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In the world of competition everyone tries to work fast and in the smartest way. Every organization wants to be a leader in their respective markets and wants to do everything in a perfect manner. To keep a business growing, accounting is the first thing that needs to be done in the most organized way. Here comes the role of this software that is known for fulfilling all accounting-related needs in an organization. QuickBooks makes managing and organizing the company accounts very simple and easy. This awesome software helps in creating and managing taxes, tracking expenses, analyzing cash flow, viewing business performance, payroll activities, and much more.

Moreover, it helps in saving time so that other things can be taken care of. It specializes in reducing company costs and manages fewer employees in the accounting section. Amidst all these high-class features and the usefulness of this software, users face some hassles while using it. But they have the best in industry support service that can be availed just by reaching at QuickBooks customer support number that stays online 24 hours of the day.

Before coming over to the issue faced by the users due to this software, have a glance at what exactly QuickBooks do?

  • Tracks income and expenses
  • Allows to manually enter all banking transactions
  • Creates and keep a check on the customer invoices
  • Allows preparing payrolls
  • Tracks inventory and create purchase orders
  • Prints professional-looking reports

Not only can the mentioned ones, but this software also organizes every possible thing related to accounts in itself. The users can try taking help from QuickBooks customer care where the skilled and certified team of experts provides an absolute solution.

Wondering How to Speak to a Live Person at QuickBooks? Find here!

QuickBooks is a highly preferred accounting software which offers some great accounting features and functions to streamline your business accounting. Inuit has devised this application for small to mid-sized businesses. It is a vast software program that relies on a huge code base, which can make it prone to errors sometimes. Besides, you may also face technical unease while using the program and need to talk to a QuickBooks expert. In these situations, you may want to get one-on-one assistance for the error resolution.

If you are not sure how do I speak to a live person at QuickBooks, here you may find different ways to connect with an expert professional. Once connected, you may talk to a technician at QuickBooks and describe the specific issues that you are facing. There can be a wide array of possible reasons wherein you may feel the need for an expert’s assistance.

QuickBooks has its own helpline number and chat support options to help users facing various issues. The official support receives assistance requests at a great volume. It is not possible for the QuickBooks official helpline to cater to the needs at such a great volume; therefore, you may also refer to the alternate support services for a prompt response.

How To Connect With QuickBooks Official Help?

QuickBooks official support is available from:

  • Monday-Friday from 5 am to 6 pm PST.
  • Saturday to Sunday from 7 am to 4 pm PST.

Note: The support hours do not include downtime caused due to system/server maintenance, company events, U.S. holidays, and other unforeseen events.

The official support number for QuickBooks is +1-800-446-8848.

  • Once you dial this number, say, “Speak to a live person”.
  • Now, wait for up to 3-5 minutes for the official number for the call transfer.
  • It will now be transferred to a QuickBooks live representative, and you may get one-on-one help with the issues you are facing with the program.

Alternatively: You may contact Getcontacthelp’s alternate helpline number +1-855-357-4404, in order to get an instant response.

Alternative Method To Reach Out To A QuickBooks Live Person

If you want to talk to a live person at QuickBooks, you can perform the below-given steps:

First things first, log into your QuickBooks account with accurate credentials.
Now go to the Support Page and dial +1-855-357-4404.
Once connected, press 1 for language, press 2 for your queries, press 3 to continue, and press 4 to talk to a live person at QuickBooks.

How To Contact Support For QuickBooks By A Live Person?

There are instances when you may not be able to connect to the QuickBooks official helpline number. In such a case, you can either contact the alternate helpline number we have mentioned or talk to a real person using chat support. Below is how to do it:

  • Login to your QuickBooks account using accurate credentials.
  • Thereafter, locate and click on the Help (?) icon.
  • When you see the assistance tab, click the “Talk to a human” option.
  • Next, enter your search query in the “Type something” area and send it.
  • Now you need to select “still need a live person”.
  • Here, go to the “Get help from a human” section.
  • In the end, hit the “Chat with us” option.

How To Contact QuickBooks Desktop Window? 

