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A group of various operating systems marketed and developed by Microsoft is commonly referred to as Windows. Every family is catered to various sectors of the computing industry. Active Microsoft Windows include Windows NT and Windows IoT that are sub-categorized into Windows Server, Windows CE, and Windows Embedded Impact. Defected MS Windows families include Windows Mobile, Windows 9x, and Windows Phone. Microsoft has developed a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS in response to the growing interest in graphical user interfaces. MS Windows has dominated the world’s system market with over 90% market share overtaking Mac operating system in 1984.

Apple has windows on an unfair encroachment in GUI development products such as Lisa and Macintosh. MS Windows is still the most popular operating system all over the world. Microsoft has admitted the loss due to the overall shifting of the operating system market to Android. It happens because of the massive sales of Android smartphones. Various windows devices were sold less than that Android device in 2014. Windows servers show one-third of the market share similar to end-users. The latest version of Windows for tablets and PC is Windows 11.

The recent version for embedded devices is Windows 10, and the recent version for server computers is Windows Server 2022. A specialized windows version also activates the Xbox series video game console and Xbox one.

Versions of Windows

Several versions of Windows provide multilingual support on both keyboards and interface through the Region and Control Panel. Windows supports multiple languages, Arabic, Chinese, etc., and Input Method Editors are installed jointly. The third-party IMEs may also be installed if a user feels that the tools downloaded are insufficient. Interface languages are downloaded free, but few languages are limited to certain editions of Windows. Language Interface Packs are redistributable and downloaded from Microsoft’s Download Centre and installed for Windows XP edition. Windows interface requires various base languages in emerging markets. The complete language packs that translate the full operating system are only available for specific Windows editions.

Windows don’t require some major languages such as Chinese or French. These languages can be downloaded through the Download center but are available with Windows Update Service. Changes in the Windows interface language do not impact the interface language. The availability of languages depends upon language developers. If you have any doubt about the Windows version, you must dial the Windows helpline number to repair it.