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The world is transcending into a digitally run system of networks. Software development has taken a giant leap into making the computerized interfaces intuitive and easy to use. Computer operating systems, like Windows 8 has shown how work and entertainment can be executed on the same platform with zero hassle and complete comfort. With a customer support like Windows 8 help number provided by Microsoft, it has helped millions of user to get instant aid to their tech-related queries. Microsoft, on one hand, has grown as a tech-giant in the Silicon Valley, and on the other hand, has also bolstered its customer service which has helped to strengthen the Microsoft community.

Windows 8, a part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, has brought out many changes which add-on to the already long list of features it provides its users for windows.

The fascinating features of newly enhanced Windows 8 that have created a lot of buzzes are:

  • Beautiful and Intuitive Metro Start Screen
  • Windows Store to download or purchase Metro Apps
  • Revolutionary Tablet-ready Operating System
  • Touch Interface for Laptops and Tablets
  • Charms Bar – a replacement of Start button
  • Integrated Social Networking
  • Reduced the hardware requirements

Windows 8 is perhaps the most innovative Operating System that Microsoft has launched and the list of features goes on and on. The traditional desktop screen, SkyDrive connectivity, highly innovative Search Bar, Snap to Feature are other some major upgrades the Windows 8 OS launch has witnessed.

Since operating systems have a complete development cycle which involves constant upgrades and bug fixing, it’s important to look at the issues which have caused discern and debates in the Microsoft community.

Many of the issues are related to the new confusing interface and some have even deeper roots.

  • Users find it difficult to locate the start menu
  • Frequent crashing and reloading of Explorer.exe
  • Background processes causing performance issues
  • Windows 8 does not Sleep or Stay Asleep
  • A blank Explorer.exe window appearing on boot
  • Windows 8 activation fails with unknown errors

Microsoft has always been at the top of the tech trends and continues to do so with its highly influential line of innovative Windows operating systems. Couple that with the excellent Windows help number that Microsoft offers, and you will get an invincible tech brand! Have a Windows 8 related query? Reach out here and get them solved instantly.