If you are willing to know how I can take support for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows, below are the steps that can help you:

  • Launch QuickBooks in the first place.
  • After that, go to the Help menu.
  • From within this menu, you need to select QuickBooks Desktop Help/Contact Us.
  • Thereafter, select Contact Us.
  • After selecting this option, describe the specific issues that you are facing and hit Continue.
  • Sign into QuickBooks and select Continue >> Continue with my account.
  • In case you don’t already have an account, you need to create one.
  • QuickBooks emails you a one-time code.
  • You need to enter the code and select Continue.
  • In case you have more than one account, specify an account and hit Continue.
  • After performing these steps carefully, you may chat with us or get help on call.

Note: The callback is limited due to a high number of support requests.

How To Speak With A Live Person For QuickBooks Mac?

  • Open QuickBooks on your Mac device.
  • Go to Help, and after that, select QuickBooks Help.
  • After that, you need to select Contact Us.
  • Describe your issue in detail and hit the Continue button.
  • Log into your Intuit account, click Continue and then select Continue with my account.
  • In case you don’t have an account, create one to move ahead.
  • You will get an email from QuickBooks containing a single-use code.
  • Enter the code in the specified area and click Continue.
  • In case you have more than one account, select a preferred account and click Continue again.
  • In the end, select if you want to chat with a live person or get assistance over call.

What Are The Main Ways To Get Help From QuickBooks? 

QuickBooks has multiple options to the extent relevant help to the program users. Check below:

Get Help Using QuickBooks Helpline Number

The helpline number is one of the best ways to get help from official QuickBooks support. It will connect you with one of the live QuickBooks professionals, who will assist you with step-by-step assistance with error resolution. It enables you to describe your issues with more clarity. Besides, they can help you with prompt and relevant assistance.

The only shortcoming of this support channel is that it can take a limited number of requests from the program user. If you don’t want to be in the queue for endless time, you may contact an alternate helpline number for QuickBooks, which can guide you with fast help. The alternative help number of Getcontacthelp (+1-855-357-4404) can help you in your hours of need.

Chat Support By A Live Person

The chat support is available round the clock so that the users can chat with a real person and type their issues within the chat box. You may chat with a QuickBooks technician 24×7 and give a description of the error. Chat assistance from QuickBooks helps you to start a conversation with an expert. You can use this option right from the QuickBooks Desktop application (Windows, Mac). Also, you can pay a visit to the QuickBooks support site to avail of the chat support for multi-faceted QuickBooks-related issues.

Help From Community Forum 

QuickBooks has a section called “Ask the community”, wherein you can post your queries, join the discussions, and navigate through the answer section to find the solutions. Besides, you can also get accounting tips from experts to streamline your different accounting and bookkeeping processes within QuickBooks. The community page has sections, such as “Search for anything”, or “Ask the Community,” where you can post your search queries. Besides, you may also browse Q&A by their topics, such as Employees and Payroll, Reporting & Accounting, Accounting, Tax Management and various others.

QuickBooks Resource Center

The resource centre in QuickBooks is also a very helpful section where you may find comprehensive blogs and articles elaborating on the features, functions and technical issues. You may find these blogs in the comprehensive categories and pick one based on your queries. Besides, when you enter your search queries in Google’s search box, the top of the search engine result page includes Intuit blogs helpful intended to help users with their various issues.

Issues When You May Need to speak to a live person QuickBooks

QuickBooks is vast accounting software, and there can be a multitude of issues that can hamper your workflow when working on the program. Some of the main issues related to the QuickBooks program are:

Data-Related Issues In QuickBooks 

QuickBooks enables users to store and access their accounting data in the program. Sometimes, the data in the QuickBooks company file can get damaged due to several possible reasons, such as a virus or malware attack. On noticing the data damage or corruption, you may reach out to a person at QuickBooks and speak to them about the error. They can determine the possible reasons behind the error and troubleshoot them to keep your data intact.

Issues Related To The QuickBooks Company File Access

QuickBooks company file, which is the primary file in the program, stores your financial data. To access this data, you need to open your company file. However, you may face difficulties in opening your data file due to a myriad of possible reasons. Some of these reasons may include corrupt QuickBooks installation, damaged data files, Firewall blocking the file access, inappropriate hosting configuration settings and various others. On getting these issues, you may contact QuickBooks live person to get help.

