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How to Fix Acer Chromebook Screen Problems

Acer Chromebook screen problems are a common issue users face while working on these Chrome OS-based devices. Chromebook has now become one of the most portable smart devices that anyone prefers to use instead of a normal Windows laptop. The reason for this is the dependence of the user on various online applications, the majority of which are most compatible with the Chrome browser. Another reason is the Chrome OS, which is fast and stable and also makes Chromebook less expensive compared to other laptop that relies on Window OS.

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However, while working on a Chromebook, the user faces a black screen issue, which is a major hindrance to their work. Here, we will discuss all the possible measures you can take to rectify the black screen problem. Along with that, we will discuss major causes due to which black screen problem arises. So stay on with us to learn how to fix the Acer Laptop Screen Problem.

How to Fix If Acer Laptop Not Turning On?

Why is the Chromebook Screen Black and Still Turns On

Major tenets due to which users face Acer Chromebook Screen Problems are:

  • Overheating of the Chromebook due to overuse of opening so many applications at once.
  • Battery issues which might affect other hardware of the system, or the charger is not working.
  • Any external device connected to the system that creates obstruction in the general functioning of the computer.
  • Dead battery, due to which the Chromebook opens, but the on/off will still blink.
  • The ChromeOS of your system has been corrupted, and the only solution for this is you reinstall the operating system.

How Do I get my Acer Chromebook Screen Back to Normal?

Based on the cause due to which you are facing an Acer Laptop Screen Problem, you can take the following measures to fix it.

Check the Power Source of your Chromebook and see if the Charger is Properly Working.

The most simple reason triggering Acer Chromebook Black Screen Problems is the drained battery. The cause for a dead battery, even when the Chromebook is connected, can be faulty power sources, or the cord might have been physically damaged or improperly connected to the laptop. To fix the power source or the battery, you can take the following measures:

  • Check the power cord for any physical damage.
  • Check the power source or connect the Chromebook with a different power cable. It might take a while, as the power is already dead.
Check for Screen Brightness

Although it might seem a bit silly to mention that the screen is totally due to screen brightness, we still recommend you check the brightness. The reason for that is that there might be a chance of faulty screen settings. To fix that, you might need to reset the screen settings and then adjust them to the level as per your preferences.

Reboot the Chromebook

A common troubleshooting method to fix Acer screen problems is you force the shutdown of the Chromebook and then restart it again to see if the issue still persists. Sometimes restarting the system does reset all the configuration, which might sometimes clear the existing temporary issues. All you need to do is to keep the power button continuously pressed for more than 10 seconds, after which the system will shut down. Now wait for a few minutes and then restart it again.

  • However, sometimes it can make things worse. So make sure you know the cause of why the Chromebook screen is black before considering it as a safe measure to fix the Chromebook’s black screen. Following are the steps to perform a hard reset on the system:
  • First, you need to force shut down the system. For this, keep pressing the power key for at least more than 10 seconds till the blinking power light goes off.
  • Now wait for some time in which you can take the following measures:
    • Disconnect and reconnect the battery.
    • Remove all the external devices connected to the Acer Chromebook.
  • Afterward, press the power button along with the refresh button and wait for the system to get started. As soon as it gets started, release the refresh key.
  • It might take some time for the system to get started during a hard reset from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Also, there might be chances that some files present in the system get deleted.
Other Ways to Reboot the Chromebook

The above-mentioned is the standard method to perform the hard reset or the factory reset in the Chromebook with proper procedure. Other ways to perform the hard reset are:

  • There might be a reset button on your system. Locate it and tap it.
  • Remove the battery from the system.
  • Unplug the power cable from the system.
Keep the Chromebook Switch off So that it Can Cool Down a Little Bit.

Using a Chromebook or any other system for more than the recommended time limit can heat it up, and the rise in temperature can sometimes interfere with the functionality of the system. Although cooling it down might fix Acer Chromebook screen problems, there might be a chance that the system can be permanently damaged. So make sure whenever there is the necessity of using a Chromebook for a long time, you switch it off at regular intervals to cool it off.

Check for Any Damage in the Device Connected to the System.

Any external device needed to be checked for any malware file or other issues before it is connected to the system. In case the device is corrupted or any other issue is there, it can trigger malfunction, which might also affect the physical component of the Chromebook. A common upshot of any virus is the blank screen even when the device is turned off. So, make sure to first run a scan on the external device connected to the system.

Not only does the USB or SD or any temporary external device connected need to be checked while getting connected, but also the hardware that is already connected to the system needs to be checked for any physical damage or malfunction.

Drain Out the Battery.

Another method to fix the Acer Laptop screen problems is to drain out the battery and then recharge it for at least before rebooting your Chromebook. This method can fix some common temporary issues with internal and external components connected to the system. Following steps you need to take:

  • Leave the Chromebook as it is with a black screen until its power gets drained
  • Remove all the connected devices, including the mouse and keyboard ( if connected)
  • Now, connect the battery to a power source and keep it on charging for at least 30 minutes before starting the system.
Check for a Damaged Screen in Case of Acer Laptop Display Problems

The above-mentioned measure can be helpful in case there are any temporary issues with the Chromebook specifications. However, in case the physical component or the screen has been damaged, then there will be the least possibility that any of the above-mentioned measures will be helpful. There is nothing you can do to fix a broken part from replacing it. Although it can be a bit risky to replace the screen by yourself, if you are proficient or have a little experience in removing/replacing computer components, then follow the steps given below:

  • Check for the screen’s specifications on the back of your Chromebook.
  • Get the screen module based on the specifications available on the Chromebook.
  • Now, remove the screen bevel. For that, you can use a flat screwdriver. With that, gently try to open it until you can see the screen fastening.
  • Afterward, with the help of a screwdriver, open up the screen fastenings. This might take some time as there are more than 30 plugs that you need to remove.
  • Connect the screen rear to the connector and bolt the screws to put the screen back in its place.
  • Place the screen bevel back and then restart your system.

How easy the above-given process might seem, it can be hectic, lengthy, and somewhat risky as your Chromebook can be damaged. Thus, we recommend you connect with a professional to change your screen.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Common Issues like Black Screens and Others:

Precaution is always better than cure. Thus, we recommend you take the following measures in order to avoid common temporary issues in your Chromebook:

  • Do not leave the Chromebook connected to a power source when it is switched off for more than 30 minutes.
  • Always scan any other external device connected to the Chromebook.
  • Keep the battery always fully charged. A drained battery can also be the reason for a black screen in a Chromebook.
  • Make sure to keep the screen or the device safe from components that can cause physical damage to it.


Acer Chromebook black screen problem can be due to any factor, particularly common issues with the battery lead to it. Along with using any of the troubleshooting measures, make sure you take basic precautions. This will keep your Chromebook safe from any physical damage. For any further information regarding Chromebooks, you can connect with us through the Helpline number given below, where we provide the required assistance and information regarding any technical issues you can face not only with Chromebooks but any other smart device.

New Apple MacBook 12in M7 Review

The MacBook M7 is currently among the top-most product with all the mandatory technical specifications focussed on a variety of computer users. With its stylish look and durable design, it makes it more acceptable to any new user who wishes to purchase an Apple Product. However, with all the specifications and working performance, there are some downfalls like any other computer device, some of which are mandatory for the user to know before deciding to purchase a MacBook M7. Thus, here we are going to discuss all the features of the MacBook M7 along with the pros and cons that users are curious about. Thus, read the article further to get a full Apple MacBook 12in M7 Review.

Technical Specifications of MacBook M7

The first information which any user lookout for a while purchasing any computer is the technical specification of that device, like processor speed, Storage capacity, read/write memory, screen resolution, and many others. Keeping that in mind, we have here listed the specifications of the MacBook M7 below:

Processor Intel Core M3
Processing Speed 1.2 GHz
1.3 GHz
Cache Memory 4 MB L3 Cache
Storage 256 GB in 1.2 GHz
512 GB in 1.3 GHz
Screen Display 12” LED Display
RAM 8 GB (can be upgraded to 16 GB)
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 615
Audio Stereo Speakers
Dual Microphone
Wireless Connectivity 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology
Camera 480-pixel Face-time camera

Why Should I Prefer MacBook M7?

