Troubleshoot Firefox Keeps Crashes

Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly)
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What happens when Firefox crashes suddenly while doing your crucial job, it might be looking frustrating, and you look helpless. Don’t worry because there are multiple troubleshooting solutions to quickly sort out Mozilla Firefox crashing errors. Before moving to troubleshoot methods given in this write-up, follow some essential points so that Firefox runs smoothly.

  • Once the page stops working because a few pages have crashed unexpectedly, try to reload the page to observe if that removes the problem
  • If Firefox is opened but won’t respond to your commands, it is known as Hang but not a crash.
  • If the Firefox is crashed in the starting
  • Verify to look if a crash has occurred in Troubleshoot Mode
  • Try a clean reinstall

Suppose the above steps are not effective to remove Mozilla Firefox crashes error. In that case, you must call the Mozilla helpline number to eliminate Mozilla Firefox crashes but won’t open on Macerror.

Troubleshooting Solutions to Resolve Mozilla Firefox Crashes Error

A few easy troubleshooting methods are given below to fix Mozilla Firefox crashes error.

  • Upgrade Your Software

You have to update your software like Firefox, Windows, and Drivers to troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox crashes.

  • Upgrade Windows

Ensure that you have recent stability and security troubleshooting methods.

  • Upgrade Firefox

Every Firefox has multiple troubleshooting steps for crashing.  Confirm that you use the updated and recent version of Firefox to fix Firefox crash error.

  • Upgrade Your Drivers

Verify if your graphic drivers are updated. Upgrade your graphics drivers to use WebGL and hardware acceleration.

If a Firefox crash occurs while printing, verify that printer is updated by moving to your printer manufacturer’s website.

  • Upgrade Your Internet Security Software

Confirm that you have the recent version of your internet security software, including antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewalls programs.

  • Examine Viruses or Spyware

Multiple spyware and viruses are considered to crash Firefox. For more details, call the Mozilla customer support team.

  • Examine Third-Party Modules

The third-party applications may load modules into Firefox like antivirus, archiving, and other software. Sometimes, these applications load dangerous modules that cause decreased performance, compatibility, and crashing issues. A malicious or unexpected module is loaded that may cause problems and occur as Firefox crashes issue. For more details, go to identify problems caused by a third-party module in Firefox for Windows.

  • Examine to Look If the Crash Happens in Troubleshoot Mode

If the updated software won’t work or crashes on startup, use the procedures below to test whether the crash takes place in Firefox Troubleshoot Mode or not and go through the instructions given in the recommended write-up.

  1. Tap the Menu button, press Help, choose to Troubleshoot mode, and tap Restart Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode
  2. Once the Open Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode happens, a window appears, and tap the Open button.

Test your problem after Firefox begins in Troubleshoot Mode.

The Crash Still Takes Place in Troubleshoot Mode

If your crash occurs in Troubleshoot mode, it’s due to a theme, extension, or hardware acceleration.

The Crash Doesn’t Take Place in Troubleshoot Mode

Your crash doesn’t occur in Troubleshoot Mode because of an extension, theme, and hardware acceleration.

  • Examine Your Hardware

Verify Your RAM for Errors

If Firefox crashes in a repeated pattern, examine your RAM error for the following tool.

Getting Assistance in Troubleshooting This Crash

Analyzing the cause of a crash can be a difficult job for you if you have gone through the methods above and can’t find Firefox to stop crashing; the instructions given below will show you how to get crash report ids for your latest submitted report.

  • Type about:crashes and press Enter in the Firefox Address Bar. A page listing submitted crash reports would appear.
  • If you have the latest unsubmitted reports, tap the Submit button for each latest unsubmitted report and then reload the about:crashes page.

Suppose you can’t access Firefox because it crashes during Startup in Troubleshoot Mode. Use three steps that are given below to establish Report Ids.

  • Tap Window+R on the keyboard. Enter %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\Submitted and tap Ok
  • A file for each crash report is available in the resulting folder. Use the View menu, arrange them by date to search the newest file, and double press on it to access it.

The above-discussed methods will assist you in sorting out Firefox crash error. However, users encounter various common issues with Firefox on Mac regularly.

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