Multi-user Mode Issues in QuickBooks Application

Multi-user mode is an incredible feature in QuickBooks that can help you enable multiple users to work on the same company file. This feature allows collaboration and promotes the efficiency of your accounting operations. However, an improperly configured multi-user setup can prevent you from accessing files in a multi-user environment, thereby affecting your workflow. In such a case, you need to talk to an expert to get rid of this issue.

Payroll Issues In QuickBooks 

QuickBooks also enables users to handle the payroll processes. There are multiple reasons that can evoke this error, such as incorrect billing information, damaged data file, damaged tax table file in the payroll folder and various others. In such a case, you need to talk to a live person in QuickBooks for the error resolution. The experts can guide you with the most relevant solutions effective in error troubleshooting.

Banking Errors in QuickBooks 

QuickBooks enables users to manage their banking transactions from within the program. Besides, you can reconcile your bank or credit card accounts and check if the transactions are in sync with each other. Also, you may get an error message when importing your bank transactions into QuickBooks. In these situations, contacting a QuickBooks expert would be an effective step to eradicate the existing error and get back to your routine accounting management.

Network Related Issues 

When using the program, you may encounter an error message that reads – QuickBooks connection has been lost. This error message often depicts that a portion of the page has not been fully loaded due to a network error that occurred in the program. This error can be really annoying when it stops you from proceeding further with an ongoing task. Connecting with a QuickBooks expert not only helps you in determining the possible reasons behind the error, but they will also troubleshoot it for you.

Installation Issues In QuickBooks 

A partial or damaged installation of QuickBooks can make you prone to receive a wide array of technical issues in the program. The installation issues in QuickBooks can stop you from opening the program, hinder its performance, and prevent you from utilizing some of the most amazing features of the program. When receiving errors every now and then, you may contact the QuickBooks helpline number and talk to an expert about the QuickBooks installation issues. They will guide you with the best solutions and resolve the installation error in QuickBooks.

Some of the common issues faced by the users of this software are:

  • QuickBooks performing slowly
  • Inability to install/uninstall QuickBooks
  • The problem in printing customer reports
  • Trouble in linking/ removing bank account
  • Recovering the data
  • The frequent occurrence of errors
  • The problem in importing and exporting the data
  • Difficulty in multi-user performance

Not only are these but there are many more problems encountered by the users of this software. You can always try to fix some issues at your end with the help of troubleshooting steps. They are easy to perform and can be tried at any time of the day.

Some of the solutions to the common problems of QuickBooks are given below:

  • Run a verification and get rid of the old version
  • Rebuild the data files
  • Make sure to run firewall and antivirus timely
  • Use the clean-up company data tool found in files
  • Try to change the name of the QuickBooks file if causing a problem in printing
  • Deactivate or remove items, you no longer use
  • Free up your hard disk to let it run effectively

If these issues don’t fix the problems faced by you, then without any second thought try reaching out to QuickBooks help number that stays available 24×7 for providing solutions to the customers in need.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s)

Yes! QuickBooks manages both your bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Before we proceed any further, it is crucial to understand how these two terms differ from each other. People who are unfamiliar with the industry often use these words interchangeably, which is not the right thing to do. The basic difference between the two is that Bookkeeping is clerical work, whereas, Accounting is analytical work.


Bookkeeping involves the management of your financial books by documenting transactions keeping track of the financial data and managing accounts. These tasks collectively are referred to as Bookkeeping. QuickBooks offers various bookkeeper features such as recording day-to-day transactions, reconciling bank accounts to check if there is no discrepancy in the transactions, and managing reports and books.


Accounting is the process that uses the data consolidated by the bookkeeper to get useful insights into your business to check the performance of your business. Besides, it also facilitates making data-driven information for the betterment of your business. Using QuickBooks, you can manage your important accounting tasks, such as looking after the bookkeeper’s work if records are accurate and there are no discrepancies, generating financial statements, calculating and filing taxes and various others.