Although the above-mentioned technical specifications can be available with any other computer system available, however, there are other features that make the MacBook 12in M7 a preferable choice over other Laptops. Also, with this knowledge, it is easy for Apple MacBook 12 review:

High-Speed Processor:

Another thing to keep in mind while doing MacBook 12in review is the processor specification which is the core power component of any computer device. The MacBook 12in M7 is powered by a high-speed Intel M7 processor with a clock speed of around 1.2-1.3 GHz. Although the processor is not specific for running high-end applications, it can be the perfect choice for automating your work for usual tasks like browsing, mailing, media, and many other normal tasks. Considering the quality of Apple products which is far above normal computing devices, this MacBook device can be preferred over many other options.

Battery Life:

Long-Lasting batteries are a recognizable feature of Apple Devices. Same as with the case of the MacBook M7, with an idle life of about 10 hours while connected to a wireless network. Due to this attribute, the MacBook 12in M7 is the idle choice for users with a drainage rate of about 11% per hour. Related accessories with batteries include a 30 W USB-C charger.


The storage capacity is another major preference for the user when purchasing a Laptop for daily purposes. As in the case of Apple Devices, where the storage cannot option cannot be enhanced, it is important to select the right product. In the case of the Apple MacBook 12in M7, two options are available, i.e., 256 GB and 512 GB. Based on the different test results available, it can be said that the storage speed of the MacBook lies between 850 Mbps to 950 Mbps.

Considering the Read and Write memory, MacBook M7 comprises of 1666MHz LPDDR3 RAM SDRAM of 8 GB (expandable up to 16 GB). That much memory can be considered sufficient to run any heavy application while doing multiple tasks.

Screen Size and Resolution:

After the Storage option, another major preference for any daily purpose user is the screen size and resolution. The reason why screen resolution is such a major preference is the availability of various media content in a very high-resolution format (including 4K).


With the availability of so many options, users now look out for a device that fulfills each and every preference. Various users, like gamers and developers, consider keyboard size another priority that might affect they’re doing their daily chores. The keyboard of the MacBook 12in M7 is full-size with 78 LED-backlit keys (including the function and arrow keys). Apart from that, there is an ambient light sensor with all technical features like pressure sensing, force click accelerator, and pressure-sensitive drawing.

Noise Reduction Features:

Another remarkable feature of this Apple device is the Noise reduction with ECMA-109 standards.

Multiple In-built Apps:

Any computer devices need to have some basic mandatory application required by the user in order to track and determine their daily chores. Some of these applications available in MacBook M7 are:

  • Safari Browser
  • Photo, Calendar, Contacts
  • Mail, Messages, Maps & News
  • Books, Facetime, Garage Band

Availability in Different Colours:

In order to make MacBook M7 more appealing to users, the Apple device is available in different color variants which include Rose Gold, Spray Grey, Gold, and Silver.

Enhanced Graphics:

In order to make a high-resolution experience accessible to the user, the MacBook M7 has an inbuilt high-processing graphics card of Intel Graphics HD 615.

Various Pros and Cons Associated with MacBook M7

With every product, there is always a list of some pros and cons which need to be considered before you purchase it. Thus here we have listed some pros and cons collected from various sources.

Pros of Using MacBook M7

  • A perfect Mac Device for normal daily chores and playing high-resolution media.
  • Enhanced security is available in every Apple Device.
  • Availability of various built-in apps which might not be available in many other high-processing computing devices.
  • High-quality components are up to the mark based on their features.
  • Unique Design and light weight make it more portable for the user to carry it.
Cons of Using MacBook M7
  • Expensive products which cannot be afforded by each and every user.
  • Device specifications are not upgradeable, which is another drawback of all Apple devices.
  • The processor is not suitable for running various high-end applications.
Wrapping it Up

In the above discussion, all the technical specification related to MacBook M7 has been discussed. Based on that information, you can decide for yourself whether to purchase this product or not. However, in case you need any extra information regarding Apple MacBook 12in M7 or any other Apple product, feel free to connect with us through the number available below. Also, choose the live chat option, where we will be available 24/7 to provide any information regarding any computer device.

HughesNet Email Not Working

Dealing with HughesNet email not working issue? Read this post until the end to get relevant solutions.

HughesNet Email is currently one of the top-notch email services available to users in the States. Offered by the Hughes Network System, a subsidiary of EchoStar, the email services have managed to acquire more than 1 million email subscribers. The mailbox of HughesNet email provides all the mandatory features which are necessary for the user to automate their mailing process. However, despite all these features, many users encounter a number of issues, among which the common ones have forgotten credentials and incorrect mail server configuration. Thus for that, we are here going to discuss all the common issues which users face along with their troubleshooting methods. Thus, read the article further to get insights on HughesNet email services.

Common Scenarios which Trigger the Situation of “HughesNet Email Down.”

Along with the two major issues with HughesNet email, there are many other problems that email users encounter. All these issues are discussed below:

Incorrect HughesNet Email ID and Password

This is one of the most common email issues not only with HughesNet but any other primary email services available for users. In order to troubleshoot this issue, you need to reset the email credentials, for which it is mandatory to verify your identity through a registered mobile number or alternate email ID. A step-by-step solution for this problem will be discussed in this article later.

Issues While Configuring HughesNet Email Account

Another common problem with every mail account is the incorrect configuration in any other device. Due to that, users are unable to access their accounts properly on their devices or email clients. To set up your HughesNet account on a mobile or email client, you need to have the correct email configuration settings and then proceed accordingly to the instruction which occurs while setting up your mail account.

HughesNet Email Not Working/Loading

There can be numerous causes due to which you are unable to access your HughesNet account on any device. Following are some of the common cause that causes “HughesNet Mail down” issue:

  • Unstable/poor internet connection.
  • HughesNet Server is down.
  • Your HughesNet account has been hacked, and your password has been changed.
  • There might be an issue with your web browser due to which you are unable to load the page.

Troubleshoot Common HughesNet Email Problems

Based on the causes due to which you are encountering any issues with your HughesNet mail account, you can take the necessary preventive measure. Some of them are given below:

Reset your HughesNet Mail Password

This measure can be taken when either you have forgotten your password or your account has been hacked. In order to reset your HughesNet password, the first thing you need to do is to authenticate your account, for which you need to have your registered number or any other alternate email ID. Following are the steps in order to reset your HughesNet email password

  • Visit the official login page of HughesNet Email. There below the type box, you can find the option “Forgot Password.” Click on it.
  • Now, you have two ways to recover your email account: one is through your “Registered Mobile Number,” and the other is through your Site Account Number.
  • Proceed to the way where you need to provide your “Registered Mobile Number.”
  • Afterward, two options will be available for the users, which are given below:
  1. Send a Code Via SMS.
  2. Answer the Security Question
  • Now login to your HughesNet email.

Users are advised to type a suitable and secure password that cannot be guessed by any other person in order to protect their account from getting hacked.

Reset your Account with the Site Account Number

In case any user has not provided a mobile number while they are signing up, then they need to choose the option for Site Account Number. This SAN can easily be found on your HughesNet monthly statement or from the system control center when you are connected to the HughesNet network. To reset your HughesNet Mail password through the SAN number, follow the given steps:

  • On the HughesNet Login page, click on the option “Forgot Password.”
  • Enter your Username and SAN details.
  • After that, you will be asked to answer the HughesNet Mail security question. If you have given the correct answer, then you will be asked to type your new password.
  • Provide a suitable password, and afterward, log in again.

What to do when the HughesNet Server is down

A down server is an uncommon HughesNet Email problem or HughesNet email not working which no troubleshooting method that can be taken from the user side. In case the server is down, there is nothing you can do apart from waiting until the server gets active. You can check the server status from various sources, where all you need to do is to type the website and find the server status.

Fix Browser issues to Load HughesNet.

