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Unable to use Windows Live Mail support on your system. Well, here we have provided enough information through which users can troubleshoot all the Windows Live Mail errors they face while using it. Windows Live Mail is a free email client application provided by Microsoft for users along with Windows 7. The Email client is also compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10. Although discontinued in the year 2016, many users still prefer to use Windows Live Mail Support as it is easy to use without any complications. However, because of the discontinuation, Microsoft also has quit the support for the Windows Live Mail user in the case of any error or trouble, due to which it has become more difficult for the users to fix any issue they are facing with the Windows Live Mail email client application.
Thus, here we will provide all the necessary information regarding Windows Live Mail Support, like common errors while using the email client, along with possible solutions. Read the article further to know more about Windows Live Mail Support.

Common Issues that Users Face while Using Windows Live Mail

The main issue while using Windows Live Mail is the compatibility issue of WLM with the operating system, due to which users face trouble while checking their mail. Following are some of the common technical errors which users face while Windows Live Mail:

Unable to Connect to the Server while Using Windows Live Mail:

As Microsoft has discontinued the Windows Live Mail services, users, while using it, sometimes are unable to connect the application to the server.

Windows Live Mail is interrupted by Firewall or any Antivirus installed:

This is one of the most common that why users are unable to use any new application recently installed in their system. A common solution for that is to temporarily disable the system security and use the application. However, users need to make sure that they do not open any file from an unknown or suspected source.

Connectivity Issue while Using Windows Mail:

Users need to make sure that they are using a stable internet connection while using the Windows Live Mail application.

“Windows Live Mail has Stopped Working” Error:

Since the discontinuation of the WLM by Microsoft, users frequently encounter a Pop-up on which it is written, “Windows Live Mail has stopped working.” To fix that, you need to reinstall the application or take other preventive measures, some of which will be discussed later in this article.

Other Error Users Face while Sending or Receiving Email Through Windows Live Mail.

The above-mentioned errors are common issues that users face while using the Windows Live Mail application in their system. However, there are some technical errors that they face when they send or receive new mail through the WLM email client, which we are going to discuss here:

Error 3219:

This is a common connectivity error in which Windows Live Mail is unable to connect to the MSN or outlook server. This error usually occurs whenever you try to configure an account in the Windows Live Mail, or there is an update in the server. Thus, after the server update or new account configuration, there is a problem in syncing the mail and calendar app with your email account.

Error 0x8007007A while using Windows Live Mail:

This error only shows up whenever you try to attach while sending a mail from Windows Live Mail. The reason for this error to occur is that the Windows Live Mail application is unable to sync with the OneDrive application. Whenever this error occurs, a common message is displayed on the screen as “Windows Live Mail photo album not working.”

Error 0x8000E While using Windows Live Mail:

This error occurs when the server is failed to connect to the Windows Live Mail. Connect causes for this error are listed below:

  • Improper details while using the application, like date/time or any other details.
  • The issue with the DLL security certificates (commonly registration issue)
  • A firewall or Antivirus is not allowing the Windows Live Mail to work properly with the system.

Missing Mails: (Both in Inbox and Outbox)

Whenever there is an update the Windows, there might be an issue in the Windows Live Mail of missing mail that occurs while updating the system. The common cause for this error is the incompatibility of the Windows Operating System with the email client, as Microsoft has discontinued the Windows Live Mail support services.

How to Resolve Common Issues Without Getting Assistance from Windows Live Mail Technical Support Team

While for some technical issues, you will need to contact the Windows Live Mail Support number, for some common errors, you can troubleshoot them by yourself only. Some of the common issues while using Windows Live Mail, along with their resolution, are listed below:

Check your Internet Connection.

The first precautionary measure that you need to take is to fix your internet connection. For that, you need to take the given steps:

  • Open the setting in your Windows Operating System. In settings, select the option “Network and Internet” to deal with any connectivity issue.
  • Now choose the option “Status,” which will show whether you are connected to the Internet or not.
  • If you are connected to the Internet, then there is no connectivity issue. However, in case you are not connected, then you need to go the “Updates and Security.” There, select the “Troubleshoot” option and then “Internet Connection.”

Fix Mail Server Settings:

In order to check and repair the incoming and outgoing mail server settings, follow the given steps

  • Open the Windows Live Mail Email client Application.
  • There, under the accounts tab, you need to select the Properties option, which will open the current incoming and outgoing mail server.
  • From there, you can check and updates the mail server settings. Ensure the incoming server is in the format “” and the outgoing server is in the format “” Also, make sure that you remember the username and password.
  • Now click on the setting options. There, select the “Server” tab.
  • There first, check the option “Log on using clear Text Authentication.”
  • After that check, tick on the option “My Server Require Authentication” and then click on the setting option near it. There, check a tick on another tab marked “Use Same Settings as the incoming mail server.”

Resolve Error 3219 in Windows Live Mail:

You need to configure your Email account again in the email client. While adding the mail ID, ensure that you have provided the correct mail server settings.

Resolve Error 0x8007007A:

Plenty of measures can be taken to fix Error 0x8007007A on your Windows Live Mail. Following are some of them:
Remove or Delete the mail by sending which you are receiving Error 0x8007007A on Windows Live Mail.
Remove your Email Id and then reconfigure it again.
Attach the files/images you need to attach directly from the folder in the computer itself.

Fix Error 0x8000E while using Windows Live Mail:

You need to delete the old email server data from the folder consisting of the host file.

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After the discontinuation of Windows Live Mail Support services by Microsoft, users are facing so much trouble while using the WLM email client. Thus for these users, we have provided a Windows Live Mail Customer support number to which any user can connect instantly and get the required solution to whatever issue they are dealing with while using Windows Live Mail services.

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From the above discussion, we hope that now you can troubleshoot the common error with Windows Live Mail. The major solution to resolve most of the errors with WLM is that reconfigure the windows mail server settings correctly or reinstall the email client, as most of the error occurs due to syncing problems after you install an update in the Windows. You can reach our Windows Helpline number for further assistance. In case you have any doubts, you can call on the number given below or just message us on the live chat option, to which we will revert immediately.