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Norton doesn’t require any kind of introduction as it is really a big brand in the software industry and provides a facility for you to protect vital information as well as your System from being hacked. In the techno-age, there are quite a possibilities that you might face some serious vulnerabilities in your System due to cyber threats, which can damage your System as well can steal a piece of important information from the System. These things can prevent by simply installing Norton Antivirus customer service which is quite powerful in features and functions which is comprised of.

Norton technical experts are involved in the research in order to invent new ideas to protect users from the latest threats in the market. They had recently introduced Norton 360, which is capable of handling every kind of latest threat like Ransomware, which damages millions of users’ data and Systems. So, if you want to learn more about Norton, undertake this article.

Significant Features of Norton Antivirus

Let’s now begin the discussion and learn a few best features of Norton 360 Antivirus, which makes it loved by so many people.

Anti-Malware Engine

The Norton Malware scanner utilizes a large number of Malware directories; along with that, it also covers heuristic analysis and machine learning to find all kinds of threats in your System. It has a number of virus scanners and real-time protection that you can opt for on the basis of the Operating System you are using and the kind of detection you want for it.

Some of its Scanners Types are:

Smart Scan: The Smart Scan is used to scan and detect the Malware where it is usually present, i.e., in the Temporary Files, System Files, and ongoing processes. It takes 30 seconds to scan almost 10 thousand files, and the CPU load around the scanning is almost 40%.

Quick Scan: It Quickly scans your device and all the kind of privacy problems with the WIFI network. It boosts up your whole System in almost 40 seconds and scans almost 10 thousand files as well. The CPU loads around 25% to 30%, which is less than Quick Scan.

Custom Scan: Custom Scan always scan some specific file, folder, and disk location.

Full System Scan: It scans the System throughout, and it takes a bit more time than all the other scanners, i.e., more than 11 minutes. In those few, it scans almost 300K Files and CPU loads around 70% to 100%.

Norton Insight: This one is used to detect all the suspicious files in your System that requires a custom scan.

Real-Time Threat Protection

Norton has some smart Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for its users. It monitors all the kinds of online threats present in your System to protect your device against any kind of Malware, viruses, Ransomware, and spyware. It also has a Norton toolbar with Norton safe web that you can install on your device to browse anything on the Internet without any tension.
After installing, whenever you will visit any website, you will see an icon on your screen present next to the search result that will show you the level of safety of your search.

If it is Green, it indicates that the website is completely safe; if it is grey, it represents an unknown URL. Whereas yellow light means there is some potential risk, and in the case of Red, it signifies a completely risky site.

Secure VPN

A secure VPN is the best option for people who wants to protect their data from theft. At times when you browse online, your information gets leaked on the Internet by snoopers, identity thieves, and hackers. It also safeguards your data from ISPs or any third parties while you access the web world using WIFI.

Apart from this, Norton Antivirus customer service Secure Features also blocks Ads and banners from any malicious website.

Password Manager

The Norton Password Manager helps users in creating strong passwords and then stores them in an encrypted vault. This vault can be used if you have the master password. The vault is the one and the only way to get other passwords. It is done to make sure that no one else can use your account without your knowledge.

Moreover, this tool also autofill all your personal information, like name, date of birth, etc.


The AntiTrack tool of Norton helps you in preventing any kind of online trackers by hiding your digital footprint. However, this tool is available just for a few systems like Windows, iOS, and macOS. To use this feature, you first need to download the app and then add it to your browser as an extension.

Parental Control

When you purchase Norton 360 Deluxe or Premium, you have the parental control option as a different app name Norton Family. It comprises of:

  • Mobile App Supervision: It gives permission to the apps that your kids downloads and use on their Phone.
  • Time Supervision: It monitors the time your kids are spending on Android phones or PCs. It also schedules specific times and hours in which kids can use the Phone.
  • Video Supervision: It gives permission to the list of YouTube videos the kids can watch on the device.
  • Location Supervision: Location Supervision tells you about the exact location of the kid’s device. It also shows you the location history of the kid’s last 30 days.
  • Web Supervision: It permits you to block a few websites and see what the kids are accessing.
  • Search Supervision: You can see what kids are searching on the Internet.
  • School Time: You get permission to limit the kid’s online activity during school hours.

Norton Smart Firewall

Norton monitors both sides of the communication between your System and the sender system whenever you are online. It has intrusion protection that works by verifying the Internet traffic & then provides protection against any kind of undesired conversation.

But even after all these features, there are some Pros and Cons of using the Norton software.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of using Norton 360?


Advantage of using Norton Software Disadvantage of using Norton Software
1. It gives real-time security against Malware & Viruses.  It is a bit more expensive than other Antivirus software.
2. You will receive 100% of Virus Protection It sometimes impacts your System’s performance.
3.You have a Parental Control option Complex to use.
4. Secure VPN is available. At times, it starts showing errors while working.

Now, after discussing its pros and cons. Let’s understand what you can do to get help from the Norton Antivirus customer support number if you get stuck in any kind of issue.

How can You ask for Assistance from the Norton Antivirus Customer Service Number?

Calling Norton is considered the best option to reach out to Norton for any kind of help. You just need to dial the Norton Antivirus helpline number and ask the representative for the solution. However, you need to make sure that you have made pointers of all the issues you are facing, along with details of any previous conversation with Norton’s representative.
Moreover, ensure that your System that is facing the issue is on at the moment you made the call and that you have paper and pen beside you.

Besides calling them, another way to grab help from the experts is via Norton live chat. To access that, you simply need to click on the Help option present at the bottom of the screen and enter all the required details there. Now, wait for an Norton Antivirus customer service professional to help you out with the step-by-step solution.

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So, here we sum up this detailed post and hope that the information given in this post is enough to tell you about Norton Antivirus Support. However, if you are encountering any issues while fixing the issue, connect with our professionals through email and resolve your issue.