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Hotmail (now known as Outlook) has become one of the top webmail services after Gmail & Yahoo. Currently owned by Microsoft, Hotmail ( mail) has more than 400 million active users. Out of which 300 million were already signed-up users of Hotmail. The reason for this large number is that Hotmail services offer all the basic mailing features. Also, like every other top mail service provider, you can utilize these features at their optimum capacity. However, any users with an email account would sometimes need assistance to troubleshoot basic problems but do not have any idea how to reach Hotmail customer services. For those users, here we have provided all the basic information on how to contact Hotmail customer service, along with other crucial important related to the Hotmail account. Read the article to know how to reach the Hotmail helpline number.

The Journey From Hotmail to

Hotmail was introduced in the year 1996 with a non-ISP-based model. It was the first email service where users can have access to their mail from any part of the world. After the launch, the mail services created history with more than 8.5 million. One year later, Hotmail was owned by Microsoft, and with new popularity, the number of users with Hotmail accounts reached 30 million. After some time, due to some security flaws and competition by other mail service providers, the popularity of Hotmail kept on declining. However the Hotmail manage to keep a constant user base until 2012, when it was reintroduced by Microsoft as With that, the number of users reached 400 million, with a current user base of 500 million.

Basic Unique Features of Outlook/Hotmail

People prefer to have a Hotmail account for a variety of reasons provided by email providers. Hotmail/Outlook constantly updates all the features which are focused on easing user experience. Some of the common features available in Hotmail are listed below:

Mailbox Storage:

The current mailbox storage available to any outlook email account user is 15 GB, where they can store their important files and other important stuff in the form of a soft copy. Apart from that, while sending emails, a user can attach a file of a size limit of 32MB, which can be extended further with One-drive. Also, a Hotmail account supports 106 languages. Thus, users from various parts of the world can easily use a Hotmail account.

Conversation Threading:

This is another basic mandatory feature that should be available within every email service available. Through conversation threading, you can easily have access to the whole conversation, thus avoiding the need to manually search each and every mail one by one.

Enhanced Security Features:

Digital security has now become a basic necessity, and now that all the formal communication in todays world happens through Email, your mail account should be protected in each and every aspect as many hackers and fraudulent are present who might be trying to hack your mail account to gain all your personal data including financial aspects also. Various security features available with Hotmail are Cryptographic Protocol (SSL/TSL), Spam Alert and various others.

Scheduling Email:

This is another latest feature present that can be utilized while using Hotmail. Through this, users can easily make a draft mail and then send it at their or the user’s convenience.

Spam Filter:

Spam mails are common nowadays, containing unknown files with viruses or malware which, once opened, can easily access and infect the whole computer corrupting all your data and other application. Through Hotmail, you will always receive an alert that any particular mail you have received is Spam.

Common Issues you can Troubleshoot Without Contacting Hotmail Customer Service

A variety of features are available for the user to have easy access while using their Hotmail mail ID. However, there are some common issues that are faced by Hotmail users, some of which are discussed below:

Unable to Remember Credentials:

This is a common issue faced by all users with an email account. Users are unable to log in as they have forgotten their credentials, especially their password. In order to troubleshoot this problem, you need to have your registered mobile number. That is necessary to authenticate that the account belongs to you. On your mobile number, you will receive a password reset link or code through which you can update your password and log in again.

Hotmail Not Working on Outlook or Web Browser:

Another problem faced particularly by the Hotmail account is the incompatibility of Hotmail email with the Outlook email client. Plenty of reasons can be there because of which you are facing this issue, some of which are listed below:

  • Network Connection Issue:
  • The incorrect settings were used while configuring Hotmail on Outlook
  • Any technical issue with Outlook or not updated
  • Hotmail Login Error

Common measures that can be taken to troubleshoot this issues are:

  • Check your internet connection or reset your wireless network.
  • Delete the Hotmail account from the email client and then
  • reconfigure it again with the correct mail server settings.
    Uninstall and Reinstall Outlook again in your system.

Hotmail Customer Services

Users, in case of any trouble or issues, can reach out to Hotmail Customer services from the official Microsoft support page. Microsoft provides assistance through the following means:

Global Customer Service Phone Numbers (Different for every Country)

Microsoft provides the facility of Hotmail customer service number for each and every country in their native language. In order to access the Hotmail helpline number, you need to visit the official page of Microsoft, and afterward, you will be connected to a customer expert immediately.

Social Media:

On every social media platform, you can find the official page of Microsoft/Outlook on which you can post your query/doubt, and the official team will revert to it. Various social media platforms can be Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and various others.


On the Microsoft official, you can easily navigate to the community page where you can mention your query. Either the officials or other users with the same query will reply to your query with the desired solution.

Reach Out to Our Hotmail Customer Service:

In case you are unable to reach out to the official Hotmail helpline number or contact official customer support through any means possible, you can contact our Hotmail customer service, where our technical experts are available 24/7 to provide you assistance regarding any issues you are getting using not any Hotmail/Outlook but any of the email services you are using. From Gmail to any other secondary mail you are using, we can troubleshoot any issue, from technical or simple login problems. Although various other customer support services provide assistance for email troubles, we can assure you that our services are the best and can be easily afforded by anybody.

On an Ending Note:

From the above discussion, we have provided you with enough details regarding Hotmail, which might be able to convince you to open a new email account with Hotmail. Along with that, we have listed all the common issues you might face while using a Hotmail email, along with their resolution. For additional assistance, Hotmail Customer Services detail is also mentioned along with our Hotmail helpline number. Now, if you need further assistance, we recommend you dial the number given below and connect with us. You can also link with us using the live chat option, where you can mention your query, and we will revert to it immediately.