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Earlier people use to write a letter to communicate with their relatives and friends. Then as the time proceeds the medium of communication changed from letters to mobile phone and that too just hearing a voice, sending text messages, photos images. And as the time passed this changes to video call only when both parties are using the same platform as a smartphone to smartphone and computer to computer. But with the launch of Skype, all these barriers and shortcomings were removed. Despite many such technological advancement users face trouble while using Skype, if you are also one of them then just call Skype help number available 24×7 to help you fix the error confronted.

Skype Technologies launched this telecommunication application software in the year 2003. This software is used to make a video call, a voice call between different or same platform like computer, laptops, tablets, smartphone. Skype acts as three in one software through which user can do text messaging, voice call and video call. There are two models of Skype which is available one is a free version and another one is Premium version which is actually paid a subscription.

Features of Skype

Communication medium Skype is known for providing calling, messaging and file sharing features. There are many amazing characteristic traits which attract the users towards Skype:

Instant messaging – Users are provided with emoticons and formatting and quoting features. They can view, save and delete chat history.
Calling features – It can be used to receive incoming voice calls, make outgoing calls anywhere in the world.
Video calling – The video calling done by Skype is of very high quality.
Voicemail – User has the right to leave the voicemail if the receiver is not online on the other side.

Common Problems of Skype

Skype is a vital tool for communication but at certain times it can be annoying. Apart from innumerable benefits, it tends to misbehave in terms of critical snags or flaws. Some of the frequent flaws confronted by users are listed below:

  • Contacts and credits are missing from the Skype
  • Unable to sign in because forgotten username or password
  • Skype login problems
  • While logging in date of birth is being asked
  • Skype call failed due to network issues
  • Skype running slow and it freezes in the middle of a video call
  • Voice of the caller is not clear
  • Server is not responding
  • While video calling, video is not available
  • Skype Call Problems with Apple Devices

In order to remove and rectify this technical and performance snags of this communication medium connect with Skype help number which is accessible throughout the day in a year. The help experts will eradicate every issue confronted by you and hence render 100 percent customer satisfaction.