Another major cause due to which HughesNet Email Stopped working suddenly is a hindrance from the browser. Sometimes, it can be possible that due to some corrupt files or any other cause, the page might now load. For that, you need to clear browser-related files from the given steps:

  1. Open the browser and then press “Ctrl+H,” which will open the browser history.
  2. There you can find the option to clear the browser along with other cache files.
  3. Select “All-Time” Browser history along with other cache files and then click on “Clear Browser History.”

In case you do not know the answer to the security question, then you need to connect with customer care services.

Configure your HughesNet Mail Account

Another major issue is the configuration of your HughesNet account on your mobile device or any email client. For that, the first basic information is your correct email credentials, after which you need to provide the correct mail server settings. Following are the steps to configure your HughesNet mail account.

Setup your HughesNet Mail account on Android Device

  • Open your Device setting and then navigate to “Mail.” There you can find the option “Add Account,” which you need to select.
  • From the account type, select “Other.” Now provide your Username and Password.
  • Afterward, you need to provide the mail configuration settings, which are listed below:




Port Number: 993 465 995
SSL Encryption: SSL Secure Socket Layer (SSL) SSL/TSL
  • Afterward, provide the required and save changes.
  • Now, you have setup HughesNet. Make sure you have checked and marked the synchronization and notification option.

Configure HughesNet Mail on Email Client

Apart from the mobile device, an email client is the second preference in order to access your mail. As Outlook is the major email client, here we are going to tell you how to configure a HughesNet mail account on Outlook.

  • Outlook and then select the “File” option.
  • Select “Add Account” and then click on the option “Connect” in order to add HughesNet Email Account.
  • Now provide details related to the email account, like Username and Password.
  • Afterward, you need to fill out the Mail server settings, which we have already discussed above.
  • Save changes and access your HughesNet account in Outlook.

Make sure you have marked the option for synchronization and enable notification.

HughesNet Customer Services

Users who are having any trouble with their HughesNet account can reach customer support, which can be easily accessed from the official website. Various means through which you can reach out to HughesNet customer services are listed below:

  1. HughesNet Helpline Number: The user can connect with our customer support 24/7 through the HughesNet helpline number. On the official page, they can find the number on which they just need to click, . After which they can easily connect with a live person.
  2. Live Chat: A virtual assistant/ Live Chat option is available on the official website, which can be accessed from any page through just one click. Provide your details along with your issue, after which you will receive the desired solution instantly or through mail sometime later.
  3. HughesNet Community: A community forum is available for the users where they can provide their views regarding any changes in the services provided by HughesNet. Along with that, user can post their issues on it. Either the official or the other user can revert to your post with the required solution.
  4. Email: This is the last option available for the users in case they are unable to resolve their query from the above two options or do not have much time to interact with customer support. All you need to do is to mark a mail to which you will receive a solution within the given time.
Bottom Line

From the above discussion, we hope that now you can easily understand the common issues you are having with your HughesNet email not working account. You can also connect with our customer support service either through the phone number given below. You can also use the live chat option by just clicking on the Help button below.

Razer Blade 15 2018 H2

The Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is currently the latest product available for gamers fulfilling each and every requirement in terms of technical specifications. Some of the highlighting features of this laptop include a high-speed processor, enhanced graphics, and the option for upgrading the existing specification. However, many users still have doubts about whether to select this product or not. Thus here we are going to discuss all the available information, including the technical specifications also. Based on that, you can decide whether to opt for this product or not.

Gaming has now become another preference for every computer user while getting a new one. However, with a cornucopia of options available for the user in the market where a new product is introduced regularly, it has been difficult to determine which one is right for them. Thus, we suggest you read this article further to know more about Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 and make the right choice before getting a new Laptop, particularly for Gaming purposes.

Razer Blade 15 2018 H2: Technical Specifications

Basic information that you need to have before getting any Laptop is the technical specification which includes processor speed, storage, battery, and many others. All these specifications are listed in the table below and will be discussed further in the article.

Processor Intel Core i7 8750H
Storage 256 GB
Operating system Windows 10
Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics
Memory Speed 2667MHz
Screen Resolution FHD (1920*1080)
Hard Drive Interface ATA
Hard Drive Rotational speed 5400 RPM
Number of USB Ports 7

Technical Features of Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 Which Gamers Need to Look out For

When looking for a Gaming Laptop, the basic mandates which gamers lookout for are the technical requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the device in order to be compatible with running and executing any high-resolution inbuilt game. In the case of Razer Blade 15 2018 H2, some of these features are listed below:

High-Speed Processor:

The Razer Blade 15 2018 is inbuilt with a high-speed i7 processor which is sufficient to play any high-profile game. However, considering the clock speed of this device, i.e., 2.2 GHz, need to be upgraded in order to run other programs along with gaming application.

Battery Life:

This is one of the foremost parameters based on which users need to make the right decision when getting any Laptop. Gaming application consumes more power to run other than any other program or software due to high graphics and connectivity to other systems through a LAN. Thus you need to make sure that any Laptop you purchase need to have an ideal battery life of more than 4 hours.


Storage is another feature needed to be the lookout for not only gaming purposes but also there is a necessity for the computer device to have a large amount of storage in order to keep important and other media files. Apart from that, there should be a security option in order to keep your data safe from various online threats. With around 1 TB storage in Razer Blade 15 2018 H1, there is a utility for the users to store and execute heavy applications along with other media files.

Affinity to run High-Resolution Graphics Easily:

The Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is in-built with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card which can be considered to many other options available to the user in the market. This graphics option available in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card is suitable for playing multiplayer games. However, some other high-profile games are not able to be fully executed with this one.

Random Access Memory:

The Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 has an expandable RAM of 16GB, which is suitable for running any gaming application. With this sufficient read/write memory, you can run any gaming application without any obstructions. Also, with the option to expand the current memory, users can run another program swiftly along with the games which they are running in the system.


Connectivity is a new variable that affects gamers’ preferences nowadays. Here we are considering all the connectivity factors like network, wireless number of ports, and many others. The reason connectivity matter so much is that now gaming preferences of the users from offline to the multiplayer platform. For that, either you need to have a strong internet connection to play online, or you should have.

Screen Resolution:

Razer Blade 15 2018 provides a screen resolution of FHD display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The refresh rate can be defined as the number of times a new image is drawn per second. This is a mandated feature to be considered by gamers while looking for any gaming device.

Various Pros and cons Associated with Razer Blade 15 2018 H2

Based on various user reviews, we have listed major pros and cons below:

Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 Pros

The suitable screen display of Full HD resolution (1920*1080)
Small Chassis with less weight, which makes it portable.
Unique design and high build quality.

Cons of Razer Blade 15 2018 H2

While considering the current requirement of gamers, there are some aspects at which Razer Blade 15 H2 lags behind, some of which are listed below:

Graphics Options:

The resolution of (1920*1080) is currently not enough as the majority of games introduced in the market have a requirement of 4k resolution.

Battery Life:

Any gaming device should have an ideal battery power of more than at least 5 hours. However, with only 4 hours of battery backup, the Razer Blade 15 does not fit that criterion.

Outdated Processor:

Now, with the introduction of the i9 processor, many gaming product lines have now upgraded to this version, thus becoming a better preference over the Razer Blade 15 2018 H2. Also, the clock speed of only 2.2 GHz is not enough.


Money is a major factor that affects user preference when purchasing any new product. Keeping that in mind, many new gaming desktops have now been introduced in the market with a combination of enhanced features along with low prices. Thus, due to that, various users opt for gaming devices other than Razer Blade.

Based on the above pros and cons associated with Razer Blade 15 2018 H2, you can decide by yourself whether to opt for this product or not.

On an Ending Note:

In the above discussion, we have listed all the technical aspects related to the Razer Blade 15 2019. While there are many benefits to purchasing this product, there are also some drawbacks you need to look for. Now, in case you need any further assistance or have any other queries regarding Razer Blade 15 2018 H2, reach out to us at the number given below. Also, you can utilize the option of live chat which is available below just one click away to connect with us instantly.

How to Fix ATT Email Not Working on iPhone?

Are you not able to use your ATT Email account on your iPhone? If yes, then you are in the perfect place. In this blog, we have covered a brief detail about the issues you face while accessing your ATT Email Not Working on iPhone, along with it’s troubleshooting.

