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McAfee antivirus protection is one of the most widely recognized security applications for home solutions and small & medium business-scale enterprises. Primarily chosen for digital security, the McAfee antivirus provides various other features like VPN, Password manager, Identity theft, antispam, and various other amenities which protect your personal information involving finances. However, many people still have trouble while using McAfee antivirus and require assistance while using McAfee protection in their system. Here we will provide you with all the information related to McAfee Antivirus and also the McAfee Antivirus Customer Service by which you can easily contact our customer services and easily use Mc Security.

Various Features Provided by McAfee Antivirus

The common question which arises in your mind that why you should opt for this particular antivirus to protect your desktop. Well, in the case of McAfee security, plenty of reasons are available, some of which are listed below:

McAfee Antivirus Digital Security:

Safe and secure browsing is a basic necessity for every computer user. While browsing the internet, there is a possibility that your information might get compromised by hackers or fraudsters. Apart from that, you need to be secure while making transactions in order to protect your personal information like passwords and other financial details. Through McAfee antivirus, we will get password protection, anti-phishing, antispam, and other necessary elements of email security.

McAfee Real-time protection Threat and File Scan:

Through the McAfee virus, any application or files which may pose a threat to your system can be easily detected. Also, if there might be a slight possibility that your personal data might be exploited through any app, it will be removed instantly by McAfee security.

Protection of Financial Credits through McAfee:

One of the best features provided is the protection of all your information related to payment or transactions. Under this feature, McAfee freezes your credit and protects your account from being opened by others.

Removal of personal information through McAfee:

McAfee provides an extraordinary feature in which it removes your information from broker sites where they steal your personal data and sell it to other third parties, particularly spam or fraudsters.

Advanced McAfee Firewall:

A firewall is a basic protection that is the minimum requirement for virus protection in your system.

McAfee Identity theft:

Identity theft is the special feature that helps people protect their personal data from illegal capture by other sites and then sending unwanted mail which might contain malicious files. Personal information includes personal details like name, DOB, identification numbers like social security or other identity issued by the government, and other personal data.

McAfee Mail Security and Antispam:

McAfee Provides various features to protect your email account from being compromised by hackers and spammers. Apart from that, it has antispam features which block any suspected or suspicious that might contain malware files which, once downloaded, will damage your system.

McAfee’s Secure File Shredder:

There will be a possibility that any unwanted or suspected files which have been removed from your system can be recovered. However, with McAfee file shredder, you can have a complete surety that the file, once deleted, will not be retrieved or recovered through any means.


The term phishing can be defined as any attack/cybercrime where any fraudster posing to be from trusted sources will try to contact you through email, call or any other means and ask for your sensitive/personal information. With the anti-phishing feature of McAfee, you can easily detect any phishing content present in the mail or website. Under McAfee, security anti-phishing consist of the following:

  • Spam Filter
  • Malware file identification in any mail
  • Malicious URL Detection

McAfee Products and Pricing

Various McAfee Products along with their pricing, are listed below:

Individual Plans McAfee + Advanced USD 89.9/yr
McAfee + Premium USD 49.9/yr
McAfee + Essentials USD 39.9/yr
Family Plans McAfee + Advanced USD 119.99/yr
McAfee + Premium USD 69.99/yr
McAfee+ Ultimate
McAfee+ Ultimate (Family) USD224.99/yr
McAfee+ Ultimate (Individual) USD179.99/yr


Other Plans
Basic (1 Device) USD 29.99/yr
McAfee PC Optimizer USD 19.99/yr


McAfee Helpline Number

In case you have any trouble while using McAfee, you can easily contact McAfee customer support through various means, some of which are

  • McAfee Helpline number.
  • Mail
  • Social Media Platform
  • Community
  • Live Chat

At each of these platforms, McAfee customer service is always available to assist with any issue while using McAfee Antivirus. McAfee does provide instant support in the following situations

  • Technical Assistance
  • Refund Request
  • Purchase McAfee and renew your subscription
  • Identity Protection Service
  • Tech Master Support
McAfee Tech Master Concierge Services

Apart from customer service, McAfee does provide remote tech support where you need to subscribe for a paid package. Remote assistance is helpful in case your system has been infected by any virus or you need any other support with your computer. You can subscribe to this remote tech support which is discussed below:

One time incident
(Home Network Setup, PC tune up,)
USD 69.99
McAfee Concierge Gold USD 179.99
McAfee Concierge Platinum USD 209.99
Operating System Issue (PC and Mac Troubleshooting) USD 129.99
Virus/Malware Removal USD 89.99

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From the above, we hope that we have provided you with enough information about the McAfee antivirus feature, various products and pricing, and the McAfee Antivirus helpline number. In case you need any assistance, you may contact us directly through live chat or call us at the number given below. You can also mark us a mail we will revert to you ASAP.