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Windows Vista is an evolution of the Microsoft operating system. It offers an advancement in the field of reliability, ease of deployment, security, performance, and manageability over Windows XP. Windows Vista was released in late 2006 and it is in the 1 beta phase. Since this is an upgrade to Windows XP, there are changes in its features and functions. Some of these are

  • The Windows Vista detects hardware problems before its occurrence which ultimately reduces the incidents in which applications stop working.
  • Its improved security features protect the PC against the latest threats like worms, virus, and spyware. If any of these manages to compromise a computer then the Windows Vista limits the damage.
  • It also has a faster startup time and consumes much less energy and power.
  • Windows Vista offers a feature called windows vista business. This allows business companies to work virtually from anywhere by providing secure and dependable remote access to your office Pc from your home or portable PC.
  • It has a one-stop sync that enables you to sync information across a variety of device so that you can access so that you can access the latest information from your portable device, PDA or mobile phone.
  • It finds information faster and responds to the problems of the customers more quickly.

Along the way, one cannot help but wonder if there are problems with Windows Vista. And the answer is yes. Although it has excellent threat protection software and less power consumption, there are many faults in this almost perfect Operating System.

  • Users frequently complained about losing files which were placed in a different location
  • Problems with the user account control feature.
  • It consumes too much memory which eventually causes the computer to slow down
  • Constant hard drive abnormality. Users often heard the high-speed hard drive spin up.
  • It lacks drivers for various hardware.
  • It makes it difficult to play games by over-clocking of the hardware and unnecessary upgrades.
  • It Forced upgrades to Windows XP users by not allowing users to purchase Windows XP.

These above problems are some of the glitches in using Windows Vista. These problems are a lot to take in but solving them isn’t that big of a problem. If you ever come across these problems and if you want to troubleshoot it from home but you don’t have the knowledge to execute it, then don’t worry. Simply contact Windows Vista helpline number or windows live person They will let you talk with a team of skilled executives who can help you fix your technical problems instantly. Also, these lines are open 24×7 to its customers.