QuickBooks helps users store their accounting data in the QuickBooks company file. You can locate this file with the .QBW extension. Besides, you can migrate your QuickBooks company file into a new or existing company in QuickBooks Online. When migrating data from QuickBooks Desktop, the source company file remains unaffected. Thus, the data will be available in the QuickBooks Desktop version of the program even after migrating it to QuickBooks Online.

Data migration from Desktop to Online version is very easy and can be accomplished with the help of a few simple tasks. Most of the information automatically transfers into QuickBooks Online. Some features in the online version of the program may look different or don’t work as on the Desktop. When you try to migrate your data, QuickBooks you need to keep a few points into your consideration:

  • You can migrate your QuickBooks Desktop data within 60 days of the QuickBooks Online company start date. On importing the data, the Desktop file replaces the Online file and overwrites any existing information.
  • Don’t erase the data from your QuickBooks Desktop until you are sure that QuickBooks Online can handle your business accounting efficiently.
  • You may not be able to migrate some data from QuickBooks Desktop to Online. In such a case, you need to get it done manually.

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software for small to mid-sized businesses. The program can help small businesses to scale up by offering intuitive business insights. When you can manage and track the growth of your business with the help of your accounting software, you know what’s working and what’s not. Based on these intelligible reports, you can make well-informed business decisions and see your business thriving.

There are many advantages of using the QuickBooks application for small businesses. The plans are very cost-effective for which, you can access many amazing features. It offers seamless integration with third-party tools and applications to make it even more powerful. The ease to use of the QuickBooks application is its best advantage, which makes it one of the most preferred accounting applications among small businesses. In addition to the small businesses, it is also very popular among bookkeepers, accountants, and finance companies. Using the online version of the program, you can access your data anytime, anywhere from the remote server and make your business accounting easy.

QuickBooks is suitable both for small businesses and self-employed users. The program has QuickBooks Self-Employed, which is a specified feature in the program you need to grow as a self-starter. The Self-Employed version of the program is suitable for independent contractors and freelancers. They can choose from its various plans based on their specific requirements. The Self-Employed has three different plans, which are:

  • Self-employed
  • Self-Employed Tax Bundle
  • Self-Empowered Live Tax Bundle

These plans unlock some important features and functions of the program for the individual entrepreneurs, such as:

  • Keep your business and personal expenses separate.
  • You can get mileage tracked automatically.
  • Automatic quarterly estimated taxes calculation.

The most advanced plan for QuickBooks Self-employed is Self-Empowered Live Tax Bundle, which you may access at a price of $17/month. It connects you to a real CPA whenever you have a query in your mind related to the program. You can get your final return reviewed by a CPA and get unlimited help/advice all year.

QuickBooks is a vast accounting software that has an extensive code-base. Getting common accounting issues or technical glitches in the program is common. In such a case, users want to talk to a real person at QuickBooks so that they can get a reliable guidance in the error resolution. You can reach out to a QuickBooks expert using the Help section of the QuickBooks menu. Here, you will get to see a search box wherein, you need to type Chat and thereafter, give a brief on the program you are facing. After that, click the Let’s Talk button and a customer service representative will assist you.

In addition to the official QuickBooks support, you may also consider third-party firms that are engaged in offering QuickBooks assistance services for multi-faceted issues. In addition to this, you may also reach out to the QuickBooks Enterprise experts using the contact number- 800-450-8469.

If you are a QuickBooks Online user, log in to your QuickBooks Online and follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to the Help section, enter your issues and select the Let’s Talk option.
  • Next, select Contact Us and it will connect you to a live support agent.
  • Here, you may choose between the two options:
  • Start a chat or Get a callback.

The above-listed steps can connect you to a person at QuickBooks assistance who can answer all your related queries.

If you want someone from QuickBooks to help you with a complex issue with the program, you may call the QuickBooks helpline number 800-446-8848. Sometimes, you may need to wait for the QuickBooks helpline number support. Worry not. In addition to the QuickBooks Helpline number, you may connect with other QuickBooks support channels, such as Online chat, Ask the community, Email, and QuickBooks resources.