In case you need immediate help, dial our toll-free number and grab the best technical help from the email experts in no time.

What are the iPhone-related Issues that Can Lead to ATT Email Not Working Problem?

In this section, we have discussed all the problems in your mobile device that can end you up with AT&T Email not working problem:

  • Slow or unstable internet Connection.
  • If your iPhone is not updated to its latest version.
  • Your device might not have enough storage to receive new emails.
  • Interferences due to the presence of Third-party apps can be another reason behind ATT Email not working issues on iPhones.

What are the Email Issues that Can End in ATT Email Not Working on iPhone Error?

Alternatively, there can be issues due to some problems from AT&T ends as well.

  • You might be providing an incorrect username or password.
  • You might have forgotten your AT&T Account password, or someone has hacked your account and changed its password.
  • AT&T Email server is down, which leads to AT&T not working in the iPhone issue.
  • Faulty account settings that might be sending your new emails to some different option.

What are the Questions AT&T Email Users Search on Google?

In this section of the blog, we have provided all the major issues that AT&T Email users search:

  • ATT email not working.
  • ATT email not working with Outlook.
  • ATT mail not working on iPad.
  • ATT mail not working on the Computer.
  • ATT mail not working on Mac.
  • ATT email not working on Android.
  • ATT mail not working 2022

ATT email not working

What are the Accurate AT&T Server Settings?

Before moving ahead with the troubleshooting steps, let’s first grab the information about the AT&T server settings that you must provide to eliminate any kind of errors while accessing it:

For Incoming Mail Server:

  • Server Type: IMAP
  • Name of the Server:
  • Security Type: TLS or SSL
  • Server Port: 993

For Outgoing Mail Server:

  • Server Type: SMTP
  • Name of the Server:
  • Security Type: SSL or TLS
  • Port Number: 465

How can I Deal with iPhone-Related AT&T issues?

If your ATT mail is not working on your iPhone device, and the issue is in your phone, then check the instructions given below to resolve the problem:

  • Update the iOS System to its latest version

If you are using an outdated operating system, you might not be able to use your AT&T Email. Therefore, update it by following the given instructions:

  1. Firstly, open Settings on your iPhone and look for the General tab.
  2. Thereafter, hit on Software Update and select Download and Install button.

Now your device is all set with the latest update.

Note: Before updating the device, if the System of your device malfunctions, repair it using the iMyFone Fix Ppo. 

  • Turn off all the Third-party Security Apps Present in your System

It is always advised to disable all third-party security software, as they block the email service from working properly.

Note: Once you start sending or receiving email on your AT&T Mail, make sure to turn on the security software again.

  • Delete and Make some Space for AT&T Emails

If your device has not enough space, you have to remove the unwanted cache and data present in your iPhone. For that, simply check the procedure provided below:

  1. Click on Settings, and go to the General tab.
  2. Thereafter choose iPhone Storage, and then head to the Mail App.
  3. Select Offload App, and your mobile is free from all unwanted data.
  • Use an Active and Strong Internet Connection

In case you are encountering this error due to network issues, first restart your System and check if the problem is fixed. If not, you can also try to Put it in Flight mode for some time and look for the error fixation.

Internet Connection

However, if none of this works, contact your network service provider and ask for help.

Note: Ensure that your Cellular network data access is turned on for AT&T Email by following the following steps:

  1. Open Settings, and go to the Cellular option.
  2. Select Mail and Swipe the Slider to make it green.

What are the Ways to Deal with AT&T-related issues?

As we mentioned earlier, there are instances when a user ends up with AT&T not working on an iPhone problem due to issues from the AT&T end only.

  • Make Sure AT&T Email Server is Working Properly

It might be possible that the server outrage is causing the AT&T Email not working issue. Thus firstly, you have to know if there is an actual network outrage; for that, you can check the Down Detector’s website. Apart from that, there is another option to verify this on Google. Open Google and write “Is AT&T Down Today?” and you can find your answer in the first few searches only.

  • Change AT&T Email Password

Whether you have forgotten your password or your AT&T mail just stopped working on your iPhone, you can get access back by resetting the new password.

  1. Go to the AT&T Login page, and choose the Forgot Password option.
  2. Now, follow the on-screen prompt to make changes to the AT&T Email account’s password.

AT&T Email Password

  • Enter your Login Details Accurately

You must enter your AT&T account credentials slowly. Moreover, check the Caps Lock key condition and use it correctly while writing the Account’s password.

Note: Always remember that passwords are case-sensitive.

ATT Login Details

  • Verify the AT&T Email Account Settings

Are you wondering Why my AT&T Email is not able to receive or send emails on iPhone? Don’t worry; we have a few points that can help you in resolving this issue.

  1. Firstly, check the faulty Spam Filter as there can be chances that your emails are sent to the spam folder due to some default from AT&T ends. In case you find any message in Spam, remove it immediately to make sure that your incoming emails are delivered properly to the actual folder.
  2. Apart from that, visit the Account’s blacklist section and make sure that the sender’s Account is not in it. In case the sender’s email is there by mistake, remove it immediately.
  3. Finally, check the AT&T Email account’s forwarding settings. If it is enabled by chance, disable it instantly.

What are the Major Issues AT&T Users Faced Each Year?

There are plenty of problems that are encountered by AT&T users on a regular basis. However, there are a few errors that dominated Google searches in particular years. So, let’s learn a bit about them:

Year Issues
ATT email not working on iPhone in 2018 The users were not able to attach documents or images to their emails.
ATT email not working on iPhone in 2019 AT&T users were not able to send messages.
ATT email not working on iPhone in 2020 AT&T users were encountering issues in downloading attachments. email not working in 2021 In 2021, AT&T email users were not able to receive new emails. email not working in 2022 The users mainly encountered login issues in 2022.
Remove the AT&T Email Account from your iPhone Device and Re-add it

Finally, if nothing works in your favor, simply delete and re-add your account to resolve the problem:

Steps to Remove an AT&T Email Account:

  1. In the beginning, you have to launch the Setting on your iPhone.
  2. Now proceed towards the Accounts & Password.
  3. Next, Hit on your email account.
  4. Tap the Delete option.
  5. Here your AT&T account is deleted.

Steps to Re-Add an AT&T Email Account:

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Next, you have to tap on the Passwords & Accounts menu.
  3. Now hit the Add Account tab.
  4. Next, you have to choose the AT&T email provider and hit on Others.
  5. In the end, type the AT&T email & its password.
Ending Note!

Here we are concluding our blog and assuming that the steps elaborated above will help you in rectifying AT&T not working on the iPhone problem. However, if you need expert help, you can dial ATT customer services or professionals email anytime us your Queries at Moreover, for Quick Solution, choose the Live Chat option.

Bellsouth Email Not Working

Are you a BellSouth email user, and your Email is not working properly? Read this blog to learn the steps to fix it.

BellSouth Email is a well-featured email service provider with a great User-Interface. It is popular among people all across the world because of its technological enhancements. However, due to some technical glitches, the users may face problems while accessing the Email. So, if you are going with the same problem, follow this blog to know Why your BellSouth Email is not working and how to resolve it?

“Don’t know how to tackle the technical issues to fix the BellSouth email not working and BellSouth email problems 2022 need instant help? Ring us our TFN, which is available 24/7, and learn the best solution possible.”

Why Does My BellSouth Email Not Working?

You may encounter a BellSouth email not working problem in your device because of various reasons. A few of them are explained below:

  • The AT&T email server is not responding properly.
  • You may have provided an incorrect BellSouth email account or Password.
  • There are some configuration issues between the BellSouth email account and the third-party email client app you are using.
  • The antivirus in your system is creating an obstacle for the BellSouth email.
  • Insufficient space in your device.
  • Presence of ad-ons in the Browser.
  • An outdated Web Browser can be another reason provoking such errors.
  • Incompatibility between your Web Browser and the BellSouth email account.

What are the Key Points to Consider if BellSouth Email is Not Working?

