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The leading cybersecurity organization Symantec Corporation which is known for providing security to your personal as well as professional data, has launched the Symantec Antivirus customer service. This Antivirus is safeguarding and protecting your devices, be it PC, tablets, or smartphones, from attacks of viruses and Malware.

Symantec Antivirus is gaining the confidence of the audience because it delivers quantitative as well as qualitative results in eradicating malicious software, programs, or Malware completely from your device. Now, if you want to know more about it, read this article.

What is Symantec Endpoint Protection Feature?

Symantec uses a sheet approach to defend against any kind of attack in an organization. The comprehensive approach safeguards your system before, during, and after an attack, and the Endpoint Protection minimizes the risk of exposure by giving a number of tools to enhance your security before any kind of attack. In simple words, it prevents, detects, and responds to any Organization’s endpoints.
It protects your device from all the known and Unknown threats using its core features.

Core Feature

The main features of Symantec Antivirus are:

  • Antivirus: The software scans for Malware and removes it completely.
  • Firewall & Intrusion Prevention: It controls the Traffic to the endpoint and protects the organization by stopping Malware from spreading to other devices.
  • Power Eraser: It turns on the remotely wiping endpoint to handle APT and Malware that is very tough to get removed.
  • Application & Device Control: This controls all your files, device access, and behavior and also gives app blacklisting and whitelisting.
  • Host Integrity Check: This checks if endpoints are protected and detect complaints. Apart from that, it also looks for any unauthorized modification and performs damage.
  • Mobile Roaming User Protection: Safeguard the mobile users by showing you all the mobile devices around. No matter whether they are connected to the corporate network, some other network, or offline.
  • Smart VPN: Provide safe search
  • Network Integrity Protection: With the use of  hotspot reputation databases, it recognizes rogue Wi-Fi
  • System LockDown Option: Blocks all the blacklisted website and let the whitelisted one run smoothly.

Special Security Feature of Symantec Antivirus

When we talk about some additional features, these are as follows:

  • Global Intelligence Network or GIN: It provides the most expensive civilian threat intelligence network all around the globe. So Symantec Antivirus uses GIN, & ML-based technological analysis to find if the files and websites are safe or not.
  • Emulator Sandbox: The Endpoint Protection offers a lightweight sandbox that detects and removes All Problematic Malware.
  • Easy & Flexible Deployment: It can be Deployed through a Windows App Store program or vis a mobile device management tool.
  • Optimized Signature Database Downloads: This removes the requirement to download Full signature files to the endpoint.
    Note: Only the relevant and the newest threat details will be downloaded. 

Arm Processor Support: Safeguard Windows 10 in S mode for the Snapdragon process, AMD, and Intel.

  • Endpoint Detection & Response: Proper Targeted Attack analysis that combines both global and local telemetry, Machine learning analysis & research of attacks to find a wide range of attacks. It gives all the information about new attack analytics and creates custom incident definitions that comprise attacker methods and remediation guidance and impacted machines.
  • Application Control: Turn on the device lock-down with default to block the blacklisted websites and allow the trusted ones. Admin has the right to extend the utilization unapproved by giving a risk alert.
  • Deception: It is planted to reveal all the hidden adversaries and expose the attacker’s intent and steps.

The process is divided into three phases, including Incursion, Infection, Infestation & Exfiltration, and Remediation & Inoculation.

But sometimes, people find it difficult to use Symantec Antivirus. In such a situation, you can get help through the Symantec Antivirus customer service number.

Apart from that, you also have other options like live chat or email. To know more about it, read the below section.

How to Contact Symantec Antivirus Customer Service Number?

To reach out to Symantec Customer care, you have four ways. The easiest one is the calling option, where you simply dial the Symantec Antivirus helpline number, and a support person will help you in fixing your issue.

However, you need to make sure about a few points before picking your Mobile.

  1. List down all the issues you are facing with the Symantec Antivirus.
  2. Keep a pen and notebook by your side to write down if there is something important.
  3. Make sure that you have made a note of any prior conversation with the Symantec Antivirus representative.
  4. Keep the device close to you in which you are facing Symantec Antivirus Issue.

Once you tell them about the problem you are facing with your Antivirus, the support person will tell you the procedure to fix it efficiently.

Get Assistance from Symantec Antivirus via Email.

In case you are not comfortable with phone calls, then email is the perfect option for you. Write an email to Symantec Antivirus Customer care, and wait for their answer. However, this process can be a bit time taking, as the Symantec Antivirus Professionals are busy sometimes.

Thus, if you need instant help without having an interaction on the phone call, you can use the live chat box mentioned below. Hit the Help option and write down all the required information. Then submit it, and a Symantec Antivirus chat agent will join to provide the step-by-step solution.

Summing it Up!

You can also grab help by twitting to the Symantec Antivirus Twitter handle. However, if you still can’t figure out what to do and where to go, then simply call on our Toll-Free Number and get your solution. Our Experts are available 24* 7 to listen to you and assist you with their knowledge and experience.