The Learn and Support section of QuickBooks can help you with your queries, such as how to get a task done in the program. Here, you may find helpful resources that can guide you with your queries. Additionally, the Online chat option assists you 24/7 whenever you are in need. Ask your QuickBooks questions and let the experts from QuickBooks guide you.

In the Community Help section, you can find many other QuickBooks users, CPAs, and experts discussing multi-faceted issues related to the QuickBooks program. Users post their queriers, and other knowledgeable people give the solutions to them. Besides, a bunch of users also share their similar experiences so that no important aspects of a given QuickBooks problem or situation remain untouched. Furthermore, you may also send an email to QuickBooks for help and they will respond to your email within 24 hours.

QuickBooks Live chat enables users to connect with the support agents when they get errors when using the QuickBooks program. If it takes too long to connect to an expert, the chatbot suggests to you the relevant articles related to your queries or ask questions that can ease the error-resolution process.

Live support can be the best way to get help from QuickBooks when phone support is limited due to the high volume of the user’s requests. If you are unable to get help from live support, you may check the recommended articles and find the right solutions. Moreover, the knowledge section of QuickBooks or the community forum can also be very helpful in guiding you through the error resolution procedures.

QuickBooks Online users can also get help on facing any kind of technical difficulties. If not, third-party firms can also be considered when QuickBooks support is engaged in helping users with their common issues.

If you are dealing with any problem or technical issues in the QuickBooks Desktop, you may get the desired help from QuickBooks Desktop support itself. The support hours for the QuickBooks issues don’t include system and server maintenance downtime, company events, unexpected events, and observed US holidays.

QuickBooks offers Care Plans for QuickBooks Pro and Premium versions. The support services will be available from Monday to Friday. Besides, the time for the support will be 6 AM to 6 PM. However, if you are a QuickBooks Enterprise user, QuickBooks provides round-the-clock support every day of the week.

To contact customer support in QuickBooks, just leave your number in the support option and they will give a call back to your number. Besides, you may also start a conversation online with adept QuickBooks professionals. This option is available on both the QuickBooks Desktop and from the support site of the program.

For QuickBooks Desktop on Windows

Below is how you can get a callback or chat from the QuickBooks team:

  • Open QuickBooks in the first place.
  • Once done, go to the Help section and select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  • Moving ahead, you need to select Contact Us.
  • Here, you need to explain the problem you are facing and then select Let’s Task.

Once connected, you may get assistance from QuickBooks experts.

Yes, QuickBooks Provides support for its different Desktop versions. Its Care Plans for QuickBooks Pro and Premier are available from Monday to Friday. Besides, you may avail of the support services from 6 AM morning to 6 PM evening. However, if you are a QuickBooks Enterprise user, the support services will be available without any restriction on the time or days of the week. You may avail of the support any time of the day wherever needed. In QuickBooks Desktop, you may choose the options to chat or get a callback. Due to the high volume of call-back requests, phone support is limited.

However, the shat support can assist you will all your QuickBooks-related issues without needing to think about any limitations. Also, QuickBooks Online users can also get QuickBooks support by logging into their account and navigating through the help section.

Yes! You may contact QuickBooks to get help with the issues related to the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise version. It is one of the most advanced versions of the program that offers full support for its technical issues.

The learn and support section in QuickBooks includes QuickBooks Online support and QuickBooks resources. This section in QuickBooks can help users with their various issues related to the program in the hours of their need.

Yes! Contacting QuickBooks Online support will enable you to get help on your QuickBooks product via email, chat or phone. You can get instant help from professional experts and get all the issues fixed related to QuickBooks online.

If you are willing to get an expert to advise, answer your queries, and learn about the features and functions of the program, QuickBooks online community can be a great help. Moreover, you can run QuickBooks smoothly with this program and fix the issues.

QuickBooks deals with a great volume of help requests from worldwide users. In such a case, you may also go with the professionals and avail of the required help from the alternate assistance providers for the QuickBooks application.

QuickBooks offers live chat/call assistance for various issues related to the payroll program. It may help you with a multitude of payroll-related issues and resolve them for you with the utmost ease, ensuring a great experience.

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