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Outlook or Microsoft Outlook is an email service provider/email client that currently has the second largest user base across the world in the category of email users only after Gmail. MS Outlook users can either access the webmail as Outlook.com or they can use the email client application (MS Outlook or Outlook on the Web), through which they can utilize various other features provided by MS Outlook like calendar, Task and Contact Manager, Journal Logging, Emailing, Web Browsing, and various other utilities. Although with a user base of 500 million users worldwide, many people worldwide who wish to create an email account prefer other email services like Gmail or Yahoo, or they have no idea what Outlook email customer service is or think of it only as a computer application for accessing mail offline. Here we will tell you all about Outlook, including various features, drawbacks, and why you should prefer Outlook over other mailing services available. Read the article further to know more about Outlook.

Basic Features Available with Outlook Email

Users with MS Outlook are benefitted from various other features that are not necessarily in other email service providers. Following are the various features available along with Outlook Webmail and Email Client:

Available for Both Single-user and Multi-user Categories:

Outlook is available for both single individuals as a Stand-Alone application for general purposes and for Organizations also who can utilize it as Multi-user software. By multi-user, we mean to say that multiple users can have access to the same application at the same time.

Various Shared Functions for Multi-user Platforms:

Every business organization needs a platform where they can interact with each other and communicate. For that, Outlook is the best option for them. Some of the basic functions we are going to discuss here.

Calendar Sharing:

Through outlook, you can easily schedule meetings, and with the calendar features, attendees can be easily notified and also respond to their presence based on their availability. With a meeting marked in a calendar, the user will automatically receive an update when the meeting is near.

Reach Out or Mention any Particular Person Instantly

Ease of communication is a basic need within any organization, and sometimes within a chat or communication, we need to mention any specific person for a task or any other purpose. For that “@” feature is very helpful, where users need to type the mail address or name after the symbol, and a notification will be sent to them.

Shared Resources or Folder:

Users can also save an important or general file on a shared network using outlook, which can be accessible to anybody or users with specific credentials.

Compatible For Each and Every User, Align with Keyboard Shortcuts

Outlook provides an amazing user interface where users can easily access any mail or perform any action only through a mouse. This user interface is made for users who are new or do not have much experience with email client software. Also, the outlook is user-friendly for the user who prefers keywords and uses shortcuts to automate their work.

Automatic Updation of Calendar:

In case any user has booked a flight or has received any other event invitation through their email ID, the information will automatically be updated in the calendar, for which they will be receiving constant updates in the future.

Set Aside All Irritating Conversations Through Outlook:

In case you are added to a subscription list unknowingly or engaged in an unwanted conversation and do not want to delete that or put it in archives, you can easily ignore that conversation. Just click on the home tab and then click on the Delete option, after which select Ignore.

Email Scheduling:

This is a unique feature of special importance, especially for the working professional who can create a draft mail and schedule it to send it in the future anytime.

Constant Reminder of Common and Silly Mistakes:

While sending messages, users sometimes mention the word “attached” or “files,” after which they send the mail without any attachment. To avoid that mistake, outlook sends a reminder that the user has forgotten to attach the file as mentioned in the message body.

Easy Configuration and Integration on any other Device or Account:

Outlook is the largest email service preferred by both individuals and working professionals, where users can easily use email on any other device. Anyone with an outlook email account can download the Email client application on any device and use the mail.

Easy Access to other Microsoft Applications:

MS Outlook is compatible with other MS Office applications where users can save the files, they have created using MS windows application and can share them easily and securely with their contacts using Outlook and One Drive.

Email Flagging:

This is another unique feature that is absent in most of the other email clients. By Email flagging, we can mark any mail on which we want to take a follow-up in the future. All the emails marked with a flag will be saved in To-Do Bar, where you can view them under the Task option.

Mailbox Storage and One Drive:

In an Outlook email account, you can utilize the mailbox storage of 15 GB. Apart from that, although the attached file limit can be not more than 50 MB, users can use the OneDrive feature with the link of the file. Through that, the receiver can have access to that file present on One Drive.

Common Issues that users Face while Using Outlook.

Although, with a variety of features, users still have some trouble while using outlook. Some common issues while using Outlook are listed below:

Error 0x800ccc0f:

This error usually occurs while sending and receiving emails in Outlook. The common cause of causing this error is the incorrect mail configuration settings. Apart from that, another reason can be corrupt data files which creates a hindrance while mailing, or any other network connection issue.

Error Messages “Microsoft Outlook has Stopped Working.” or “Not Implemented.”

This message means that Outlook has crashed or is unable to implement the given task properly. Common causes for this error are.

Too many messages are either in the inbox or the sending queue.
Corrupted Add-ons that might be damaging the application and also put your important at risk of being compromised.

Other Technical Errors while using MS Outlook

Some of the common errors while using MS Outlook are listed below.

Error Cause
Error 0x800CCC13 Connectivity issue, system infected by virus or malware file.
Error 0x80040154 Incompatibility with the security program installed on the system.
Error 0x80040600 Corrupt PST files
Error 0x8004210A Connectivity issues

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Reach Out to us In Case of Any Issues with Outlook Email Customer Service

Users, in case they are having trouble while using their Outlook Email account, can reach out to our customer support services. There, they can easily reach out to our technical experts, who provide assistance not only with outlook any other email service provider. Also, our Outlook email customer service are available at minimal rates, which can be afforded easily by anyone.

Wrapping it Up

In the above discussion, we have provided all the necessary details regarding Outlook Mail. and how users can utilize all the features available in both webmail and email client. However, if you need more information regarding Outlook email customer service or any other email service, you can check out our blog section, where we have discussed various each and every email service available online. If you have any doubts or queries or require any information regarding Outlook or facing any issues while using it you can contact us at the number given below or use the live chat option, to which our team will revert as soon as possible.