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Mozilla Thunderbird is a well-known email client introduced by Mozilla Foundation. It’s a free program that permits its users to control multiple email accounts at a time. Apart from that, you also have the option to manage the feeds and newsletters.
Experience the high speed of sending emails along with high storage capacity. Like Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird supports add-ons exteon 1.5 onwards; the main Mozilla suite would be designed around separate applications using this then-new toolkit. This contrasted with the previous all-in-one approach, hopefully leading to more efficient and maintainable visions and providing additional functionality to email clients.

Journey of Mozilla Thunderbird

Introduced in 2003, Mozilla Thunderbird was the first email client in the Mozilla suite that has a web browser, email client, and other applications. Although in 2005, the Mozilla foundation made a decision and spin off the email component of Mozilla Suite to create a standalone email client named Mozilla Thunderbird. With its introduction in 2004, Mozilla Thunderbird gained popularity. People started loving Thunderbird due to its amazing filters.

In early 2012, the Mozilla foundation decided to scale back Thunderbird’s development, and in 2017 they transferred Thunderbird to an independent subsidiary named MZLA Technologies Corporation. Since then, the Platform has been getting better every day. A lot of new facilities and services are introduced to help its users.

What are the Outstanding Features of Mozilla Thunderbird?

Now, let’s learn about a few most beneficial of Mozilla Thunderbird, which makes it different from any other platform:

1. Grammar and Spell-Check

Mozilla thunderbird introduced the Spell- and grammar check option so that the users don’t end up in an embarrassing situation.
To turn on Spell-check:

  • Initially, Navigate to Tools, and click on Options.
  • Thereafter select the Composition tab.
  • Moving ahead, hit on the Spell sub-tab and ensure that both boxes are ticked.
  • To make this tool better, you can also hit the Download more dictionaries tab to install the dictionary.

Now, to add the grammar check option, opt for an add-on related to it.

2. No Storage Limit

One of the best features of Thunderbird is the extra storage space. They don’t have any limitations when it comes to storage space. Whether it is Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or some other well-known email, all of them has some limitation for storage space. But when you opt for Thunderbird, they provide you with unlimited storage for keeping as many emails as you can.

3. Send Later

Another unique feature of the Platform is its Send later option. In case you have written an email and don’t want to send it at the moment, then you have the option to send it later. It is not like a draft option, but you can save it on your system’s screen.

  • To utilize this feature:
  • Write an email.
  • Thereafter open the File menu and click on Send later button.
  • Now, navigate back to your Homepage, and check the local folders.
  • Right-click on the Outbox, then choose to Send Unsent Messages.

Note: You also have the option of Sent Later Add-on, which gives you the option to schedule your email.

4. Send Heavy Attachments

Most of all, the Premium or small emails have one common problem, i.e., their inability to send or receive heavy attachments. However, with Thunderbird, you have permission to send or receive emails of any size. The Platform comes with a tool named File link. This tool connects email clients to various cloud services like Ubuntu, Box, etc.

5. Turn on the Master Password to Protect your Data

The master password feature of Thunderbird helps its user in blocking access to all the mailboxes at once. It prevents your account from any unauthorized access.

Apart from these, Thunderbird provides multiple other features as well. However, the Platform also has some very common problems that need to be resolved as early as possible.

What are the Well-known issues with Mozilla Thunderbird?

A few of the most common and well-known problems of Mozilla Thunderbird are discussed in this section of the Article:

  • Thunderbird email is crashing or freezing.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is Not responding/.
  • The Platform works slowly.
  • IMAP server error.
  • You are facing issues in sending and receiving new emails.
  • Your server doesn’t support encryption.
  • Thunderbird is facing email setup issues.
  • Not able to delete messages.

How to Resolve Thunderbird Errors?

Suppose you get stuck in some Thunderbird error, and you are not a tech-head person who can fix the issue on their own then, for such an instance, the Platform has provided its support option. You can call on Thunderbird Support number any time of the day and ask for help. However, there are multiple other ways also to contact Thunderbird customer care. We will learn about each of them in the section given below.

Dial the Thunderbird Helpline Number and Get your Query Resolved.

An instant way to reach out the Thunderbird customer care is via call. You simply have to dial the Thunderbird Toll-Free Number. A customer executive will then join you, explain all your queries to them, and get the perfect solution. In some instances, if the support person is not available to pick up the call, then your call will be scheduled for some other time, according to your preference.

Note: Before making the phone call, make sure about a few points:

  1. Make a list of all the issues you are facing using the Thunderbird email.
  2. Keep a paper and pen to note down the steps to troubleshoot your issues.

Grab Assistance From the Thunderbird Team using the Live Chat Option

An alternate option for calling is the Live Chat box. Select the help button given at the corner of the page, then enter all the required information. Select the Submit tab and wait for a few moments.

A chat representative will then reply to you with the proper guide to resolve the issue. However, if the error is not fixed via chat and you need a personal guide. You can ask the representative to schedule a call with you according to your availability.

Note: Apart from calling, you can also email your issues to the Thunderbird support team and wait for sometimes, to receive a revert.

Get your Answer using Social Media Handle.

In the present scenario, if you need help from the Thunderbird technical team, you can also post your Query on their social media handle to get a response in the shortest time possible. The Thunderbird’s social media handles are mentioned below; you can use any of them:


Summing it up!

In this blog, we have mentioned all the possible ways that you can opt to contact Thunderbird Customer Support. However, if you still have any doubts, email it or dial the Toll-Free Number.


Frequently Asked Question

Answer: Thunderbird is a completely independent project. The owners of Mozilla foundation no longer work on Thunderbird. However, Mozilla still supports Thunderbird using various Thunderbird resources.

Answer: There are multiple ways one can use to get in touch with Mozilla Thunderbird support. The best and the most classic one is the calling option, where you just have to call on Thunderbird Technical support number and ask for help from the executives.

Answer: There might be some inaccuracy in your network settings, which can lead to Thunderbird mail not working problem. Apart from that, check the Mozilla server as well before panicking over the situation.

Answer: Contacting Thunderbird using social media is not a big deal. Use any of the given social media handles to grab help from the Thunderbird customer support team.