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Zoho mail is an Indian based webmail service that is owned by the ZOHO Corporation which is an Indian based software development company. The main focus of this corporation is to promote business tools and Information technology solutions. It also provides an email service which includes features like. Zoho mail takes high priority in maintaining the privacy and security of its user’s emails and other important data. Zoho mail usually targets professionals like business holders but it could be used by any person. Zoho mails provide storage, POP and IMAP access and messaging services. Zoho mail can retrieve emails from POP accounts as well. Zoho mail is usually used by the small business owner to keep a track on their expenditure of present and future ventures. To know more about Zoho mail, you can contact Zoho Email customer support number. They are available 24/7 so that they may assist you and your problems right away.

Features of ZOHO Mail:

1. It has a personal storage space of 5GB.
2. Zoho mail can retrieve emails from POP accounts.
3. It has an autoresponder that can reply to your emails when you are unavailable.
4. It provides Instant Messaging.
5. It can automatically archive old emails.
6. It lets you use templates to save emails and use them for future use.
7. The totals storage is up to 1TB out of which 5GB is for personal storage.
8. You can organize your emails through labels and comprehensive search.
9. It comes without display advertising.
10. It offers POP and IMAP access.

Though the features really are intriguing and efficient, there too are some flaws associated with the Zoho mail. In order to know what you might be getting yourself into, go through these cons about Zoho mails s that you can place your own judgments.

Issues of Zoho Mail:

1. Although Zoho mail provides templates for future use, it does not work on canned replies.
2. It lacks saved searches and self-learning folders.
3. After using up the 5GBpersonal storage space, one has to pay a certain amount of money for extended storage space.
4. Sometimes the customers or users have difficulty receiving mail.
5. It does not allow you to import contacts from social media sites.
6. When opening images it covers the entire message. So this prevents the users from reading and writing while previewing it.

These are some of the pros and cons with Zoho mail which can help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Zoho mail. For further information contact their customer service or if you are facing problems with your email, you can contact Zoho technical support number.

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