How do I Unlock my Yahoo Email Account?

unlock Yahoo email account
Apr 19, 2021      admin      Yahoo

Yahoo mail is an email service launched by an American Company, Yahoo! Since 1997 they have provided the best email service to their customers, but sometimes you are unable to unlock your Yahoo Email Account. Cheer Up! You have landed on the perfect blog because we have a fusion of reasons or causes with quick troubleshooting of this kind of error in this blog. If you are looking for a detailed solution, try contacting the Yahoo help number for complete guidance.

Before we jump into the possible quick fixes on Unlock my Yahoo Email Account, let’s first get into the problem’s root cause. Here are the reasons why you might be facing issues with getting locked out of Yahoo Email:

  • Entering the wrong password multiple times
  • Sending emails in huge numbers more than the specified limit
  • Possible attempts of hacking on your Email ID
  • Any kind of suspicious activity on your Yahoo account
  • Marked Spam by recipients on receiving any unimportant mail
  • Unauthorized access to third-party apps and software
  • Opening your Email account at different locations at a time
  • POP and IMAP settings

Simple Ways to Unlock Yahoo Account Instantly

Method 1: (Official)

Step 1: Open Yahoo Help Forum Page.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Account Locked’ message

Step 3: Next, start clicking on ‘Sign-in helper.’

Step 4: Type the Yahoo Mail Address or Phone Number. You can try entering the recovery mail ID or Phone Number.

Step 5: You will receive an ‘Accoutn Key’ to your recovery phone/email, or you might be prompted with the security questions.

Step 6: Do as instructed in order to retrieve access to your locked Yahoo Email Account immediately.

Method 2:

After logging into your account, cookies are saved on Yahoo servers as a type of data packets. If you didn’t know, these data packets allow your Yahoo account to be recognized for future references.  However, if a person tries to sign in using an incorrect password, the cookies are erased. Cookies expire if the number of attempts is exceeded. This makes Yahoo filters sense suspicious activity, leading to temporary locking of your Yahoo Email for 12 to 24 hours.

Try logging in to another Yahoo server in order to unblock your account. This leads to the creation of fresh and new cookies.  The new server lacks any information of expired cookies. This makes Yahoo Email accessible and easy to log in, once again.

 Method 3:

  • Revoking access to every type of third party applications and software.
  • Eliminating POP and IMPA settings from email client software.
  • Try using another web browser for logging into reopening your Yahoo Account.

We hope that the user finds this blog helpful, and if the problem persists, feel free to contact Yahoo email experts for the best assistance. This is a 24 hours available toll-free number, and here you can talk instantly to the expert to have the best possible solution regarding any query of Yahoo mails.

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