Before we begin with the troubleshooting steps, let’s learn a few points that can help you eliminate the issue instantly:

  • Your system must be updated with the latest version.
  • In case you are accessing your Email from the BellSouth email app, then update it to its latest version as well.
  • Your Internet speed should be great and stable.
  • Make sure that your device has enough space to set up the Email and receive new emails.
  • Your device should not have any viruses.
  • Review your Browser, and check if it has updated properly.
  • Moreover, clear all the cache and cookies present in your Browser’s history.

What are the Major Problems BellSouth Users Search on Google?

Here, in this section we have discussed all the, major problems that BellSouth user search:

  1. email login problem.
  2. BellSouth Email is not working.
  3. Why my BellSouth email stopped working.
  4. How to upgrade BellSouth email?
  5. What is the BellSouth Email support phone number?

Bellsouth Email Not Working

What Issues BellSouth Users Faced Yearly?

Now, check out about the errors that the BellSouth user has encountered every year since 2018:

Year Issues
BellSouth email not working in 2018 The user was not able to send Emails using their BellSouth email account. email not working in 2019 In 2019, the BellSouth email users encountered were not able to log in to their accounts.
BellSouth email not working in 2020 The users are not able to attach image files.
BellSouth email not working in 2021 BellSouth email users were not able to receive new emails. email not working in 2022 In 2022, BellSouth email users’ attachments were not being downloaded.

How Can I Fix BellSouth Email Not Working Problem?

Let’s begin with the troubleshooting solutions that can help you in rectifying the BellSouth Email Problem.

Solution 1: Verify your Login Details

If your email stopped working, it might be possible that you are providing incorrect user information, which leads to this Error. Thus make sure to recheck your Login Id and Password before hitting the submit button.

Note: Always remember that the Password is a case-sensitive key.

Login Details

Solution 2: Modify Your Password

Sometimes, BellSouth email stops working on different email clients. If you are also stuck in such scenarios, then the first thing you need to do is change your BellSouth email reset password. However, if the problem is still not fixed properly, you can think of creating a secure mail key.

To change your BellSouth email password, go to the BellSouth email website and then follow the given steps:

  • Click on Sign-in-Info, available on the profile page of your Email.
  • Thereafter, select the email account to which you want to make a mail key.
  • Next, navigate to the Secure Mail Key option and choose Manage Secure Mail Key.
  • Now, Select the Add Secure Mail Key option.
  • Enter the security key name to identify it.
  • Next, Select Create Secure Mail Key, click on Copy option, and then Ok.
  • Now go to Outlook and change your Password with the mail key.

BellSouth email password

Solution 3: Reconfigure your Account

One of the major reasons behind the BellSouth email not working is the incorrect account configuration; thus, it is advised to reconfigure it. To configure your BellSouth email with the email clients like Outlook, you can read the given instructions.

  • Open Outlook and then go to the File option.
  • Select Add Account.
  • After that, Select Manual Setup or Additional Server types and then click Next.
  • Next, you will reach a page where you have to enter the display name and your email ID.
  • Enter POP3 server information
  1. incoming server:
  2. outgoing server:
  3. Then provide your login information and click on More Settings.
  4. Thereafter go to the Advanced tab and enter the incoming server port number: 995
  5. outgoing server port number: 465
  • Provide IMAP server information:
  1. incoming server:
  2. outgoing server:
  3. incoming port number: 993
  4. outgoing server port number: 465 or 587.
  • Now, click on the Test Account Settings to check if the configuration is appropriate.

Solution 4: Look for the BellSouth Email Server Status

At times, the user might encounter a BellSouth email not working Error due to the issue from the BellSouth end, i.e., BellSouth Email Server stops working. Although this is not a regular problem faced by BellSouth users, whenever this happens, it creates confusion for the users, and they end up thinking that the problem is from their end. In such a scenario, go to Goggle and look for “Is BellSouth Email Down, Today?” and get the answer in the first few search, else you can also search about it on the

BellSouth Email Server Status

If the problem is in the server, then wait for a few hours to get it fixed.

Solution 5: Review your Browser

If the problem is not in the server, then you have to check your Browser’s compatibility with the email service provider. However, if you find a problem in the Browser, it is always advised to change the web browser and choose the compatible one.

Apart from that, if there is Cache & Cookies present in your Browsing history, then clean it out. To do so, Open your Bowser, then go to the settings options.

  1. Open Chrome on your device.
  2. Thereafter, Click on the More button.
  3. Now, Select a time range to delete data; you can choose the All Time option as well.
  4. Next, Select the box near Cookies and Other side data and Cached image & files options.
  5. Then Click on Clear Data.

Clear Data

Solution 6: Turn Off Security Software

At times, the user might face issues in using their BellSouth email due to the presence of Antiviruses. We all know how important these antiviruses are for our system, but sometimes, they create a hindrance for you making it tough to access Email. Thus to stop this interruption, you can simply turn off the security software for some time. Now, check if the problem is resolved.

Solution 7: Re-establish the Network Connection

In case you are wondering why is my BellSouth email not working, it can be due to network inconvenience as well. No matter if the issue is from the user’s end or the BellSouth end, it will end users up with BellSouth Email stopped working problem. Thus you have to ensure that the signal strength of the Network you are using is strong.

However, if your Internet is not that strong, and you are encountering problems while login to your Email, check the following steps:

  • Go to Windows Start Menu, and head to the Control Panel.
  • Thereafter click on All Control Panel items, followed by choosing Internet Options.
  • Select Advanced, and hit on the Reset Button.
  • Choose Ok, and you are done with the process.

Now your current Network will be refreshed properly.

Winding up!

You can use any of the recommended methods to fix the BellSouth email not working problem. However, if you get stuck in the mid-process and you need expert advice, then you can email us your Queries at or use the live chat option to get the best assistance with BellSouth email support.

AOL Email Not Working on iPhone iPad or Mac

AOL email is a web-based email service provided by AOL. The Email services are one of the oldest and most famous email services and have more than a million users across the globe. Users with an AOL mailbox enjoy a number of features like extra storage, enhanced security, and many others. Although many AOL email users are facing issues while working on their AOL email accounts among which the most common one is AOL mail not working on iPhones, iPad, or Macs. Thus for that, we are here going to provide all the available in order to troubleshoot all issues users face with their AOL mail on an iPhone.

In this post, we will help you with enough information about how you can resolve the AOL mail not working in iPhone problem. You can read this post till the last word to get the error eliminated easily.

Note: If you need direct assistance from an expert to resolve the error, then you can connect with our experts by calling 1-855-357-4404.

Why is my AOL Mail Not Working on My iPhone

Let’s look at the possible reasons due to why AOL mail not working on iPad, iPhone, or any other Mac device. Based on the cause, it is easier to rectify common iPad AOL mail problems:

  • When you are accessing the email on an outdated version of the web browser, then it can lead to an AOL Mail down on iPhone problem.
  • Incorrect email server settings can be another cause due to which AOL mail won’t load on iPhone properly.
  • Forgotten email account login password.
  • A temporarily suspended AOL mail account due to inactivity can trigger the issue of AOL mail not working on iPad.
  • A weak or unstable internet connection can be another reason why AOL mail on iPhone is not working.

How to Resolve AOL Email Not Working on iPhone or iPad?

After having a clear understanding of the possible reasons behind AOL webmail problems, then let’s briefly discuss the solutions that you can execute to resolve AOL mail not working on iPhone;

Solution 1. Restart your iPhone/ iPad Device

The first and foremost solution you must execute to resolve the issue of AOL email not working on iPhone is performing a restart of your device. The reason why restarting your device will fix iPad AOL mail problems is that it will delete the short-term memory from your device and shut down the back-end running applications.

Following are the Steps to Restart your Apple Device;

  • Long press the power button available alongside your iPhone device.
  • Then, slide the power slider in the right direction to turn off the device.
  • Now, keep your phone in an idle situation for 1-2 minutes.
  • Thereon, turn on your iPhone again.

After that, try to access the AOL email account again on your device and AOL mail on iPad check if the error has been eliminated or not. Even after that, AOL mail down on iPhone issues still persist, then proceed to the next solution.

