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Microsoft Edge is presently under the list of Top Browsers available to users for internet usage. Released in the year 2015 by Microsoft as the succeeding version of Internet Explorer, it is currently used by 11% of people browsing the Internet. However, whatever browser people are using, there is always a long list of issues faced by the users. While some of the problems are created by the user themselves and can be troubleshot easily, some of the problems are technical and require little assistance in order to fix them.

Thus here, we are going to discuss all the possible issues faced by internet users in Edge, along with the solutions. Apart from that, we are going through all the details of Microsoft Edge. These details can be helpful for users to which they can refer to in case they are unable to troubleshoot any problem by themselves. Read the article further to know more about Microsoft Edge.

Basic Unique Features Available for the User in Microsoft Edge

Developed on the Chromium Project, the same platform on which Google Chrome was created, Microsoft Edge provides all the basic browsing features which have now become mandatory to include in any browser. Some of these features include the multiple-tab option, a combined search box for both URL and search query, compatibility with various extensions, basic security options for safe browsing, and many others. Apart from that, there are some additional features that make Edge unique in comparison with other topmost browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. Following are some of the additional features of the Edge Browser:

Easy Organization of Tabs in Microsoft Edge

Keeping in mind various obstructions faced by the users, edge provides an option for vertical tabs. With all the tabs you have opened appearing in the vertical bar, you can easily observe all the information available in any tab, which was not possible when they were at the top of the home screen. Also, you can select and organize various tabs into different collections as per your preferences.

Smart Copy Option for Easy Information Retrieval

Through these options, users can easily copy any kind of data they need to extract from any page. The option makes it easier for the user to copy any data from any page and paste it in the exact same format, along with all the hyperlinks.

Easily Import Data Through Microsoft Edge

For any user who has switched from another browser to Microsoft Edge, there will be an option to back up your previous data. Users can utilize this option at the beginning when they are prompted to back up their data or can back up their data later from the settings.

Various Security Features Available with Microsoft Edge

Edge offers security utilities to the user, which should be mandatorily present in every browser in order to ensure safe and secure browsing. The following security is available while Microsoft Edge:

  • Tracking Prevention: This feature prevents other websites from tracking your browsing activity and other information. What Edge does exactly is block the third-party trackers, which can be a threat to your system.
  • Password Monitor: The Password Monitor keeps track of your credentials which have been shared by you on various platforms. The password monitors notify the user in case their credentials have been compromised on the dark web.
  • In Private Mode Browsing: This option is favorable for users who are sharing the same system. Through In Private Mode Browsing, your browsing history does not get stored in the browser and is automatically deleted when you end the browsing session.

Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge

This tool makes online reading easier as through this; users can customize the webpage text as per their preferences. The reader removes various other diversions from the page, like images, videos, and others. Through this, users can easily focus on what they are reading and increase their productivity.

Easy Compatibility with Higher Video Resolutions

Higher Resolutions videos like 4K or others can easily be played while using various streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.

Common Issues Faced by the User while Using Microsoft Edge.

Although a variety of features are available in Microsoft Edge, users sometimes encounter various issues which can create impediments for the users while browsing the internet. Some of the common technical issues for which users might need assistance are listed below:

Microsoft Edge Gets Unresponsive while Opening so many Tabs.

Sometimes while browsing the internet looking for any particular information or doing multiple tasks at once, users open a lot of tabs in a single window. Due to that, the browser became unresponsive. In order to avoid this issue, users need to open a limited number of tabs while working. However, if the issue occurs, you can troubleshoot it by force quitting the Edge browser from the task manager. Following are steps to close the Edge browser from the task manager:

  1. You can either type “Task Manager” in the search menu or just press “ctrl+shift+ecs,” which will directly open the task manager.
  2. Under the “Process” tab, select the Edge browser and then click on the option “End Task” from the bottom.
  3. This will automatically close the Edge browser. After that, open the Microsoft Edge application to browse the internet.

Microsoft Edge Browser is Crashing Constantly

Due to different technical issues, the Edge Browser constantly crashes on opening it. To fix that, you can take the following measures:

  • Update your Microsoft Edge Browser to the latest version.
  • Free up some memory in your system, as it can create trouble while using Edge.
  • Uninstall some extensions in Microsoft Edge, which might be causing the browser to crash.
  • Check your system specification to see whether they are fulfilling the minimum requirements to run Edge Browser.
  • Close all other applications running in the background or restart your system.
  • Check for any Malware, Viruses, or any other threat in the system.
  • Clear Browsing History and other Cached Data in Microsoft Edge.

Clear the Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

  1. First of all, open Microsoft Edge and then open Settings, and then select the History option. Users can directly open the Edge Browser’s history by pressing “CTRL+H.”
  2. Navigate the option “Clear Browsing Data,” after which select the time range(All time to clear all the browsing history), Cached Images, and file. After that, click on Clear Now.

Common Error Codes while Installing Microsoft Edge

Some common error codes users receive in Microsoft Edge are listed below:

Error Code Cause/Resolution
Error 4 Installation Error (You might have already installed a higher version of Edge in the system)
Error 7 Installation Error (Reinstall Microsoft Edge again to fix this Error)
Error 12 Not enough space on the hard drive to run Microsoft Edge (Clean the Memory disk to fix this error)
Error 0x80040154 Corrupt Microsoft Edge Files.
Error 0x80040710 or 0xa0430721 A user might have launched the Edge Installer twice in the system.
Error 0x800421f7 The server is busy and thus unable to update the browser.

Microsoft Edge Customer Support

Some of the issues with Microsoft Edge can be troubleshot with little knowledge gained from various sources like blogs and other sources. However, users sometimes encounter different issues for which they need outside assistance. To help these users, Microsoft Customer Support is available, which helps the user to troubleshoot any problem they encounter while using any of the Microsoft products like MS Office, Xbox, Intune, Azure, and Dynamic 365. The official Microsoft Edge Customer Service is available through the following means:

  • Microsoft Edge Insider Community: Microsoft Edge Forum is a discussion space where any user can sign in and submit their query, particularly regarding Microsoft Edge Browser. User with any issues can type their problem to which other multiple Edge users can revert, or the officials themselves help them with the problem.
  • FAQs and Troubleshooting Blogs: These are the primary source of information to which internet users can refer in order to resolve their query. On the FAQs section of Microsoft Edge, you can find information on different topics like “Privacy and Security,” “Personalization of Browser,” Various Troubleshooting methods, and different other trending topics. Various Common topics on which you can easily find troubleshooting methods on official Microsoft Edge Customer Support are listed below:
  1. Fix network issues and other website problems while using Microsoft Edge.
  2. Detect any malware that is damaging the Edge Browser.
  3. Repair Microsoft Edge
On an Ending Note,

From the above discussion, we have provided all the information related to the Microsoft Edge Browser. Along with that, we have listed various features, common issues & errors, along with Microsoft Customer services details. However, in case you are having any trouble, you can reach out to our Microsoft Edge Helpline Number. Just dial the number given below or choose the Live chat option through which you can connect to us instantly and get the desired solution for any problem you are having with the Edge Browser.