How to Fix Windows 10 Problems in Acer Laptops

How to Fix Windows 10 Problems in Acer Laptops?
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Acer is one of the top-notch laptops in the world, but Acer users have reported a few issues after upgrading their windows version to windows 10. Apart from that, the users are also getting the Acer laptop black screen problem and various other issues too. So, in this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about Acer laptops and ways to Fix Windows 10 Problems in Acer Laptops.

So let us start the discussion.

Acer Laptops Problems in Windows 10?

The main problem you face after upgrading to Windows 10 is Elon Touchpad not working, that further leads to Acer Laptop Problems properly. To eliminate this problem, you have to delete the Touchpad drivers and Reinstall it again. To do so, you have to follow the given procedure:

  • Hit the Windows key along with the X button (Windows+X)
  • Then choose Device Manager from all the options.
  • Again from the list of Devices, you have to choose Touchpad Drivers.
  • Then right-click on the Touchpad Device after which tap on Uninstall option.
  • Then an uninstall dialogue box will appear on your screen, where you have to delete the Driver package from your computer.
  • Then in the Driver Manager, you have to Go to the action menu, then click on the Scan for hardware changes option. (By this, Touchpad Drivers will be reinstalled by your operating System)

Once the installation of the Drivers is done, restart your Laptop.

If even after following the above procedure, your Acer laptop problem is persistent, then you have to install the latest Touchpad Drivers from the Official website of Acer. If you can’t find Touchpad Drivers for Windows 10, then download Windows 8 Touchpad Drivers; however, to install it, you have to use compatibility mode. 

To Install the Latest Touchpad Drivers, Follow These Steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Acer, and look for Windows 8 Touchpad drivers.
  2. Then, on the driver setup, right-click to get all the options.
  3. Hit the properties option.
  4. Then hit the Compatibility tab
  5. Then you have to go through the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” box and check the drop-down menu to choose “Windows 8.”
  6. Then start the installation process.
  7. Re-start your Laptop after the installation of the Drivers.

By following the above procedure, your Acer laptop problems in windows ten will be resolved.

Acer Laptop Black Screen Issue:

To fix the Acer Laptop Black screen problem you can follow any of these steps:

Reset your Acer Laptop:

If you are facing any minor issue, the first thing you need to do is try to restart your System:

  • Power off your Laptop first
  • Then you have to remove the battery, hard drive, and other components for some time.
  • Now, for the next 30 seconds press and hold the power button.
  • Put every component back in the Laptop.
  • Plug the charger into the Laptop.

Check your Acer Laptop’s Battery and the AC Adapter:

It may be possible that you think that the problem with the Acer Laptop Black Screen is due to an error in the display of your monitor, but the actual problem is the battery of your Laptop or the charger. Thus, before going further with anything else, check the battery of your Laptop and verify if the charger is working properly. To verify the issue is in the charger, plug in the charger to some other laptop, and if the other Laptop is charging properly, then the problem is in your screen.

Use an External Monitor:

If you are facing Acer Laptop Black Screen issues, then the problem can either be in the screen of your Laptop or the Laptop itself. To check and verify the actual reason for the problem, you can connect an external monitor to your Laptop. If the monitor is working properly, then the problem is in the Laptop (Internal issue). Follow these steps to connect your Laptop to another monitor.

  • Connect the Laptop and the other monitor with the help of an HDMI cable.
  • Then verify the display if it is on the monitor. If not then Hit the F4 Button to do it.
  • If the display is on the monitor, then you have to purchase a graphics card for your Laptop.

Check and Update your Graphic Card Driver:

If the graphic drivers are old, then it can also create Acer laptop Black screen issues. Thus, you need to Check the Graphic drivers, and if needed, then you have to update them by downloading and installing the latest version.

Verify and Update BIOS:

Basic input and output system or BIOS is a chip that allows you to set up your System at the initial level. Verify if your BIOS is updated; if not, then follow these steps to update it:

  • Press the Window key + R; this will let you to the Run dialogue box.
  • Then enter “msinfo32” to check the System’s information
  • There you need to check the version of BIOS you are using in your System.
  • If you are using an older version, then go to the official website of Acer, and Download the latest version of BIOS on your Laptop.
  • Then transfer this file to a USB.
  • Now restart your Laptop and press either F2 or F12 to go to the BIOS Settings.
  • Then check the storage device and move it to the top of the priority list in your boot priority settings.
  • Then to save and exit from the page, press F10

Your BIOS update will be done here.

Check the Presence of Viruses in Your Laptop:

The presence of viruses can also be another reason behind Acer laptop’s black screen issues. To know about it, Scan your Laptop throughout.

Note: The scanning process is a bit time talking, but accurate. It will tell you about the viruses or malware present in your device and how to remove them as well.