Slide to Power Off

Solution 2. Allow Cellular Network Access to AOL Mail Application

Another troubleshooting measure to fix AOL not working on iPhone problems is fixing your iPhone cellular settings. If you have not allowed cellular network access to the AOL email application on your Apple device, it can also lead to iPhone/iPad AOL mail problems. In this case, you can easily get rid of the issue by allowing cellular network access to the AOL email application;

  • First, launch the settings application on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Thereon, tap on the “Cellular” option, and then a list of all the installed applications on your device will appear on your screen.
  • Here, scroll down in the list of applications, and search there for the “Mail” application.
  • After that, check whether the Mail application is enabled for the green toggle option. If you find it is disabled, enable cellular network access immediately.

Note: If the cellular network permission is already allowed, disable it, and wait for a few seconds. After that, please turn it on again. 

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, then check whether the “AOL email not working on iPad/iPhone” issue has been fixed or not.

Solution 3. Update Your Device to Latest Release

An outdated iOS version can also be a common reason why a user may encounter the AOL mail on iPhone not working properly. In this case, you have to update the iOS version to the latest release to resolve the “AOL mail down on iPhone” issue.

Given below are the steps that you can follow to update the iOS version iPhone AOL account error to the latest release;

  1. Firstly, launch the settings application on your iPhone device.
  2. Thereon, scroll down in the settings and tap on the “General” option.
  3. After that, select “Software Update” from the option.
  4. If there are any new updates available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the updates on your iPhone or iPad device.

Download IOS Updates

Solution 4. Remove and Re-add AOL Email Account on iPhone/ iPad

Another solution that you can take when the AOL email on iPhone not working is to remove and re-add the AOL email account on your device. For that, given below are the steps that you can perform to do so;

Removing AOL Email Account

  • Tap on the settings icon on your device to open it.
  • Now, scroll down in the settings list, and tap on the “Mail” application.
  • Afterward, select the AOL email account you want to remove or delete.
  • Thereon, tap on the “Delete Account” option to remove the email account from your device.
  • A small confirmation message will appear on your device screen. Here, you must confirm your consent by tapping on the “Delete from My iPhone” option.

Re-adding AOL Email Account

  • Navigate to the email settings, and select the “Mail” option.
  • Then, tap on the “Accounts” section and select the “Add Account” option.
  • Now, you will be asked to select the email server. Here, you have to select the AOL email server. If you can’t find that, you have to select the “Other” option.

AOL email server

  • After that, provide the email address and login password of your AOL email account in the respective insert fields, and then click on the “Next” option.
  • You can also manually set up your AOL email account by selecting the AOL email server. In that case, you have to provide the email server settings.
  • To do that, tap on the “IMAP” tab option, and provide the given details;
  1. Hostname:
  2. Username: Your unique AOL email address
  3. Password: Login password of your AOL email account
  • After providing the IMAP settings, tap on the “Next” option.
  • Similarly, you must provide the POP email server settings in the respective insert fields.
  • Now, your iPhone device will start matching the settings with the email server.
  • Then, tap on the “Done” option to accomplish the process.

What to do when AOL Mail Not Working on my iPad Today?

Users with an iPad sometimes a number of issues with AOL mail on their device. The most common issues include AOL mail not working on iPad 2021 or unable to send or receive mail on their AOL installed on their iPad. Thus for that, we have listed some basic troubleshooting measures which you can take in order to fix AOL mail issues on your iPad.

Solution 1: Check the Username and Login Credentials

The first solution that you can follow to resolve AOL mail not working on Mac is checking the login credentials of your AOL email account. Sometimes, a small typing mistake can also lead to AOL not working problems & not getting AOL mail on iPhone not working 2021 properly. Therefore, before submitting the login credentials, cross-verify the details. Also, if you have changed the login password of your email account, but it still needs to be updated in the browser’s preferences settings, it may lead to AOL mail not working on Mac issues.

To change the current login password in preferences, here are the steps that you can execute to do so;

  • Firstly, launch the email application on your device.
  • Thereon, click on the “Mail” option, which is available at the top menu page.
  • Moving ahead, click on the “Preferences” option and remove the old password with the new or current login password.
  • At last, close the preferences tab window.

Solution 2. Update the Email Application

Another solution you can execute to deal with when AOL mail is down on iPhone or Mac is to update the email application to the latest release. Let’s take a look at the steps that you can perform to do so;

  1. Firstly, click on the “Apple” logo, accessible from docs.
  2. Click on the “Applications” option and then hit the “Updates” button.
  3. If there are any updates available for the mail application, click on the “Update” option.
  4. You have now updated the email application on your Mac device to the latest release. Thereon, verify if the AOL mail not working issue has been resolved or not. If you are still unable to access the email account, then try the next solution.

Solution 3. Update Mac iOS to Latest Release

Another tried and tested solution that you can carry out to resolve AOL mail on iPhone not working 2021 is to update the iOS version to the latest release. So, here are the steps that you can perform to update Mac iOS to the latest available version;

  • First, click on the Apple menu icon and select the “System Preferences” option.
  • After that, you have to select the “Software Update” option.
  • If there are any new updates available, follow the on-screen instructions to get the updates downloaded and installed on your Mac device.
  • At this stage, after performing the steps mentioned above, the AOL mail not working issue on Mac & AOL issues on iPhone will be resolved.

Ending Note:

That’s the end of this blog. In this blog post, we have covered the steps you can execute to resolve AOL mail not working on iPhone 2021, iPad, or Mac devices or how to fix AOL email on iPhone. If you still have issues accessing your AOL email account, you can reach out to our professional email experts. Our experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to assist with your query and provide the best solution.

Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming Desktop Review

Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 is the masterpiece provided by Dell Technologies, specifically focused on fulfilling the requirement of gamers. With all new latest features, this Alienware model fulfills all the requirements which are mandatory in order to play any high-resolution games. Various technical necessities include a high-quality Graphics Card, an updated processor with high specifications, and the required storage to store all the related games files. However, with the introduction of every new gaming product in the market now and then, there is doubt in the mind of gamers whether to opt for this Alienware model or not. Thus, here we are going to provide all the necessary details regarding Dell Alienware Aurora 2019. Including we will provide all the technical specifications that gamers look out for a while purchasing a desktop. Read the article further to learn about Dell Alienware Aurora.

Dell Alienware Aurora: Technical Specification

Before purchasing any electronic device, especially a desktop or Laptop, the first things user lookout for is the technical specification of that product. These specs include storage, processing speed, resolution, and other related specifications. All these technical gaming-related specifications for Dell Alienware Aurora are listed below:

System Name Dell Alienware Aurora
Processor Intel i7
RAM Minimum 8GB
Storage 1 TB
Processor Clock Speed Minimum 4.5 GHz
Number of Ports 7 USB Ports (Type-C Port, Ethernet Port, SD Card Reader, 4 Type-A, Audio Input and Output, 2 USB 3.1 Port)

Enhanced Features in Dell Alienware Aurora 2019

Some of the features which differentiate Dell Alienware Aurora from other Gaming Desktop available in the market are given below:

Highly Enhanced Processor:

A processor is the main functioning unit of the computer. The necessary in order to support any high-resolution game, the basic mandatory requirement is an enhanced processor. For that, the Intel i7 is the necessary requirement to be a suitable option for gamers due to the following reasons:
The minimum clock speed of 3GHz, which is a suitable option for any gamer.
Multithreaded performance.


Another reason for the incompatibility of many games on any desktop is insufficient storage or Read/write memory. With 8 GB RAM, there is sufficient memory to execute any gaming application without affecting the functionality of the other program. Also, 1TB storage memory is more than sufficient to store all your personal data in the system, along with other files related to the gaming application which you are trying to run.


The screen resolution or support is the basic eligibility feature in order to run any gaming program. The highest screen resolution available in the gaming platform is the 4K which is unsupported in many gaming desktops. Another feature in Dell Alienware Aurora is the integrated high-performance Graphics card RTX 3070 which supports high-resolution gaming environments.

Thermal Control Gaming System:

This is one of the unique available only in a few gaming desktops. Any game is software and, due to its heavy technical requirements, generates a lot of heat while running it. Thus the Thermal Control Gaming System.

