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WinZip is the most widely used software across the world. It is one of a kind software because nobody ever thought of such software ever before that allowed users to save their multiple files zipped in one place. It is the only shareware application launched with the facility of data compression and extraction. WinZip is the most useful utility that compresses the huge data files reducing their size by saving them in compressed mode. This software is capable of securing the data by encrypting it in some Unicode language. Although this utility is known for its praises there are some technical snags involved in it too that lets the users go through irritation and disappointment. If you are reading this for the first time about the program then you will definitely install WinZip Software on your device to experience the unique features of this program.

Originally WinZip is a graphical user interface shareware which was launched in the year 1991 with the main purpose of compressing and extracting large data. It works on various operating systems including Windows, Mac or others.

Features of WinZip:

  • It can zip and unzip almost all file formats
  • It reduces the data size
  • It protects the banking level encryption
  • It can be managed on any kind of networks
  • It can be connected with Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

It is the exceptional features of this software that makes it stand apart from the crowd of similar manufacturers. But there is still no top-notch competition for this extraordinary program. Being a software, this also involves some common snags that the users encounter. Some of which are given below.

Issues with WinZip Software:

  • Inability to open and run WinZip
  • Not able to download or install the program
  • Difficulty in uninstalling the software
  • Not able to access its additional features
  • Compatibility issue
  • Issues while unpacking the files.

Are you now enthralled with the benefits of WinZip and want to explore more? Then what is there to wait any more when you can download WinZip software from its official page and other websites too. But you must choose to get it from the original website so as to eliminate any risk of corrupted or incomplete installation. To save your device from lagging or even to make space you must try using WinZip and it will soon become your favorite software.