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Opera Browser Support

The Opera Browser is currently among the list of top browsers available to internet users, with a market share of 3%. Just like every other browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Opera is enabled with all the mandatory features required for the users while browsing the internet. However, how enhanced some features can be or how convenient any application is for the user, there are always some glitches that create issues for the users. The same is in the case of Opera Browser, for which users sometimes need to contact Opera Browser support but do know how to reach them.
Thus here we are going to discuss all the required information through which you can access the support service for the Opera browsers. Along with that, we are going to provide all the information related to the Opera Browser, which can be helpful while browsing the internet through Opera. Read the article further to get more information regarding Opera Browser and other browser-related details.

Basic Issues for Which you Need to Contact Opera Browser Support

While browsing the internet through Opera, users encounter a number of issues. While some of them require technical assistance, others can be fixed by the users themselves with little knowledge. Some of the common issues related to Opera Browser are discussed below:

Opera Browser Installation Issues

The first and foremost problem that users can face with Opera Browser is that they are unable to install the web browser in their system. To fix that, the first thing you need to make sure is that you have downloaded the browser application from the official sources. Another thing you need to look out for is that your system fulfils the minimum technical specification. Based on the operating you are using, your device needs to fulfils the following system requirement:

Opera Browser for Windows:

Operating System: Windows 7 or later version.
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 or later/Intel Pentium 4 or later version.

Opera Browser for Mac Operating System:

OS X 10.13 or later


64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 version or higher version.
SSE2 supporting processor (AMD Anthon 64/Intel Pentium or higher)

Once you have checked the confirmed technical specifications, download the latest version of Opera Browser on your system.

Opera Browser Constantly Crashing:

Crashing browsers is a common issue for the internet, no matter which one they are using. While the root cause for why your browser is crashing can be both technical as well as user’s fault, through little assistance, it can be troubleshot. Common causes due to which the browser is not working properly are listed below, along with the resolution method:

Upgrade your Opera Browser to the Latest Version to Fix any Crashing Issues.

Another major cause why the Opera Browser crashes is the incompatibility of the browser with either your system or the website because of a pending update. Thus, to fix that, you need to update it to the latest version, for which the steps are listed below:

  • Launch the Opera Browser on your device and click on the Opera Menu (Opera Icon in Windows/Linux and Opera option in the toolbar for Mac).
  • There, navigate to the option Update & Recovery, and from there, click on the “Check for Update” button.
  • The update will start downloading automatically, and once the download clicks on the “Update Button.”

Recover your Opera Browser to the Default State

Another troubleshooting measure to fix any issue with the opera is to restore it to the default stage, like when it is after you have installed it. To recover Opera Browser, follow the given steps:

  1. Launch the browser and click on the Opera Menu (Opera icon in Windows and Opera option in Mac Toolbar)
  2. Now, navigate to the option ‘Update and Recovery.”
  3. Afterward, click on the recover option, after which two recovery options will be available, which are listed below:
  4. Reset only Opera Settings
  5. Reset both data and settings in Opera Browser

Uninstall and Reinstall the Opera Browser

Another way to resolve any Opera Browser issue is that you Uninstall it and then Reinstall it to the latest version without any technical glitches. You can remove the Opera Browser app from the control panel, and then in order to reinstall it, visit the official website of Opera Browser and, based on the Operating system and system specification, download the latest version.

Fix DNS Issues with the Opera Browser

DNS refers to the Domain Name System through which the IP Address can be recognized easily. The DNS is availed by the Internet Service Provider. The following issues can occur with the DNS:

  1. Issues with DNS Cache, which interrupts the browser while working.
  2. Switch to Google DNS.

Clear your Opera Browser History and other related Data.

Due to your browser history, there can be an issue while loading a webpage because of the presence of any suspicious website from your Browser. To clear the browsing history in the Opera browser, follow the given steps:

  • Open the Opera Browser and navigate to the browser settings.
  • Locate the “Advanced” option from the left-hand sidebar and then click on Privacy and Security.
  • There, you can find the option of “Clear Browsing Data” to clear History and other Cached data.
  • Choose the time range for which you need to delete history in your Opera Browser and then click “Clear Data.”