Compatibility for Enhancement:

The Dell Aurora is integrated with a uniquely designed PSU arm swing which provides a tool with less accessibility while doing upgradation on the system.

Unique Attractive Design:

The new Dell Aurora comes with a unique, lively look with customizable lighting. Also, it comes with a new chassis that supports higher air movement in order to keep the whole temperature of the system down, which, thus, overall, adds up to a greater performance of the system while running a gaming application.

Greater Connectivity with a higher number of Ports:

The Dell Alienware Aurora provides seven ports in order to make it compatible with any other device in terms of connectivity. The reason why connectivity matter with gaming is first the gaming preferences of the user in which they wish to play with other players. That can be possible while online on the internet or when various systems are connected on a Local Area Network. For that, an Ethernet cable port is available in the Dell Alienware Aurora.

Why is there a Need for High-specification Systems for Gaming

With the advancement of technology, the requirement and preferences of gaming users have changed. Initially, the story play and objective of the games it has now switched to the quality of the graphics and the option to connect and play with other live users available online. Keeping that in mind, different games are launched regularly on the market, and in order to play, the specification of the system should be of the top level.

Why Should I Prefer Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 over Other Gaming Desktops

Based on the technical specification of Dell Alienware, it can be established that it fulfils all the requirements of any high-resolution inbuilt game. However, other reasons to convince anyone to choose Dell Aurora 2019 based on the functionality are listed below:

High Processing Speed:

In order to be a suitable gamer choice, the minimum clock speed of any processor in a desktop should be minimum 3.5GHz. The inbuilt i7 processor, with a high speed of 4.7 GHz it is easy to execute any gaming application along with swiftly running other programs.

Amazing Graphics:

With a 34’ screen along with 2K resolution, it is easy to load and run different games with heavy graphics. Also, with RTX 3070 Graphics card, the Dell Aurora 2019 becomes compatible with any gaming platform.

Other Pros and Cons of Dell Alienware Aurora 2019

While gaming is the sole purpose for anyone when choosing Alienware products, other things also need to be considered while purchasing a laptop in order to fulfil daily chores. For that, we have discussed some benefits and drawbacks of Dell Aurora 2019. On the basis of which you can decide whether to prefer this product or not.

Pros of Choosing Dell Alienware Aurora 2019

  • One of the major benefits of choosing this desktop is the enhanced features that make it compatible not only for gaming purposes but with executing different other programs.
  • There are no heating issues with Dell Alienware products because of the presence thermal control gaming system.
  • With all these high specifications, including major features focussed on gaming, the Dell Alienware desktop is available at affordable prices.
  • Another major advantage is that the quality of Dell products is up to the mark, which makes them more durable and long-lasting.
  • Due to the presence of a high graphics card, other media files can be played, including 4k media and others.
Cons of Choosing Dell Alienware Aurora

With various benefits of any tech product, there are always some drawbacks. The same is with the case of Dell Alienware Aurora, some of which are listed below:

  • With the passage of time and the availability of new products in the market, the Dell Alienware Aurora is not the top only performer in the market.
  • With a compact processor case, the user faces hindrance/obstruction while repairing the product.
  • Now, with the requirement of upgradation of a product, it always requires some investment from the user side.
Wrapping it Up:

From the above discussion, we hope that you can find suitable information regarding the Dell Alienware Aurora 2019. On the basis of this information, you can decide for yourself to whether to opt for this product or not. Also, in case you cannot run any particular gaming application in it, then there is always an option to enhance and upgrade the current specification of this Laptop. Now, if you need any further assistance or need some more information regarding Alienware Aurora or any other Dell Printer, you can reach out to us through the number given below. Also, you can enable the live chat option to connect with us instantly.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working?

We use Yahoo Email Account for various purposes, from sharing messages to collecting invoices for your online purchase; or anything else. Millions of people use Yahoo because of the kind of services they provide. Although sometimes, the user may face issues like Yahoo Mail not working or Yahoo Email being down. This situation can be difficult for most business people, as they use Email to send and receive many important files and data. Thus, we are writing this article to help you out in fixing the Yahoo mail not working Problem effortlessly.

However, if these solutions don’t fix your error, then you can contact Yahoo email experts by calling on our Toll-Free Number.

Why is My Yahoo Mail Not Working?

In case you are wondering why Yahoo mail is not working in the System, then check the section given below, and find your answer:

  • You might be providing incorrect login credentials.
  • There might be chances that the Yahoo mail server is Down.
  • If your Internet Speed is strong.
  • The presence of unwanted files can be another reason for evoking Yahoo problems.
  • In case you have entered the incorrect Server Address.
  • Alternatively, an outdated browser can also stop Yahoo Mail from working properly.
  • The Size of the attachment you are sending or downloading is too large.
  • Presence of Viruses or Malware in your Device.
  • Apart from that, you might have enabled cookies in Browser for Yahoo Mail.

How to Identify that you are Facing Yahoo Mail Issues?

To recognize the Yahoo mail problems, you can match your problems with the signs given below:

  • You won’t be able to log in to your Mail Account.
  • You might encounter issues while sending or receiving Yahoo messages.
  • Your emails might get missing.
  • Your System became sluggish.

What are the Important Points you Must Consider When Yahoo is Not Responding?

If you are unable to send a message using Yahoo mail, then don’t hurry for the troubleshoots but check a few important facts that can help in resolving it immediately.

  1. Your Internet Connection must need to be active and efficient.
  2. The Yahoo Mail server must not be down on the day. Check for it on the Downdetector. com, or search on Google “Is Yahoo Down Today?” You will find your answer in the first few searches only.
  3. Make sure the login credentials you are providing are not incorrect.

Note: Password is case sensitive; thus, ensure to enter passwords as it is. 

How to Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Working Problem?

Now, if, even after following the above points, your Problem is still persistent, you have to go for troubleshooting.

1st Solution: Fix Your Yahoo Server Address

Why does Yahoo Mail not work? Do you have the same question in your mind? See, you have to understand that if the above points are fine, then it might be the incorrect Yahoo Server address that can create issues for you. Thus review it and fix it accordingly.

Incoming IMAP /POP3 server Details:

  • POP3 incoming mail server:
  • Port: 995
  • SSL: Yes
  • IMAP incoming mail server:
  • Port: 993
  • SSL: Yes

Outgoing Server Details:

  • SMTP outgoing mail server:
  • Port: 456 or 587
  • Authentication needed: Yes

2nd Solution: Update your Browser

If your Yahoo email won’t load, then maybe the Browser can be the reason behind it. An older operating system or older Browser can create a hindrance for you in accessing Yahoo email. Thus, it is always recommended to update the Operating System and your Browser, then try to log in to your Yahoo email account and check if the mail is loading properly.

3rd Solution: Clear the Cache and Cookies

Alternatively, another reason why Yahoo mail won t send Email is the presence of cache and cookies in your Browser. Thus clear it out by following the given steps:

  • Firstly, launch your Browser, and move to the history tab.
  • Now here you can find the Cache and Cookies.
  • Delete them from your Device, and check if you are able to send emails now.

 Clear the Cache and Cookies

4th Solution: Disable Browser Extensions And Add-ons

The presence of third-party apps or security software can also create trouble for you while accessing your Yahoo email account. So, to remove the Yahoo mail not working Problem, you have to disable these apps while accessing Yahoo email.

To learn how to disable these apps, you can contact us at 1-855-357-4404.

5th Solution: Yahoo Mail Reset your Password

To eliminate the Yahoo webmail problem, you can change the Yahoo email Account password. With the help of your Yahoo mail password reset, you can access your Yahoo Email very easily. So to sign in to your Yahoo webmail account, you must remember the password, and if you forget it, then you have to go through resetting it.

To reset the account, you can:

  • Open your Browser and go to the Yahoo mail login page.

Yahoo mail login page

  • Enter your username, email address, or phone number now.
  • After that, you have to hit the Next Button.
  • Then, click on the Account Security Page.
  • After reaching that page, a Change Password option will be there; click on that.
  • Now, Hit the Continue option, and follow the instructions available on your screen.

Important: Create a strong and safe password to save your Yahoo Email from being hacked.

