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AVG is one of the most well-known antivirus software all across the world. It is used for preventing and protecting the System as well as your vital information. We know that Antivirus is an essential part of our life these days, and everyone is involved in surfing or browsing the digital world. But on this online web, you can also find cyber threats like viruses, Malware, spyware, and some more dangerous threats like Ransomware. You need to remove all these viruses from the System at the earliest and for that, AVG Antivirus Customer Service Number is the best one for you to keep your vital information safe and secure in every manner.

Features of AVG Antivirus

The AVG Antivirus software platform provides you proper protection against all the new malware threats, with many of its features including:

Security for All the Devices

AVG’s antivirus is a simple, user-friendly, and very effective tool to protect your device from all kinds of threats. It scans your system frequently and protects your sensitive information from attack. The antivirus looks for Zero-day threats in your device, block all harmful links and website, & offer security to any of your device.

The AVG Antivirus also includes a few additional tools like security against hackers so that you can easily stop anyone by blocking them from using your camera, files, or encrypted data. Moreover, it also offers you protection in saving your Financial information when you are shopping from online websites.

It has four kinds of scans that are Smart Scan, File/Folder Scan, Deep Scan, and USB/DVD Scan. Each of them has there own functionality and target.

Safe VPN

To change your location to access various international servers secretly, AVG offers you a Virtual Private Network or (VPN). VPN protects you while you are using the public or private network by changing or hiding your location.

It allows you to access almost 50 locations & 59 servers all around the world very efficiently. You can use one AVG Account on 5 devices together without facing any difficulties.

AVG Antivirus Mobile Application

With the AVG Mobile app, any folder or file in your System is protected. All your private apps and encrypted photos are locked properly. It means you can be relaxed about your private data if you lose your phone under any circumstances.

30 Days Free Trial

The company also offers its users a 30-day free trial period. In case they don’t like the antivirus in the initial 30 days after purchasing it, they can go for the cancellation option without paying anything.

AVG Additional Services

Apart from the basic facilities, AVG has its own additional benefits as well, which are mentioned below:

Enhanced System

The software not just provides your protection against the virus, but it also takes care of the System. It makes sure that the device runs faster without any kind of lag. AVG software also removes all the unwanted adware & bloatware that are creating issues for your pc. It is done to offer a proper maintenance feature that works on its own and suggests the software that needs to be uninstalled or updated.

The AVG Advanced Features

The advanced tool in AVG is made for personal data protection. These are composed of Camera theft functionality, anti-theft, and a lot more. In case your device is stolen, AVG also has a smart scanner feature that can automatically scan your System if you are not working on it.

Password Protection

This feature gives you the option to select a specific app to which you want to give your Password access. This will help in keeping all your important data away from the hacker, as people with actual login credentials can only access these data.
Apart from these, AVG also gives you services like hacker alert, anti-track, sensitive data shield, fake website shield, data shredder, webcam protection, etc.

Charges by the AVG Antivirus Software

At this point in time, AVG has three plans for its users. These packages have different features depending on the price charged by the company.

Note: All these plans are completely safe for all the devices.

AVG Free AntiVirus

In the free version, you get all the essential features to protect your computer, including:

  • Safety against viruses, Malware, Ransomware, and other spyware.
  • Receiving up to dated security updates
  • Properly scanning your system performance.
  • Blocking of all the unsafe email attachments, download, links, and many more.

AVG Internet Security

In the next version, there are some extra features and more advantages. It covers all the features present in the free version, along with extra benefits:

  • Safeguard personal data folder with the help of an additional layer of Ransomware protection.
  • Block fake websites when you are shopping.
  • Stop hackers from using your webcam.
  • Don’t permit the hackers to access the System using Enhanced firewall features.

Note: AVG Internet Security has an option for a free trial of 30 days.

AVG Ultimate

The most advanced version of the AVG software is AVG Ultimate. This version doesn’t have any kind of Free Trial; You can access it only after paying the subscription fee. However, AVG Ultimate is believed to be one of the excellent & most advanced packages for your device safety. Apart from the basic essential services, the company also gives Tune-up package in this version to make sure that your System is properly updated & clean.

It safeguards your System by providing you with services like Speeding up the processor, junk data clear, update of all the essential programs, etc.

Common Issues with AVG Antivirus

Despite all the good Qualities of the Antivirus, its users still get themselves into various major problems like:
A blue Screen error occurred in the System after installing the AVG

  • firewall setup issue
  • the issue of updates related to AVG antivirus
  • AVG is unable to remove Malware
  • Installation error in AVG antivirus
  • Unable to renew AVG antivirus
  • Issues like system crashes and slow speed after installation of AVG
  • Prevent Your AVG Subscription from Auto-Extending

However, contacting the AVG Team via the AVG customer support number can easily fix these issues. Apart from that, you can even opt for the Live chat or email option depending on your preference.

Reach Out to the Professionals using AVG Antivirus Customer Service Number

As we already said, one easily call on AVG antivirus helpline number and ask for help from the experts. It is one of the most convenient and reliable ways to get help, as these experts are available 24*7 to assist you.

Consult your problem, tell them about every detail about it, and you are done. Now, highly skilled experts will assist you and provide you with the proper solution to fix your problem instantly.

Get Assistance from the AVG Team using Email or Live Chat

Alternatively, if you want, you can even email your problem to the experts and wait for their revert. These professionals will guide you by mailing you a step-by-step solution that will rectify your problem.

However, if that won’t work for you, use the Live chat (Help box) given below to chat with a live representative.

Bottom Line!

Here, we expect that the above-mentioned information will help you when you are purchasing AVG Antivirus customer service. However, if you need any additional help, dial our Tollfree number and clear out all your Query.