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Windows 7 is a Microsoft Windows Operating System which was developed as a successor to Windows Vista and released commercially in October 2009. It is built on the Vista kernel and was intended to be an upgrade to the Vista OS. It uses the same aero interface that debuted in Vista. As a result, the interface became very easy for users to get familiarized with and the biggest changes or difference between Vista and Windows 7 were

  • Faster boot times.
  • New user interfaces.
  • Addition of Internet Explorer.

The new Operating System is available in three retail editions:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium.
  • Windows 7 Professional.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate.

During development, the Windows 7 was known by the code names Blackcomb and Vienna. It was primarily intended to be an update to Microsoft Windows to address Windows Vistas poor critical reception while maintaining hardware and software compatibility. If you would like to know more about Windows 7 then call or contact Windows 7 help number.

What makes Windows 7 different from various other OS?

Windows 7 consists of some new features such as the advancement in touch, speech and handwriting recognition etc. Apart from these, some of the main features of Windows that makes it different from Windows Vista are:

  • The taskbar reloaded: windows 7 version of the taskbar is less jumbled up than Windows Vista and it handles both running and non-running apps with assurance.
  • The convenience of jump list: these context-sensitive taskbar menus let users start managing things in applications before starting them.
  • Library privileges: you can bundle folders from locations all across your hard drive into libraries designed to provide one-click access from the left pane of windows explorer to related files.
  • Reasonable hardware requirements: Windows 7 does not have many requirements for the operating system to work since it isn’t as demanding as its predecessors.

Why people get irritated while using Window 7?

From the above features, customers can conclude that Windows 7 is fairly efficient and easy to use the tool. But like most operating systems, it has its issues that give inconvenience to customers and make them irritated. Some of these issues are:

  • Windows 7 seems slow: Windows 7 has a lot of resources like visual effects that draws heavily on graphics cards and system’s memory. Such hindrances make the computer and Operating System slow.
  • Windows Aero not working: Make sure that your graphics card supports Aero and that it is up to date. Otherwise, your computer may not support it.
  • Older programs not compatible: It is mandatory to check the older programs you have had while using Windows Vista. Make sure they are compatible with the new Windows 7 or else it might not run.

The above points are the issues that come along with Windows 7 but troubleshooting them is quite easy to carry out and understand. However, if you want the guidance of a proper technician then you may call Windows vista helpline number. The lines are available to customers 24×7 and it is toll-free.