problem on iPhone 7, android, and other devices. If you can’t resolve this issue, you must dial the AOL customer service number to get some accurate suggestions.

AOL is a USA-based email service provider online for millions of users across the globe. Users have been enjoying AOL email service for a long time. AOL is identified for unlimited mailbox storage. AOL email users are not needed to remove emails for creating space for new ones and identify to restore your removed emails. Learn more about errors in the given section. In easy words, Fix Mail Server IMAP AOL.Com is Not Responding error message shows a loading issue. Once you try to refresh your emails, you may get this message.

The availability of mail server not responding error on iPhone will define that error is not working because of a few factors. You can’t receive or open new emails until you fix this problem. Before moving to troubleshoot the error, focus on a few causes for a better understanding.

Causes Behind not responding error

A few factors are listed below that cause error. These causes are discussed below.

  • AOL mail loading issue can take place because of inaccurate internet connection on your device
  • Technical restrictions in the email server can also be the major factor why doesn’t respond
  • Because of immense incoming and outgoing emails, AOL email can stop responding
  • Not mentioning accurate email password can also be the major factor behind this error
  • A bug in the AOL email app can be one of the factors. Uninstallation and reinstallation of the AOL email app can be helpful to prevent this issue
  • Slow or weak internet connectivity can cause several issues like loading issue of AOL server
  • Multiple times, inappropriate details for the AOL server and inaccurate sign-in information can give rise to this error
  • Interference of firewall or antivirus running in the background can also be one of the major factors behind server not responding issue.

Troubleshooting Methods for Not Responding Error

Some troubleshooting solutions are listed below for not responding error.

Fix Mail Server IMAP AOL.Com is Not Responding

Method – 1 Troubleshoot Uninstall and Reinstall AOL Account

One of the excellent troubleshooting methods for not responding server is the uninstallation or reinstallation of the AOL email account. Due to a lot of incoming and outgoing emails, the AOL email account may get disturbed. This is why the problem takes place. Uninstallation and reinstallation of the AOL app will automatically correct the settings to rectify the issue. Let’s go through some simple steps to troubleshoot this problem.

  • Access the Settings on your mobile phone
  • If settings are accessed, scroll down and move to Accounts and Password
  • Look at the list of email accounts that you love to use. Press the email address that is not responding
  • Utilize the red button to remove that account
  • Click the Back button to move to the Main menu. Let your phone to configure the new setting.
  • Move to Account and Password
  • Next, move to Add account
  • Observe a list of email address providers like Ymail, AOL, Gmail, etc. Choose the AOL account causing the issue
  • Once you choose an AOL email account, type your username and password. Type this information, and your account will resume again.

Method – 2 Upgrade Your Account Details

Once you access your email account and look at the received message “ server not responding,” verify the account configuration settings. If you have mentioned the incorrect details for the server, you will observe this message. So, upgrade your account details correctly. Confirm that the server address is The port number is 587, and the authentication type is SSL.

Method – 3 Verify Your AOL Sign-in Details

Sometimes, apart from upgrading your account details, the IMAP server won’t work. A problem, sign-in information will cause a similar process. IMAP can’t sync where account sign-in details are mentioned incorrectly. Therefore, verifying account sign-in details is advised for users to configure AOL email on other devices.

Ending Note:

The above-discussed troubleshooting steps will assist you in rectifying not responding issue easily. Suppose you can’t fix not responding issue, you must dial AOL mail server settings  for iPhone some appropriate tips.

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