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In recent times, when cyber threats are working in an active manner, a tool or antivirus software is required to provide proper safety and security to the system and vital information as well. Although you can find several antiviruses on the market, Bitdefender Antivirus Customer Service can’t be compared with one as it has some unique features which provide the ability to protect the vital information of your system from dangerous cyber threats and it is effective on all kinds of platforms like Windows, Mac, and iOS, and even on Android also.

So, if you also want to invest your money in Antivirus software and you are not sure which one will be better for you, then we will advise you to choose Bitdefender. However, you can also read this blog to know more about it before you purchase.

Security Features of Bitdefender

Let’s look at the top features of Bitdefender:

Different Types of Virus Scanners

Bitdefender antivirus is a lightweight scanner that utilizes huge malware directories & machine learning techniques to detect malware. It can easily detect all the known and budding malware. There are four types of scans that you can do using bitdefender antivirus, including Quick Scan, System Scan, Custom Scan, and Vulnerability Scan. Each of these scans has there own specialization and function.

The full scan of your system takes almost an hour to complete. Thus in case you don’t want to scan the system you are using, then you have the option to simply schedule it. To schedule a full scan, you have a few options like daily scan, weekly, monthly, or system start-up scan.  Moreover, its Malware detection rate is also excellent, making it one of the best antivirus you can select.

Real-Time Protection

As same as other features in Bitdefender, the real-time protection option is also great. It scans all your files & emails attachments the moment you use them. The antivirus default setting includes scans like Boot sectors, Network share, keyloggers, and many more.

Advanced users also have the option to customize their real-time settings. It includes scripts, archives, and applications. They can choose or eliminate options according to their preference. It also blocks different malware files and stops you from downloading them.

Web Protection or Anti-Phishing

The Bitdefender anti-Phishing protection feature protects you whenever you open a new website. It has a proper detection rate and blocks all the dangerous websites to safeguard your system and the data saved in it.


With the Safepay option, Bitdefender protects your online transaction by providing you with a safe and protected web Browser. This browser offers you a sealed environment to keep your online banking, e-shopping, and other transactions secure and private.

This browser is the same as other web browsers, but it is a bit extra safe with a few additional features, including:

  1. Protecting the passwords using the password manager while using the browser.
  2. An Online keyboard so that the hackers can’t trace your keystrokes.
  3. Not dependent on any other browser.
  4. It has the authority to block any kind of access to your system.
  5. Any attempt to take snapshots of your screen is prohibited.

Premium VPN

The Bitdefender VPN tool have a feature that encrypts all the incoming & outgoing data of your system. This is used to stay private in the virtual world. Apart from that, it also makes it almost impossible for anyone to track or steal your data.

Enhance your PC Performance

The Bitdefender software enhances the performance of your system, making it smoother. It removes all the viruses or malware present in the system and blocks the websites that carry these kinds of threats to your system.

Benefits & Drawbacks of using Bitdefender Antivirus Software

Now that you know all the good points about bitdefender, let’s compare its pros and cons properly:

Merits of BitDefender Demerits of BitDefender
1. Low impact on the system while scanning A bit more costly than others antivirus available in the market.
2. Highly capable of blocking all malware & viruses Not as effective as other products.
3. Number of additional tools, like VPN Security concerns with the additional features.

How many Versions of Bitdefender Software are Available?

Bitdefender has mainly four types of versions:

  1. Antivirus Plus
  2. Internet Security
  3. Total Security
  4. Premium Security

You can select any of them according to your requirement and budget. As the Antivirus Plus is the most affordable version of the Bitdefender tool with the essential tool, whereas the Premium Security is the most expensive one with all the additional features.

What are the Common Problems Faced by Bitdefender Users?

Despite all the Qualities, the users of the Bitdefender tool also face a few technical issues that are a bit problematic and create major issues:

  • Error while installing Bitdefender antivirus
  • Facing an error in starting the setup process in Bitdefender
  • Unable to generate the scan report properly in Bitdefender
  • There is an issue while generating the Input / Output scan report
  • There is an issue related to Bitdefender 2015 Version, which has some setup-related issues
  • The deployment tool in Bitdefender is not working properly
  • Download the Bitdefender Updates via Server

In case you get stuck in any such issue, then you don’t need to worry a lot, just get in touch with Bitdefender Customer Care and ask for help.

How to Contact Bitdefender Antivirus Customer Service?

To get assistance from the experts, you can either call on Bitdefender Antivirus customer support number or use the chat option.

Get help From the Experts via the Bitdefender Antivirus Customer Service Number

If you get stuck in some issue related to Bitdefender Antivirus and need instant help, then calling is the most relevant option for you. Just dial the Bitdefender Antivirus helpline number and explain all the problems you are facing while using the Software. After listing your issues, the expert will provide you with a step-by-step procedure to rectify the error and use Bitdefender effortlessly.

Grab Assistance from the Bitdefender Team Using Live Chat

In case you don’t have enough time to make a call, then you can simply email your issue to the Antivirus experts and wait for their revert.

Apart from that, you can also opt for the live chat option by clicking on the Help box given below. Submit the required information, and hit the send button. A Representative will join in the next few minutes to listen to your query and provide its proper solution.


Bitdefender is a great antivirus tool. But it also has a few flaws like every other technical Software. However, a user can easily fix it if they have the proper knowledge. In case you are also facing this error, simply dial our Toll-free number and receive appropriate assistance quickly.