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One of the leading service providers in the market is Zoho Mail. However, some problems are faced by users while using the mail. If you are looking for how to contact Zoho mail helpline number to resolve the problem, then this page is meant for you. Here, we have tried to evaluate Zoho mail, its features, problems, and its solutions. But, before proceeding, let us first understand Zoho mail.

There is no denying fact that emails play a crucial role in business communication. It is one of the most important channels through which businesses communicate with internal and external entities. Emails are the most powerful tool businesses use as they are fast, reliable, and can be easily replicated. The internet is flooded with email providers. Therefore it is very much essential to choose the right email service provider. As a professional business email is associated with your company, hence, it is important to pick the best email service provider.

What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail is an Indian-based secure, business-oriented hosting email service. The ZOHO Corporation owns it. Businesses use this powerful email service for a fast, ad-free, and sleek webmail service. With top-notch collaboration and communication features, Zoho email services satisfy all the needs of an organization of all sizes and types.

The reliable email service provider comes with an in build collaboration platform that provides seamless communication. It is a tailor-fit solution to answer all types of complex and simple communications. It is one of the best business hosting service providers that come with some unique features.

What are the Features of Zoho Email Service?

The Zoho Mail is built for the modern-day workforce. The reliable business platform comes with a wide range of tools that makes your day-to-day work easier. So, what are the key features of Zoho Email Service? Let us peep inside the features.

The key Features of Zoho Email Service are listed below:

  • Email Suite
  • Migration Tools
  • Extensive Control Panel
  • Streams
  • Proper Integration
  • Customized Domain

Email Suite:

The Zoho Email suite comes with multiple tools that help in organizing emails in a much simpler manner. With the help of the email suite, one can perform the following tasks:

  • Schedule and create their tasks easily with the help of the Tasks Module.
  • Add the virtual sticky notes in preferred colors with the Notes module.
  • Easily manage their contacts in a one-easy-to-use address book with the help of the Contacts Module.
  • Keep track of upcoming events and meetings with the help of the Calendar Module.

Migration Tools

This feature allows the users to migrate all their stuff, including important emails, contacts, and documents, without creating havoc. The Zoho email makes the migration process simple, easy, and straightforward. All you need is to authenticate your email address, and the rest of the migration will be done by Zoho automatically.

Extensive Control Panel

The reliable platform provides full control. The admin can organize the emails, roll out the policies, and manage users. The extensive control panel provides you with the following features:

  • Group Management: It allows you to create the group email address for a particular channel and relevant permissions.
  • User Management: With this, the admin can manage the user account. It also allows for setting up user-related data.
  • Domain and Dashboard Details: You can modify the settings of your domain.
  • Spam Policy Filter: It helps you in filtering out spam emails so that you receive only the relevant emails in your inbox.


With this feature, you can communicate with your team in a more effective way. The streaming feature helps you in collaboration, socializing, and integration.

Proper Integration:

A reliable service provider gives you the opportunity to work more seamlessly. You can connect to thousands of apps and external platforms with the help of Zoho.

Customized Domains:

The trustworthy service provider offers a unique feature to businesses. With the Zoho Email, you can add a customized domain name. If you are not having one, you can also buy one with Zoho mail. The reliable service provider helps you in setting up your business domain name.

What are the Key Benefits of Using Zoho Email Service?

Some of the key benefits of using Zoho Email Service are mentioned below:

  • Ad free

Zoho values your privacy and offers ad-free service even in the free version.

  • Safe, Reliable, and Secure

It is safe, secure, and reliable. The servers of the service providers are placed in the most secure data centers. It uses state-of-the-art infrastructure, 256-bit SSL encryption, and the latest safety security to provide its users with a secure and safe service.

  • Huge Savings

The service provider gives you ample space.

  • Night Benefit

Zoho emails come with the night mode facility. The users need to turn on the night mode so that they can see emails at night without straining their eyes.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoho Email comes with a dozen of shortcuts that will simplify your work. One can simply press C and M keys for email composition.

Problems Associated With Zoho Mail

Although Zoho is a reliable and trustworthy service provider in the market, some issues are associated with Zoho Email. Some of the common Zoho Email problems are listed below:

  1. Importing contacts from social media is difficult
  2. The user may sometimes not be able to send emails.
  3. The images cover up the entire space, making it difficult for the user to write and read emails.
  4. Limited free storage space.
  5. Complex to understand the platform.
  6. It may be difficult for personal use.
  7. Searching for contacts may be difficult.

How to Contact Zoho Mail Helpline Number

Zoho Mail helpline number is quite good. Those using the free version of Zoho Mail will be able to get customer service for 5 days, 8 hours a day. However, with the paid pricing plans, one will be able to get 24 * 7 customer service. Anyone can get help by calling the official Zoho Mail helpline numbers. You can even raise a ticket or email them.

Final Words

Zoho is a trustworthy and reliable hosting service provider that provides its users with safe and secure hosting services. The emails service provider comes with a lot of new features and tools. However, you may sometimes face some of the issues. For hassle-free service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Zoho Mail helpline number center. If you are looking for more updates on the Zoho Mail Service provider, stay connected with us.