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What exactly is an Antivirus? In simple language, Antivirus is an armor which gives protection against harmful malware and viruses. It is a utility software that detects and removes malicious viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, and many more. If these dangerous viruses do not let you access your PC then it’s time to consult with a technical specialist through a customer support number available all day long.

McAfee Antivirus is one such most popular and preferred antivirus software by people around the globe. It is developed and managed by McAfee Inc. This antivirus can run and work properly on personal computers, servers, and mobile phones only when the system requirements are met.

Why people prefer McAfee?

The utterly robust functionality of McAfee includes following dynamic features:

Protection against Viruses and Spyware

  • Scanning of your PC – Three type of scan is available for your system that is quick, full or custom scan to eliminate deadly viruses.
  • Real-time Scan – A scan is initiated whenever you access your system for files, emails, and programs
  • Schedule scan – You have the authority to schedule the scan according to your preferred time.

Protection while using web and email

  • Personal Firewall – You can prevent hackers from stealing your personal information.
  • Anti-spam – It ceases the path for junk mail and phishing attacks to invade your inbox and thus acting as a strong shield of your system

Protection of data and backup

  • Anti-Theft – So as to secure your important files and documents you have the power to lock it down in a secure and secret vault that can be accessed only you.
  • Online Backup feature – You can save the backup of your system’s files and documents online in order to access them from anywhere
  • Shredder – You can permanently erase sensitive and personal information from the system.

Parental control
This gives you the authority to decide and restrict how your family members can access the web and what all web pages they can use and see.

Optimization of PC
The performance of the PC can be improved and enhanced by deleting unnecessary files and folders which will also save disk space.

McAfee antivirus has many features and benefits but it doesn’t mean this antivirus is away from performance hitches. Users all around the world face some issues which require attention from customer care that can be reached via McAfee helpline number accessible 24×7 round the clock. The certified technician possesses the techniques which are required to troubleshoot the issue from the root completely.

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