Acer Laptop That Won’t Turn On:

You can follow the given procedure to fix the Acer laptop that won’t turn on & Acer Laptop not Turning On:

  • Eliminate all external storage devices like external optical drives, hard drives, SD cards, and Flash drives. As Acer laptops can try to boot from an external drive if any boot drive is connected to it. So, it is always advised to remove external devices, to fix Acer laptop that won’t turn on problem.
  • Apart from that, you also need to remove hubs, monitors, docs, and all the other peripheral devices. The mentioned peripheral devices are not booted drives, but in some cases, the Laptop gets confused with the Boot Device.
  • Always Connect your Laptop with Power. Use the main power adapter only, which you get with your Laptop.

Note: Ignore using any third-party hub like Thunderbolt and USB.

  • Check if the Laptop is Charging actually, and receiving power. Almost all Acer laptops have LEDs attached to them to show if it is being charged or not. So always make sure that the LED lights up when you connect power to your Laptop.

Note: Check your Laptop properly to know more about LED light. As in some laptops, LED is far from the power plug of your Laptop.

  • Try to connect your System with an external monitor, if your Acer Laptop won’t turn on, the problem can be in your Screen as well. To know more about it, connect your System to another monitor, and check if it is working. If the external monitor works perfectly, then the problem can be inside the Laptop’s built-in Screen.
  • Leave your Laptop in Charging overnight, the discharged laptops may not turn on, even when connected to the power button. This is done to save the further battery from getting discharged; it is built-in protection provided to your Acer laptops.
  • Try to open the BIOS of your Acer Laptop. To do so, you have to press the Power button along with the F2 key. this will not give you a proper solution, to your Acer laptop that won’t turn on problem but if the process is a success, then you can get the idea that the problem is not in the Laptop but in the Windows Boot system.

Note: To Access the BIOS, you can try F2, F12, or Del key, depending on the version of the Laptop you are using.

  • Eliminate all the new and installed components in your Laptops, like Hard drives, Wi-Fi adapters, and RAM. It is because maybe your Acer Laptop won’t work properly due to the Hardware configuration problem. So, remove the external Device. Follow the proper safety protocols while removing them.
  • Up Till Now, you must get the idea that the reason behind Acer laptop that won’t turn on is the Hardware, so go to the repair shop and ask for a replacement if needed. 

Freezing Issues with Acer Laptops:

To fix the Acer laptop freezing issue, make sure about these few things. Eliminate the sudden freezing problem of your Acer laptop, by following:
Check your Windows version, and update it if needed.

To Update your Laptops Windows:

  1. Go to the right-hand side button of the screen and check if there is any window update available.
  2. Click on the Windows update to download it, then install it with the help of instructions on your screen.
  3. For the CPU utilization check, the Task Manager.
  4. This is done to check and kill the extra CPU usage, as less CPU usage means fewer overheating problems.
  5. Press the Ctrl Shift+ Esc keys simultaneously.
  6. Then check the process that has higher CPU usage, then right-click on it to kill it.

Note: There, you can see Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry and check the number of CPU resources it takes.

This can resolve the Freezing issues you are facing with Acer laptops

Check the Reliability History:

Reliability Monitors shows all information about the recent system failure of your Windows 10 Laptop., it can give you reason why you are facing Freezing issues with Acer laptops.

  • Enter Reliability Monitor in the search box of your Windows 10, then hit View Reliability History.
  • Now the Reliability Monitor Will view and verify the reliability and problem history of your Laptop.
  • Now, Hit the red cross symbols, and go through the reasons for the Acer Laptop Freezing Failure.

Acer Care Center:

Acer Care Center is an Application by Acer that is used to detect issues in your Laptop.

  • To open it, Enter Acer Care Centre on Windows 10
  • Then hit the search button.
  • Click on Acer Care Centre to open it.
  • Now this will show all the critical problems your Laptop is facing.
  • Then hit the Check-up option to test the exact status of the hard drive to your Laptop, along with the Battery and the Network connection.

Search for Malware Infection:

Your Acer laptop can face freezing issues due to the presence of viruses also. Thus, you must use Antivirus Software or Window Defender on your Device to check the malware Infection.

Problems in Primary Memory:

You can check the RAM modules, with the help of the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool, to know about the problems your Acer laptop is facing.
To know more about it:

  • Open your Windows Search and enter Windows Memory Diagnostic, then Hit it to open.
  • Now, hit on the Restart Now & Check for Problem option to initiate the process. 

Remove all the Dust Particles:

You can use Compressed air to clear the Dust particles from your Acer Laptop; this will resolve the overheating problem.

Note: Acer may cancel your Laptop’s warranty, if they find out that you have opened the Cabinet of your Laptop.

Important: To remove the internal heat problem of your Acer Laptop, there must be enough space for airflow.


In this article, we have tried to cover everything you need to know about Acer laptops, including how to fix Windows 10 Problems in Acer Laptops. If, even after going through all this, you still have any problems, feel free to contact our team of professionals. They have been working in the industry for more than 15 years and have great knowledge and experience to help you in resolving your issues. Call us at 1-855-357-4404 or you can even email us your problems at

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