Note: If you find any kind of Suspicious activity going on in your account, then also, you have to change it as soon as possible to save your account from being hacked.

6th Solution: Sign out of Your Yahoo Email and Sign in Again

If your Yahoo email is not working in 2023, then it can be some new technical glitch as well. Thus, sign out and sign in again, to fix this issue. This will re-sync your account properly, which will lead to troubleshooting your Yahoo email problem.

How to Resolve Yahoo Email Not Working on Mobile Devices?

If your Yahoo email is not working on your iPhone or Android or your email has stopped working, then you check the below-mentioned solutions.

Install Yahoo Mail App

Are you facing issues in accessing your Yahoo email on the iPhone or Mac mail app? Then Go to the Apple store and install the Yahoo mail app. This app is one of the best alternatives for accessing your Yahoo mail on your iPhone. Similarly, if this issue is happening on Android, then download Yahoo using the Play Store.

Yahoo Mail App

However, if you are accessing your Yahoo email with some other third-party app on your iPhone, and Yahoo is asking for the third-party password to open your Yahoo email account, then:

  1. Provide your login credential to sign in to your Yahoo account, then Go to the Account Security Page.
  2. Now hit the Generate app password or Manage app passwords.
  3. After that, you have to select an app from the list and then hit the Generate option.
  4. Now, follow the given instructions below the password section, and Hit on Done.
  5. Then, sign in to your Email by using your Yahoo email with this app password.

If your Yahoo mail is not working on your iPhone, then

  1. You have to try signing out of your mailbox.
  2. Now, restart your Device properly.
  3. And log in to your Yahoo email again.
  4. I can’t log into Yahoo Email
  5. Why can’t I log in to my yahoo net account

Whether it is your iPhone or iPad, if your Yahoo email is not working properly, then you have to follow the above process; for further details and technical help, you can contact the Yahoo email help team.

How to Fix Yahoo Email Not Working on Outlook?

If you are facing trouble while accessing your Yahoo mail stopped working on Outlook, then first, we will advise you to check your internet speed, Yahoo server, and Browser’s condition. If everything is good, then follow these steps to troubleshoot. Is Yahoo email down, or is Yahoo email not working on Outlook problem?

Remove and Add Yahoo Account

To access your Yahoo email using Outlook & What Happened to, the first thing you need to do is sign out and sign in again with your Yahoo account. To do so:

  1. Open Outlook, then hit on the File menu.
  2. Now hit the Account Setting option from the list.
  3. Then select the Manage profile that is present at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Now, a new dialogue box will appear on your screen; in that dialogue box, click on the Show Profile option.
  5. Then choose your Yahoo account and Hit the Remove option to delete the account from your Outlook.

Remove and Add Yahoo Account

Then read it, and if you are facing any trouble while re-adding the account, call our TFN; this is a Helpline number to help Yahoo users if they are facing any trouble. The number is available 24*7, but it is always recommended to contact at 9:30 AM in the morning, as the traffic is the least at this time and you don’t have to wait a lot.

Check your Configuration

You also need to check and verify your Configuration setting if your Yahoo email is not working on Outlook. Check if you have provided incorrect IMAP and SMTP settings. It should always be like this:

IMAP Configuration:
  1. Username: Your Yahoo Email Address
  2. Password: Your Yahoo Password
  3. Server:
  4. Port: 993
  5. SSL/TLS: Yes
SMTP Configuration:
  1. Username: Your Yahoo Email Address
  2. Password: Your Yahoo Password
  3. Server:
  4. Port: 465 or 587
  5. SSL/TLS: Yes
Update Outlook

Check if you are using the latest version of Outlook or not. If you are using an older version, then update it as soon as possible to eliminate Yahoo email not working on Outlook issues.


In this blog, we have provided you with everything regarding Yahoo mail not working problems. But after following all the given steps, if the issue is still not resolved, then you can contact us anytime. Our email professionals are available around the clock to help Yahoo users. Thus feel free to contact me.

Hotmail Password Reset

Users with a Hotmail/Outlook account can easily reset the email password for which all they need is some basic information. There are three ways available to the Hotmail user to reset their forgotten password. Based on the information they have to authenticate the account, they can reset their Hotmail password either through a registered mobile number, alternate email ID, or the security question. With this, you can visit the official Hotmail password reset page and update your new password. Here we are going to elaborate on the process through which you reset your Hotmail account password.

Hotmail, now known as Outlook, is now the second largest email service provider after Gmail. Currently, with a user base of 400 million people, the number keeps on increasing day by day. However, no matter how enhanced features are provided to the users, there always be trouble/issues for which they need assistance. While some of the issues can be technical, other issues can be from the user’s side, which can be troubleshoot with little knowledge. One such common issue is the forgotten password which can easily be fixed. Read the article further to know how to update your Hotmail password.

Why is There a Need to a Hotmail Password Reset

Apart from the case that you have forgotten your password, the number of possible causes are there, due to which there is an urgent need to reset it. Some of them are the following.

Your Hotmail Account has Been Hacked.

Account hacking is one of the major concerns of the email user while browsing the internet. The common cause for this occurrence is your Internet browsing. When you visit any unknown site without any authority, there are chances that your information can be retrieved by hackers. Indications that your account has been hacked can be any changes in your account settings or in your mailbox. Thus to stop someone else from accessing your email is that you reset your password.

Your Outlook Mail has Been Blocked.

Various causes can be there due to which your Hotmail/Outlook has been temporarily blocked. The major one is the suspicious sign-in activity on your mail (through other devices). Another reason for the temporary blockage of your account is when you provide the wrong credentials repeatedly. Thus to unblock your mail account, you need to reset your password. For that, you need to have your registered mobile with you.

How To Reset Hotmail Password on Windows

You need to visit the official Microsoft Password Recovery page for a Hotmail password reset. After that, you need to verify your account through a security code sent to your Mobile number or alternate email address.

Click on Reset your Password

First, visit the official password recovery page of Outlook/Hotmail.  For that, select the option “Forgot Password” on the login page of Outlook.

Authenticate your Account Identity

On the reset page, the first thing you need to do is to verify that the account belongs to you. That can be done through the verification code sent to you either on your Registered Mobile number or an alternate email ID. Select the mode to receive the verification code and then click on “Get Code.”

Enter the Verification code to initiate Hotmail Password Reset.

Now you need to provide the verification code which you have received on your Email ID or mobile number. After that, click on Next. On the new page, provide your new Hotmail password and then twice to confirm it.

How to Reset Hotmail Password on iPhone.

The majority of email users prefer to access their mail through a mobile device. While on Android, it is simple to reset your email account; users need some assistance while resetting their password on iPhone. Thus here we have discussed simple steps to reset your Hotmail password on your iPhone.

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone and visit the login page of Outlook
  • Now, click on the forgot password and provide your other details related to the email.
  • Now choose the desired method to receive the verification code.
  • Provide the verification code, authenticate your identity, and reset your password.

Other Common Issues with Hotmail apart from a forgotten password

Mailing issues are common with the users. While the forgotten password is the most common one, some other issues are there for which you need assistance. Other issues while using Outlook mail are listed below:

    • Unable to send or receive emails in your Hotmail Account.
    • Error while configuring Hotmail account on an email client.
    • Duplicate contacts in the Outlook Mail
    • Deleted Mail Reappearing in the Hotmail.
    • Not able to reach out to Hotmail customer support.
    • Cannot block unknown senders in Hotmail/Outlook.
    • Empty inbox in Outlook.

Reach Out to us in Case of any Issues with Hotmail.

Hotmail email users, in case they want, can connect with us to resolve any issue they are having with their Outlook Emails account. Our customer support services are available 24/7 to assist you in troubleshooting any problem you are having with your Hotmail user account. Various means through which you can connect with us are the following:

On an Ending Note

In this blog, we have listed all the available methods through which you can reset your Hotmail password. Make sure while resetting your email password you have your registered mobile number or alternate email ID with yourself. In case you need further assistance, you can dial the number given below or click on the Help option to enable the Live Chat option. All you need to do is to mention your query, to which we will revert along with the possible solutions within the given time.