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In the last few decades, Google Chrome has gained success and has become a widely used web browser. Millions of users are using it and with each growing day, many more are joining the family. But being the most used web browser doesn’t mean it is flawless. People may face some unexpected issues while working on Chrome that can be really annoying at times. In order to get out of the trouble, you may get in touch with Google Chrome customer service where a certified technician will deliver the proper solution for all your queries.

Google Chrome was developed by Google LLC and was released in 2008. It is platform independent and is compatible with any device be it computers, laptops, smartphone or tablets. It is open source free search engine which keeps on updating and upgrading itself with latest version release. It has many fascinating features that has bind its users, those attributes are:

  • Bookmarks and Setting synchronization
  • Security
  • Malware blocking and ad blocking
  • Privacy
  • Speed and stability
  • User-friendly interface

Technical Hiccups

Did u receive the error message of ‘Google Chrome not working on windows’ or received “Aw, Snap!” while working in Chrome? Then don’t baffle everything comes with glitches Google Chrome is no different. Some of the common issues which users can confront are:

  • Frozen Tab or Window
  • Audio and video issue
  • Black screen issue
  • Google chrome crashes and it won’t open
  • Wont load embedded HTML
  • Password Recovery
  • Unwanted ads, pops and browser malware

How to Fix Issues in Google Chrome

While using Google Chrome if you are also witnessing these issue then you are at right blog. Most common steps which can be used to eradicate the problem for you are:

  • Keep the Chrome with the latest version update
  • Always update the extension of Chrome
  • Clear cache, cookies and browsers history from time to time
  • Get rid of malware by using Chrome Clean-Up tool
  • Update or remove incompatible application and software

There are a few complications that require proper guidance and knowledge before solving it on your own. At times like that, you can take help from the support team by connecting with Chrome helpline number who are available at all times i.e. 24×7 to sort out the issue for you.