Different data which you can remove through browser settings include the following.

  1. Browser and Download History
  2. Cookies, Cached Image files, and other site data.
  3. Password and other login credentials Data
  4. Personal data like autofill and others.
  5. Hosted App data and Site Settings

Opera Browser Support

Users who are having any kind of issue while surfing the internet through Opera Browser can reach out to their customer support services available on their official websites. Various means through which you can connect with Opera Browser Support are listed below:

Opera Help

This is the official support page availed to the Opera browser user from the officials. On this, you can find all the information related to the Opera Browser in various forms like FAQs, Blogs, Tutorials, Forums, etc., and different others. Here you can find solutions to common issues which occur while using the Opera Browser.

Opera Forum

This is the community forum of Opera where user can post their problem or any other query they have related to the Opera Browser. Various forums available for the Opera user are the following:

  • Opera for Computer
  • Opera GX (Gaming Browser)
  • Opera One
  • Opera Service
  • Opera for Mobile
  • Local forums/General Topics/Archive

Opera Bugs and Suggestion Report form

In case you are unable to resolve your query from the community forums or the troubleshooting blogs, then you can connect with the Opera Browser Support service directly through report forms. Users, in case they have detected any bug in the browser or have any kind of issues, can submit their issues through these forms. The officials will reply to you within a given time. User can submit their query in 2 forms which are:

  • Report a Bug
  • Suggest an Improvement


This option is available exclusively for developers and other technical experts, where they can find the latest information regarding browsers and other applications developed by Opera.

Social Media

Another way to reach Opera Browser Support is social media which is just like the community forum. Social Media can be preferred by the Opera user in case they are unable to get their query resolved from the official Opera Help pages. Social Media platforms on which Opera is active are:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
Basic Unique Features Available in Opera Browser

The Opera Browser holds a current usage share of around 3%, which is around 350 million users worldwide, which is a significant number. With the market share kept on increasing, new users always have queries on why they need to switch to Opera browser. Thus here we are going to list some basic features which are unique and only available in the Opera Browser.

Built-in Ad blocker and Tracker blocker

The Opera browser has a built-in Ad blocker through which the webpages load faster and look cleaner. With the help of Ad-Blocker, you can also remove tracking cookies in order to protect your personal data. Apart from that, through Opera’s Tracker Blocker, you can prevent your personal information from tracking pixels, analytic scripts, and other data collection methods. Both of these options can be enabled from the browser settings.


For any internet user, Virtual Private Network has become a basic necessity in order to hold various websites on the internet to track your personal information. Through Opera Browser, you can easily establish a VPN and restricts websites from retrieving your IP Address and Location.

Paste Protection

Another way for hackers to retrieve your information is through your clipboard. The online transaction has now become the number one preferred method to make payments. However, it is not possible for any user to manually type their financial information. Thus, they need to copy-paste them, which is another opportunity for the hackers to retrieve them through your clipboard. Thus in order to prevent this, Opera offers Paste Protection to keep your sensitive and financial information safe and secure.

Video Pop-Up

Online Video streaming is another major preference of the internet apart from internet browsing. On analysis of user behaviour, while browsing the internet, it can be concluded that the majority of them browse with a media playback file. Thus keeping that in mind, Opera browser offers picture-in-picture mode where a video pop-up on your screen while you complete daily chores on the internet.

Tab Snoozing

Tab Snooze is an option through which you can schedule other tabs while you can concentrate on your current opened tab.

Other features available in the Opera Browser to enhance user browsing includes

  • Snapshots
  • Easy Files
  • Crypto Wallet
  • Workspaces
  • Easy Customization
  • Developer Tools
Summing it up

In the above post, we have discussed all the options through which you can easily connect with Opera Browser Support. Along with that, we have provided basic troubleshooting methods for different common issues you encounter with the opera browser. However, if you still need further assistance, you can connect with us through the helpline number given below. Also, users can utilize the Live chat facility where they can submit their queries, and our experts will revert to them within no time, along with the desired solution.