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If you have ever used IncrediMail, you know how perfect that email service used to be. With its hundreds of amazing and unique features, Email is used to excite the majority of the population. It has incomparable interactive features for its users, like emotions that are used to explain the feelings in text in a better way. But sometimes, it’s used might use to face various errors. This error can be fixed easily by dialing the IncrediMail Customer Service number.

The customer care team of IncrediMail was very helpful and patience-full. They used to listen to customers’ issues and then try to fix them using their years of experience and knowledge.

Why is IncrediMail Considered a Reliable Email Service?

Incredible is considered one of the most trustworthy Emails because of its excellent services. It makes the customer’s life easy and convenient. In case you want to know about the extraordinary features of IncrediMail , you may check the pointers below.

Emoticons (Emogis): IncrediMail was one of the email service providers that introduced the Emotions features of the customers. There used to be a huge gallery full of emotions; anyone could use them according to their convenience to show their emotions to the other person.

Animated Email Notifiers: A fun animated character used to appear on your screen whenever you receive a new email. This was the indication of the arrival of the new Email.

Ecards: IncrediMail has an inbuilt feature in which there are thousands of ecards available for all Special occasions. These cards were beautiful to make anyone feel special and bring a smile to their face.
3D Effect: It also had options for 3D Effects. There were multiple 3-D objects available, like sailing boats, flying airplanes, etc.

Email Background: Unlike other emails, IncrediMail offers innumerable email backgrounds that can also be used in email messages. Moreover, they keep on increasing with the new updates and make your collection worth sharing with your friends.

Animations: who want to write long and lengthy texts when IncrediMail offers highly creative Animations? You can add them to your email messages to surprise the receiver and express yourself without words.

What are the Various Issues with IncrediMail?

Even after all the points, the IncrediMail too had a few issues, which are given below:

  • Trouble backing up messages, contacts, and other information
  • Upgrading or setting up Email
  • Unable to Sign in
  • Glitches while sending or receiving emails
  • Application crash at the time of launch
  • Spam or junk problems

Fixing these issues was never tough for the IncrediMail user because they had an IncrediMail helpline number to call and receive help.
But in March 2020, the owner of IncrediMail decided to shut down the email service. Now you can’t use IncrediMail to send, receive or see your old mail. The main reason behind this decision was mentioned as the problems faced by many of its users or in other word you can say the technical glitches were the cause behind the shutting down of IncrediMail

After the closing of the Email, people get shifted to many emails, but not all of them are good enough. However, there are a few emails that are a good alternative to IncrediMail:

  1. Mailbird
  2. Thunderbird
  3. Outlook
  4. eM Client

There are multiple other emails as well. But these were a few best alternates of IncrediMail.


Here we are concluding our article and hope that you have gathered all the important information about IncrediMail customer service. In case you need any other additional knowledge, you can call on our TFN and get the finest assistance.