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Apple Safari Customer Care

Safari browser is the default browser for the Mac and iOS device which was released by Apple in 2003. Safari Browser has served the users with many amazing features but getting errors while using this browser can make people irritated and confused at the same time. As they being layman, do not know the accurate solutions for fixing the issues at their end. In such scenarios, it is always considered to take the help from experts that can only be reached at Safari Browser customer support number which stays online round the clock.

Reasons why people are loving it?

Users all over the world prefer to use Safari Browser instead of another available browser because of its unique and marvelous features which include:

  • Power to do search Snapback
  • Path navigation using URL
  • Can inspect HTML and CSS using Web Inspector
  • Activity Window helps in viewing what activity is going behind the scene after just click on any link
  • Inline dictionary
  • You can select the speech facility also
  • Quick Notes for safekeeping important text
  • You can email a useful link to your friend in just one click

Hiccups of Apple Safari Browser

Some of the very common issues which can be encountered while accessing Safari Browser:

  • Safari Browser won’t connect with Wi-Fi or cellular data
  • Frequent crashes and freezing iPhone Safari
  • Safari is not saving your bookmarks
  • iPhone safari is unable to play videos
  • It keeps getting pop-ups
  • Clear History is not working
  • Safari browser not working
  • Safari running so slow
  • Reinstall/Update Safari Browser

How to fix some of the common technical glitches in Safari Browser

The ways to eliminate some of the common issues in Safari Browser are mentioned as follows:

Clear cache browser

  • Open Preferences in Safari Browser then click the Advanced tab
  • Click on Develop after enabling the show Develop menu
  • Then tap on ‘empty cache’

Disabling Search suggestion

  • Go to Safari >Preferences and click on the search tab
  • Uncheck the checkbox of ‘include search engine suggestion’ and then close the preferences

With these common fixes, your experience of using Safari Browser will drastically change but in order to make it error-free you must reach out to Apple Safari help phone number which stays accessible 24 hours in a day. The top-notch technicians will eliminate every issue confronted by you from the roots.

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