How to Fix Outlook 2016 Crashes on Launch?

Outlook Keeps Crashing
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Is your Outlook 2016 Crashes on Launch? Read this blog to learn multiple ways to fix it. Microsoft Outlook is a famous e-mail client that people use for both personal and professional use. It is a part of the Microsoft 365 products Family and offers various other services as well that, include calendering, contacts, and tasks. However, sometimes, Outlook user faces issues while working on it. The Outlook freezes or crashes on opening. But the good point is that you can fix this error by following basic troubleshooting.

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What are the Root Causes Behind Outlook freezing or Crashing?

Here we have provided the main causes that can promote the Crashing or freezing of the Outlook

  1. Some Outlook Add-in that is creating issues.
  2. Damaged Outlook Data File.
  3. Presence of Third-party Antivirus Program.
  4. Outlook Mailbox is filled.
  5. You have installed the updates recently.

What to do if Outlook 2016 Crashes on Launch?

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow when your Outlook 2016 is not opening properly.

  • Uninstall old add-ons for Outlook

To remove any of the add-ons present in your Outlook software, you must have to follow the given steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Thereafter you have to click on System followed by Apps & Features.
  3. Now, wait for sometimes, until the list of all the installed apps shows up on your Screen.
  4. Look for any Outlook 2013 add-on available in your System, and hit on Delete.
  5. Once you delete them, restart your System again and try to open Outlook again.

Note: In case you had Outlook 2013 on your device, you might have a different add-on downloaded.

However, if, even after uninstalling add-ons, you are not able to open Outlook, try to do so in Safe Mode. You can simply press and hold Ctrl and try to launch Outlook 2016 in Safe Mode.

  • Disable hardware acceleration 

In case the previous method doesn’t work for you, then you to resolve Outlook 16 freezing error; you can Turn- off the hardware acceleration and verify if the issue is fixed.

  1. Initially, launch Outlook.
  2. Navigate to the File menu, and click on the options.
  3. Next, select the Advanced tab.
  4. Now, look for the Display section and verify the Disable hardware graphics acceleration.
  • Delete all E-mail Accounts and Re-add Them 

At times, users face this issue due to a corrupted e-mail account; thus, to resolve this issue, you can remove and re-add- your account again.

  1. Initiate the process by pressing Windows Key + S, then search for Control Panel.
  2. Next, hit on the Control Panel option
  3. After that, move to User Account, and click on Mail.
  4. In the next window, you have to select E-mail Accounts.
  5. A list of e-mails will appear on your Screen, choose the account you want to delete, and then click on Remove.
  6. Now, repeat the process for the accounts you want to remove.
  7. Next, re-add them again.
  • Check Your Antivirus 

At times, Your Outlook 2016 may crash because of the presence of an Internet Security program. There are many antiviruses that create a hindrance for you while accessing the software. Thus in such cases, you have to turn off the Antivirus software.

  • Start Outlook as Administrator

At times, Outlook 2016 freezes due to fewer Admin privileges as well. In such a scenario, try to access Outlook using Admin Privileges.

  1. Look for the Outlook Shortcut on your System.
  2. Next, you have to right-click the shortcut.
  3. Here, click on Run as Administrator from the options.

However, you need to follow this process every time you are using Outlook, thus to make this simple, you can try an Alternate way:

  • Initially, look for Outlook.
  • Next, you have to Right-click on Outlook to get various options.
  • Now from there, select the Properties tab.
  • After that, go to the Compatibility tab.
  • Then click on the Run this Program as an Administrator option.
  • At last, select Apply and hit Ok.

After this, Outlook will start with admin privileges only, and you won’t face any freezing or crashing issues.

  • Perform a BIOS Update 

If your Outlook 2016 freezes when you try to access it, then to fix this problem, you have to go for a BIOS update. Many users find that their Outlook issues get resolved instantly after updating the BIOS.

Note: Before going with the BIOS update, verify your Motherboard manual for the complete information. 

You can also check with the password and update your operating System. These options will surely work, and you will be able to rectify the issue of Outlook keeps crashing very easily.

Wrapping it up!

By following the above process, we assure you that your Outlook 2016 not working issue will be fixed. However, if you are not able to fix your issues, even after following the step, we will advise you to mail your issues to AN e-mail expert will revert you with the best solution possible.

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