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What is AOL Desktop Gold

With the progression of time, lots of advancement in technology can be witnessed. It is the common tendency of people all around the world to get attracted towards the latest technology be it software, product, webmail services or any new applications. AOL Desktop Gold is the newly launched updated version of AOL desktop with lots of advanced features. Then without wasting your valuable time just install AOL Desktop Gold and kick-start the exciting journey of using webmail services and internet browsing all in one platform.

System Requirements for Downloading AOL Desktop Gold

  • Windows 7,8,8.1, or 10
  • 266MHz or faster processor
  • Minimum 1028×768 or higher screen resolution
  • 1GB or more RAM
  • Internet connection
  • If you want to upgrade the AOL Gold from older version then you might require some additional disk space

Features of AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold has gained popularity because of its mind blogging features which are enough to mesmerize the user toward it. Some of the features are:

  • User-Friendly- Users don’t require to do any hard work as all their favorites, contact, username and passwords will be transferred automatically after updating the AOL desktop with the latest version
  • Automatic Updates- All updates are automatically updated by replacing the older update file and thus require less space
  • Enhanced Security- Its two-step verification save your account to get compromised or hack.
  • Advanced Technology- New version comes with increased speed and performance which result in few errors.
  • Simplified the installation process– It is easy to download and install AOL Desktop Gold in less time.
  • Saving of Contacts and Favorites- Your contacts and favorites will be stored in AOL server which is accessible all time.

Technical Issues in AOL Desktop Gold

Doesn’t it matter how perfect AOL Desktop Gold is? However, people all around the world face some technical glitches which can be really frustrating when encountered.

  • Getting error while installing AOL Desktop Gold
  • Not able to Download AOL Gold
  • AOL gold icon is missing
  • Issue while printing
  • Unable to locate AOL Gold icon
  • AOL Desktop Gold does not respond or is slow
  • AOL Desktop discontinued
  • AOL Desktop not working
  • Issue while finding your favorite and Address Book
  • Connection error in AOL Desktop Gold
Solution to common AOL Desktop Gold issues
  • The first and basic step is to check whether the system requirement was fulfilled or not
  • Always download the installation file from the official website
  • Scan your computer for the malicious program using antivirus

Make sure that you are not using an outdated version of this application as it will create some nuisance while accessing this application. Don’t forget to download AOL Gold with the latest version update. Still, if you are having any concern about AOL Gold then feel free to connect with a AOL customer care who are available 24×7 to clarify all the issues and doubts.

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