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AOL has launched the latest version of AOL Mobile App. In order to know more about this application of AOL, you must know what exactly is Mobile App? A Mobile Application is a software that is designed to run on the mobile devices like smartphone or tablets. They can be downloaded and installed only if they are supported by your device. AOL Mobile App is the advanced technology which gives a single platform for accessing mail and enjoy browsing. To get all the information about this application you can reach to AOL App Helpline which is accessible 24×7.

Features of AOL Mobile App

  • Instant Notification – You will get quick notification of any new email, message, newsfeed, and videos. It will appear on the screen of your smartphone.
  • Contacts – All your phonebook contacts and address book contacts will be saved in one place and can be easily accessible by you.
  • Swipe Action – With just one swipe you can open, delete, mark an email. The swipe feature has saved the time of users. And it easy to access and manage mail.
  • Newsfeed and Video – You can check the latest newsfeed related to your choice be it space, sports, business, political, foreign and entertainment news. It can be used in accessing latest and old videos.

How to Install AOL Mobile App in Android

  • Open Play store on your smartphone
  • And Search for AOL mobile App
  • List of the result will appear just click and install the AOL Mobile App
  • Your smartphone will automatically check if the minimum requirement is fulfilled or not

How to Install AOL Mobile App in iOS

  • Open the Apple store of your iPhone
  • Enter the AOL Mobile App and hit on a search
  • Locate the AOL Mobile App from the drop-down list
  • And then install the App
  • The system requirement is of iOS 6.0 or later

If you are having any query related to the latest AOL Mobile App then you can get in touch with AOL App experts which is available all day long to clarify all your doubts and issues. They are certified technician are known for their polite behavior and giving a prompt resolution of the issues confronted. They understand the value of customer’s time that’s why they give a quick response and complete resolution.

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